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Balance Bike Review

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Well-built and fun to ride, the G-Bike is the perfect indoor bike. Due to its smaller wheel size, the G-Bike isn't recommended for non-paved surfaces.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $130

Recommendation: Recommended

Seat Height: 13.5" - 16.5"

Weight: 7 lb.

Brakes: No Brakes

Footrest: No

Limiter: No

Tire Size:

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Rounded

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy


Small and mighty, Micro Kickboard’s G-bike balance bike is certainly the most unique balance bike that we have tested, but also one of the most loved. Designed in Switzerland, where families often face cold, long winters, the G-bikes flat bolts, rubber bumpers and smooth, non-marking tires make it the perfect bike to help conquer the winter blues. With max weight of 44 lb. and a seat height ranging from 13.5″ to 16″, the G-bike is best for 2 and 3 year olds.

Weighing just less than 7 lb. (according to our scale), the aluminium frame and puncture-free wheels, of the G-bike make it quick and nimble. On the smaller side himself, our 30 lb. two-year-old tester quickly took a liking to the bike as, compared to his other balance bikes, it was easy to carry around as he pleased.

Micro 3

With solid wheels and quality bearings on the bike, the G-bike makes for one quick ride. Within minutes of hoping on the bike, our testers was quickly zooming around our court. Wanting in on the action, his 5 and 7 year-old siblings soon joined in on the fun. While the G-bike was certainly too small for them (the bike has a 44 lb. weight limit), they were quick to comment on the speed of the bike. With a small hill rolling down into our court, the seven-year-old was soon happily and eagerly cruising up and down the hill.

Micro 6

Although quick, she soon discovered that the solid wheels of the G-bike do not provide any cushion. As she rode down the hill, an audible “thunk” was heard as she passed over every gap in the sidewalk. Curbs and driveway were also to be avoided as the small-diameter wheels were unable to scale them and also provided a rough landing going down. In addition to being smaller in diameter (7.8″ vs. 12″), the lack of malleability of the wheels prevent them from rolling smoothly over obstacles.  While not hurt, our two-year-old learned this the hard way when the front wheel got stuck on the lip of a driveway, causing the bike to fall over.

Micro 1

Compared to other balance bikes, the G-bike is on the smaller-end and has a less than average 2.5″ of seat adjustment.

Micro 5

Quality wise, the G-bike is one the best built bikes we have tested. Simple in nature, the G-bike doesn’t have all the bells and whistles available on other bikes, but every feature is thought out to ensure a safe ride. From the foam seat with wrap around sides, to the enclosed forks and smooth, flat forks and bolts, the G-bike is free from any protrusions or rough edges.

Micro 7.5

These same features additionally allow the bike to be great for indoor use.

Micro rain3

With no exposed bolts to take chunks out of walls and with thick, durable rubber bumpers on the end of the handlebars and seat posts, the G-bike will is better suited for your house than a crayon-welding artistic toddler. While G-bike did great on our carpeting floor, it would certainly excel on hardwood, laminate or in an unfinished basement.

Mirco 4

Bottom Line

Well built and fun to ride, the G-bike is the perfect indoor bike for kids ages 2 and 3. While suitable for outdoor use, due its smaller-wheel size, the G-bike isn’t recommend for non-paved surfaces or rocky areas as the wheels easily get caught on small rocks or obstacles. Due to its fast natureand lack of brake, we would additionally caution against using the bike in paved-hilly areas were a young child could quickly pick up excessive speed.


MSRP: $130

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: December 31, 2016

FTC Disclosure: Two Wheeling Tots was provided a G-bike from Micro Kickboard to help facilitate this review.  Two Wheeling Tot is not an affiliate of Micro Kickboard and no monetary compensation was provided for this review.  All opinions are that of Two Wheeling Tots.

  • Josh

    So quick question here. My not quite 3 year old is in the 90th percentile for his height. He will turn 3 the first week of March and he’s at 16.5 inch inseam with shoes and is 38 inches tall. This will be his first bike. Should I go with the 12″ size? Thanks!

