Micro Kickboard G-Bike Review

Well-built and fun to ride, the Micro Kickboard G-Bike is a fun indoor bike for kids ages 2 and 3. With a smaller wheel size, it’s not recommend for non-paved surfaces. Read the review below for all the details!
**Micro g-bike is no longer available**

Micro Kickboard G-Bike Review: Results of our Test Rides

Small and mighty, Micro Kickboard’s G-bike balance bike is certainly the most unique balance bike that we have tested, but also one of the most loved. Designed in Switzerland, where families often face cold, long winters, the G-bikes flat bolts, rubber bumpers and smooth, non-marking tires make it the perfect bike to help conquer the winter blues. With max weight of 44 lb. and a seat height ranging from 13.5″ to 16″, the G-bike is best for 2 and 3 year olds.
Weighing just less than 7 lb. (according to our scale), the aluminum frame and puncture-free wheels, of the G-bike make it quick and nimble. On the smaller side himself, our 30 lb. two-year-old tester quickly took a liking to the bike as, compared to his other balance bikes, it was easy to carry around as he pleased.

Micro 3

With solid wheels and quality bearings on the bike, the G-bike makes for one quick ride. Within minutes of hoping on the bike, our testers was quickly zooming around our court. Wanting in on the action, his 5 and 7 year-old siblings soon joined in on the fun. While the G-bike was certainly too small for them (the bike has a 44 lb. weight limit), they were quick to comment on the speed of the bike. With a small hill rolling down into our court, the seven-year-old was soon happily and eagerly cruising up and down the hill.

Micro 6

Although quick, she soon discovered that the solid wheels of the G-bike do not provide any cushion. As she rode down the hill, an audible “thunk” was heard as she passed over every gap in the sidewalk. Curbs and driveway were also to be avoided as the small-diameter wheels were unable to scale them and also provided a rough landing going down. In addition to being smaller in diameter (7.8″ vs. 12″), the lack of malleability of the wheels prevent them from rolling smoothly over obstacles.  While not hurt, our two-year-old learned this the hard way when the front wheel got stuck on the lip of a driveway, causing the bike to fall over.

Micro 1

Compared to other balance bikes, such as the Muna, the G-bike is on the smaller-end and has a less than average 2.5″ of seat adjustment.

Micro 5

Quality wise, the G-bike is one the best built bikes we have tested. Simple in nature, the G-bike doesn’t have all the bells and whistles available on other bikes, but every feature is thought out to ensure a safe ride. From the foam seat with wrap around sides, to the enclosed forks and smooth, flat forks and bolts, the G-bike is free from any protrusions or rough edges.

Micro 7.5

These same features additionally allow the bike to be great for indoor use.

Micro rain3

With no exposed bolts to take chunks out of walls and with thick, durable rubber bumpers on the end of the handlebars and seat posts, the G-bike will is better suited for your house than a crayon-welding artistic toddler. While G-bike did great on our carpeting floor, it would certainly excel on hardwood, laminate or in an unfinished basement.

Mirco 4

Bottom Line

Well built and fun to ride, the G-bike is the perfect indoor bike for kids ages 2 and 3. While suitable for outdoor use, due its smaller-wheel size, the G-bike isn’t recommend for non-paved surfaces or rocky areas as the wheels easily get caught on small rocks or obstacles. Due to its fast nature and lack of brake, we would additionally caution against using the bike in paved-hilly areas were a young child could quickly pick up excessive speed.

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