Muna Balance Bike Review

A great bang for your buck, the Muna balance bike is rugged with knobby tires for all-terrain riding. Due to its heavier weight, it’s best for aggressive kids over 30 pounds. Read the review below for all the details.

boy riding a muna balance bike review

Muna Balance Bike Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: 2 to 4 year olds riding in all-terrain conditions.

SEAT HEIGHT: 13″ – 18.5″

WEIGHT: 10.5 lb.


BRAKES: Hand Brake


  • Knobby air tires suitable for all-terrain riding
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Handbrake
  • Quick-release seat post with over 5″ of adjustment


  • Exposed bolts (covered with caps)

Muna Balance Bike Review: A Great Bang for Your Buck

A solid, well-built bike, the Muna is an amazing bike for ages 2 to 4.  Air knobby air tires, an easy-reach handbrake and durable construction, the Muna comes in two models.  A Pro model with an alloy frame and the standard steel model.  Both Muna models are fully equipped to young riders progress into more aggressive riding such as jumping curbs, riding at pump track or basic single-track trails.

Size & Weight

The seat height on the Muna ranges from 13″ to 18.5″.  A perfect fit for your 2-year-old tester in size 3 pants, she was easily able to stand over the bike and walk it around it around the neighborhood. Just learning how to sit and glide, the overall size of the Muna was perfect for her.  The overall geometry of the bike provided a more comfortable upright positioning on the bike while the seat post provided plenty of room for the bike to grow with her.

For our older and taller 4-year-old testers the Muna was on the smaller side.  With the seat height seat to its maximum height, both testers were easily able to run and glide on the bike, but with little or no room for growth.  For our 4-year-old boy tester, who has a long torso, the non-height adjustable handlebars on the Muna Pro, were too low for him as they placed him in a more aggressive body position then he prefers.   Our 4-year-old girl tester with an average length torso, however, had no concerns with the handlebar height and was still able to maintain a comfortable body position on the bike. As a result, for kids with longer torsos, we recommend the Scoot which has a taller height-adjustable handlebar.

2 and 4-year-old Testers on the Muna Mini Pro

Muna Mini Pro ridden by various ages.


The Muna Mini Pro offers many upgrades compared to the average balance bike. From its aluminum frame and quick-release seat post to its knobby air tires and handbrake, there is a lot to love on the Muna Mini Pro.

Knobby Tires and Quick-release Clamp of the Muna

Muna Mini Pro balance bike air tires and quick release.

Seat Post Adjust: For easy seat height adjustments, the Muna Pro has a tool-free quick-release seat post clamp.

Tires: Built for action, the Muna Pro’s 12″ knobby tires are ready to tackle various terrains.  Not too knobby, the Muna still provides a smooth ride on paved surfaces while still providing extra traction on dirt, mud and even snow!  While the testers shown above did not have the opportunity to ride off-road, Muna’s tires performed great for an experienced 2-year-old tester riding a dirt trail with some occasional mud on an older Muna model with the same tires.

2-year-old Riding Muna on Dirt Trails

Muna balance bike with knobby tires ridden on all-terrain surfaces.

Frame: The main difference between the Muna and the Muna Pro is the Pro’s aluminum frame and handlebars.  Lightweight and rust-proof the Pro is almost a pound lighter than the standard Muna which is made of steel.

Brakes: The Muna Pro has an easy-pull handbrake.  The braking mechanism is located on the rear tire and is a drum brake versus a caliper brake.  A drum brake slows the bike by putting pressure on the rear axle while a caliper brake squeezes the rim of the tire. While caliper brakes offer more stopping power, kids on balance bikes don’t have enough momentum to see a significant difference between the stopping power of caliper versus drum brakes.

Muna’s Handbrake

Muna balance bike hand brake and rear drum brake.

Muna Models

Muna offers two different types of 12″ balance bikes which are each available in two different colors.   The standard Muna’s steel frame while the Muna Pro and GLO models have an aluminum frame.

The frames of the two version are also different.  The aluminum model has two frame tubes that attached the seat tube to the rear axle while the steel model only has one.  Muna’s higher-end models also come with an aluminum handlebar, stainless steel rust-free spokes, and an upgraded headset.  The seat height of the two models are the same, but the Pro and GLO weigh 10.5 lb. and the RGB and Zing models weigh 11 lb.


With its knobby tires, handbrake and rugged build, the Muna Pro is an amazing bike for ambitious or all-terrain riders.  While heavier than the Too Too, its tires and lower step-through frame are better suited for adventurous riders.  More petite or timid riders are likely better off on the lighter weight Too Too, while the higher handlebars of the Scoot are better for taller riders.

Bike Muna Mini ProMuna RGBYedoo Too TooRidgeback Scoot
Weight10.5 lb.11 lb.8.2 lb.11.2 lb.
Seat Height13″ – 18.5″13″ – 18.5″12″ – 18″14″ – 20″

Muna Balance Bike Bottom Line

With its knobby tires, handbrake and rugged build, the Muna Pro and the GLO are amazing bikes for preschoolers ready for adventure on various terrains.  At 10.5 lb., the Muna Pro is best for kids weighing at least 30 lb. in at least 2T pants.

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