    • You are right in that he is just in-between sizes. Considering his age, I would probably go with the 12″bike as it is lighter and a little easier to maneuver for younger kids. Unfortunately, TykesBykes is currently sold out of the 12″ models until March, however the new 12″ models that come in with have an extra 2″ on the seat post thereby making the seat post extend to 19″ vs. 17″, which will allow your son more room to grow.

      • Josh

        Thanks for the feeback..would you recommend waiting for that or going for the Yedoo Tootoo which is currently $130? Can you provide any guidance in picking between those two? If we wait for the Tykes we’ll have to get him something else for his birthday…:), which is fine, I would rather pick the best bike for him. By the way we also have a 12 month old who will soon want a bike too, so maybe that’s a consideration?

  • elizabeth

    I am in the same boat as a lot of posters. My daughter is 39″ or 40″, wears 3t pants so 15?” inseam, longer torso (in 4t tops). She turns 3 at the end of March. I am looking for a bike, and was considering the tykesbykes 12″. Should I consider the 16″? Hoping to make it last a while, possibly to another child.

    • If you plan on passing the bike down to another child, then I would certainly get the 12″. The new shipment of bikes (all 12″ are currently sold out), with come with an extra 2″ on the seat post, making the maximum seat height 19″, would should be plenty for your daughter. The minimum seat height of the 16″ is 15″, so it would be too big for her.

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you!

  • Carol

    Your website has been a wealth of information, thank you. Considering this bike for my almost 6 year old son, 19″ inseam. Is this a good choice for a timid child who has some gross motor delays, poor postural control, poor balance and is quickly turned off activities where he is not successful? He does ride a 3-wheel scooter (mini kick) but only recently. My hope is to find a balance bike that would offer the best chance for him to be successful and that he would fit a while (I suspect pedaling will offer a whole separate challenge).

    • Yes! The 16″ would be perfect for him! While every child is different, I have seen several older and timid kids really take to the balance bikes. Compared to scooters or bikes, the one benefit of balance bike is that kids know and can feel that their feet are always right there ready to help them when needs be. With no footrest to worry about, pedals to get in their way, and with a hand brake to help ease fears, many kids with motor delays feel much more at ease on a balance bike as compared to other wheeled “toys”.

      • Carol

        thank you!

  • Kate A OC

    Hi! Thanks so much for your work on this site! It has been really valuable to me. I have an uncoordinated but very enthusiastic 4 year old. We’re trying to decide between the TykesBykes 16″, and the Ridgeback Scoot, and I was hoping to get some advice. Some more detail: She really wants a pedal bike, but she’s really not ready. I’ve convinced her that a “big kid” balance bike is just as exciting. She is very tall for her age, and has a 17″ inseam. She will probably not be ready for a pedal bike until next summer at the earliest–maybe not until the summer after that. She is uncoordinated, but strong and very determined. She has a little brother (age 18 mos) who could use the bike once she’s moved on to a pedal bike. The ridgeback is appealing because it has a steering limiter, sealed bearings, a quick-release seat post and could be shared with her little brother sooner. The TykeByke 16 is appealing because it’s lighter than the Ridgeback and would probably last her a bit longer. Also, the 16″ tires aren’t a big deal for her now, but might make it feel more like a real bike if it takes her a while to get the hang of it. Oh, and her birthday is coming up on the 20th, so the Ridgeback has the minor advantage of being available immediately (though I could always just have her help pick out the colors on her birthday, which would be exciting enough). Thoughts?

    • I would probably go with the 16″ for the reasons you mentioned, it’s lighter weight, will last her longer and with the larger wheels and longer wheelbase, it feels and looks much more like a pedal bike. Plus, from our own experiences, younger siblings tend to want to ride bikes at a younger age as compared to their older siblings. As a result, I am quite sure that your little guy will be eager to get on a balance bike before he is able to fit on the Scoot. While you could make him wait, as long as a child is willing and ready to ride, I believe the sooner the better. Toddlers as young as 20 months, have been know to master balance bikes and cruise around at their parents side.

  • Heather

    Your site has been a huge help. Like a couple others, looking at 16″ for a not-so coordinated child, 6 years old. I think the tykesbykes based on your comments, sounds like it may be the easiest to learn on and balance,
    but he really wants blue – with that in mind, any further comment on the tykes bykes versus the go glider?

