Micro G-bike Chopper Review

**The Micro G-bike Chopper is no longer available**


Micro G-bike Chopper

image of 3.5 stars

RATING: Recommended

BEST FOR: A fast, fun bike for pavement pounding toddlers aged 2 to 4.

SEAT HEIGHT: 13.5″ – 18.5″

WEIGHT: 4.1 lb.


  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Lightweight
  • Recessed bolts won’t scratch little legs
  • Non-twisting seat makes height adjustments easy


  • Small, plastic tires perform poorly on dirt & rocks
  • Wide handlebars problematic for small-framed kids
  • No brakes (The bike is fast!)

Micro G-bike Chopper Review

Small, lightweight and fast, the Micro G-bike Chopper is a great choice for pavement-pounding kids looking for a stylish ride. Basic, but very well-made and built to last, the G-bike Chopper is best for kids aged 2 to 4.


The Chopper is larger than it actually looks!  With small wheels (just 7.5″), the Chopper has smaller dimensions, but its minimum seat height of 13.5″ is actually 1.5″ higher than other balance bikes with 12″ wheels.  

Collage showing 18 month old on Micro G-bike Chopper and five-year-old on same bike. Side by side comparison of minimum and maximum seat height.

Our 18-month-old rider in 24-month clothes was beyond excited to test out the bike but was too short to sit on the seat and had trouble getting on the bike.  Once on, the lightweight, narrow frame allowed him to easily walk the bike (he is still learning to ride!).  With the seat height maxed out, our 5-year-old in size 5 clothes was on the larger side for the bike, but easily and happily rode it for extended periods of time.

G-bike Features

The Chopper’s higher price is reflective of its build.  Built out of quality aluminum, the Chopper feels and looks high-end.  The small 7.5″ tires, similar to scooter tires, roll quickly and easily on sealed bearings to mimic the experience of scootering or skateboarding. Rolling much faster than the majority of balance bikes, the puncture-proof foam tires ride like a dream on pavement but are limited on rough surfaces.  The foam tires offer little give and the smaller tires were much more difficult to maneuver through the rocks.  In addition, a small rock ended up in the front fender during a ride, which did slow the bike. The turning limiter is very generous to allow for a full range of motion.

5 year old boy on Micro G-bike Chopper balance bike and pictures of small rock that got caught in fender.

G-bike vs. Traditional Balance Bikes

Collage showing difference in styles of Strider Balance bike vs. Micro G-Bike Chopper balance bike

Compared to traditional balance bikes, the Chopper has some significant differences.  Built by a scooter company, it is built specifically for paved surfaces and is not designed for any dirt or rocky trails.  The Chopper rolls smoother and faster on paved surfaces but struggles on smaller bumps and uneven ledges.  The 12″ foam tires on many balance bikes (like the Strider shown below) are slower on pavement than the Chopper, but can tackle most off-road surfaces. Made out of aluminum, the Chopper is also lighter and a better quality build than most bikes in its price range.

Bottom Line

The Micro G-bike Chopper is a great bike for speed-loving toddlers and preschoolers ages 2 to 4 who plan on sticking to the pavement.  The Chopper’s wheels and handlebars are not well suited for off-road rides or really aggressive riders eager to tackle jumps or other obstacles.  The Chopper is available in silver, white and black.

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