  • Heather

    Thanks for the comment about the REI Zipper, do you prefer it or the TykesBykes 16? I hadn’t considered the REI Zipper since it didn’t have a brake – how important is the brake?

    • No, I prefer the TykesBykes 16″ because it has a hand brake, but prefer the REI Zipper over the Go Glider. I generally recommend bikes with brakes simply for safety reasons, especially with older kids who have the ability to go really fast on the bikes. That being said, most balance bikes do not have brakes and are successfully used by many kids.

  • N K

    I am interested in the orange 12″ TykeByke.. I tried calling the company to ask a few questions but seems to have issues with their phone system trying to leave a message. I finally was able to leave a message but have not received a call back in 3 days. I am wondering about what type of customer service to expect if I were to have issues with the bike?

    Anyway, You stated the new bikes will have 2 more inches on seat post (19″ instead of 17″) yet their website says 17″. I was able to find info on a site selling their new bikes saying the 16″ TykeByke has longer seat range/post but no info on 12″ version.

    Will there be quick release for fast adjustment on the seat, and reinforced grips so no break throughs when the bike is dropped over and over on the ground?

    I see conflicting information on different sites about the bikes that will be available in a few weeks and don’t know which is correct.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to get ahold of TykesBykes. I will be sure to bring this issue to their attention. For the new 12″ bikes, I was actually recently corrected myself as I thought they would be shipped with an additional 2″, when it fact it will be 1″ and the new 2014 models will adjust from 13″ to 18″. The new models will also have a plastic plug at the ends of both handlebars to prevent the grips from being ripped. As far as I know, I don’t believe they will come with a quick-release lever, but I will be sure to ask when I forward them your concern and will post an update here. If you ever have anymore questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to help.

      • Just re-checked my emails. The models will have a quick-release lever, but they also say that will have an additional 2″, which means I am getting conflicting information as well, argh. Not to worry, I am on it and will report back when I hear directly from the top!

        • UPDATE: The final measurements of the seat posts will not be available until the new shipment comes in and TykesBykes can make an accurate measurement. The seat post will be longer, but until they can physically measure it, they cannot confirm the exact height.

          • N K

            Thank You Natalie for finding out some information. I am weary of a company that does not know its own product and does not answer the phone or call back. I will look into other bikes.

            P.S.. I think you should add customer service in your ratings.

          • I agree customer service is essential and in a few cases, I have lowered the rating of a bike as a result (after multiple bad experiences from buyers and retailers). However, customer service is also hard to judge considering everyone experience is different, but I do believe patterns can clearly be seen with time. As a result I will take note of your concern. That being said, while I completely agree with you regarding your phone call not being returned, their decision to not publish the exact measurements of their bikes until they are received is common practice among all bike manufacturers.

    • Ian

      Hi you can email me directly with any questions at [email protected], be happy to help

      • N K

        I would have been happy if you called back. Why have a phone number on your site if you don’t call back potential customers? Your site NEEDS to be updated with the correct information on your bikes. There are many companies out there selling bikes and customer service is usually what separates them.

  • Praveena Raha

    Hi there. Thanks for all of your hard work in putting together all of these reviews. I have a question similar to Jennifer from 3 months ago. We live in Canada. The weebike shop ships the Ridgeback Mini Scoot and Scoot here. According to their website, it appear as though TykesBykes ships to Canada as well. I really like both bike brands. I have a 4 year old son who has an inseam of 16.75 “. We have another child on the way, so the two kids will be 4 years apart. I am looking at getting a balance bike for my son that has the potential to be passed on to his sibling. I was looking at the TykesBykes 12 ” or 16″ and the Ridgeback Mini Scoot or Scoot. Since TykesBykes hasn’t released the specs on their new shipment, I’m hesitant to get the 12″ in case my son outgrows it and the 16″ would be too large for another sibling right away. I was leaning towards the Ridgeback Scoot since it has a 14″ min seat height. However, another child wouldn’t be able to use it until they were bigger versus the TykesBykes 12″ . Which makes me wonder about the Ridgeback Mini Scoot. Any thoughts about which of the four might be a good option for my son now and a sibling down the road? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • I completely agree with your arguments and would go with the Scoot Mini. With a range of 11″ to 20″, it will be able to fit both of your children. Honestly, the Scoot or the TykesBykes 16″ would be better for your son, but due to their higher minimum seat height, they would delay your younger child being able to use it. Since younger siblings tend to want to ride balance bike earlier than their older siblings, the Mini would be the best choice considering the needs of both kids.

  • Amber

    Hi Natalie — This website is ah-maz-ing. So helpful. Thank you for putting it together. After much research, we decided on the TykesBykes 12″. We haven’t received it yet, so I can’t say much about the bike itself. I just wanted to comment on the customer service, as I’ve noted a few other posts on this blog for the same topic. I wanted to say that my experience with TykesBykes service, and especially Ian, has been really great!! I purchased the bike online, but didn’t get a confirmation email. So, I called. I had to leave a message, which was annoying, but what do you expect from a small family owned operation. Then I found Ian’s email address in an earlier post to this blog. So, I thought I’d give that a try as well….. I am not sure what is Ian’s role at TB, but he emailed me back pretty much immediately to let me know he was going to check into it that day -which he did. Same day service, and very helpful. Just wanted to share my experience.

    • Thank you for taking to time to comment about their customer service. Having had my demo bike run over twice, I know I experienced nothing but the best from them (but do realize that I am special circumstance), so I’m glad you experienced the same. Plus, you are right in that they are a small family owned business. In fact, Ian is not only the owner, but also the designer of the bike, so they are about as small as business go! Thanks again for your comment and please report back on how you like the bike.

  • Stephanie Edwards

    I cannot express my appreciation of your website. My son is 3 1/2. We went to his friends house that had a balance bike. I was very impressed at his ability to ride it. I immediately went home and started researching what to get. Once I found your website, it had all of the information I needed to make an informed decision. I just ordered him the tykesbykes 12 in green. I feel confident in my purchase from what I read here and used the coupon code you provided to get $5 off. Thank you so much!

    • Glad I could be of help and thank you for the kind words. With so many choices out there, my vision for this site was to help parents be able to make informed decision in much less time, so I’m glad to hear that it was a help to you!! Thanks again!

  • Melissa Hawthorne Bushey

    I ordered the 12″ in Green by pre-order back in March. Based on your reviews I felt this one would be a great fit for my son. I finally received it today and love it! I can’t wait to give it to my son this weekend at his 3rd birthday party. He’s been asking for a bike since we tested them out a few months ago, so he is going to be so excited! Thanks for the $5 coupon code and making my purchase a tad easier.

    • Wow, thanks! I’m glad (and relieved :)) that you like it. They are great bikes and I know your son will just love it! Wish him a happy birthday for me!

  • Theresa

    Hi Natalie, My 4 year old is rather short in the leg. He is just 16 inch
    in the inseam. The most important thing is that he be comfortable so he
    can gain confidence. Which bike would you suggest? I like the tykesbykes 16 in but I am afraid it may be too large.

    • I agree, I think the TykesBykes 16″ will be slightly too large. Kids generally need the seat about 1/2 to 1″ lower than their inseam in order to easily get on and off the bike. The TykesBykes 12″ would be a good choice for him as it will certainly fit him, yet still allows him room to grow.

  • keri

    Hello. I am looking to purchase 2 bikes, one for my nearly 2 yr old (very agile) and one for nearly 4 yr old (not nearly as agile). Both are average height. My just 4 yr old is delayed in his gross motor skills. Would you recommend getting two 12″ bikes or one 12″ and one 16″? We also have one more little one on the way.

    Btw…great site- thanks for the info!

    • Congrats on your growing balance bike family 🙂 If your four-year-old has at least a 17″ inseam and has some experience with scooters, bikes or other similar toys, then I think the 16″ would be a good fit. However, just to be sure, I would probably order one 12″ bike first and see how well it fits your four-year-old. If it appears to be too small, then I would order the 16″. If the fit looks good and he/she is comfortable on it, then I would order another 12″. If you would rather order both upfront, then I would order one of each if your four-year-old fits with what I described above.