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Nutcase Little Nutty Review

nutcase little nutty stock image of a red and blue helmet

Fun and funky styles with multiple internal pads and a dial-adjust system make for a highly-adjustable fit. The Nutcase Little Nutty‘s removable visor and dual-certification also make it a great helmet for young kids who will be switching from bikes to skateboards. Read the full review below!


Little Nutty Bike Helmet

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Kids who want a fun and funky dual-certified helmet for biking and skateboarding.

SIZE: 48 – 52 cm


WEIGHT: 392 g



  • Soft chin pad and magnetic “no pinch” buckle
  • Great fit – internal dial adjust and three sets of interchangeable sizing pads
  • Dual certified for biking and skateboard use
  • Fun and funky styles
  • Removeable visor


  • Few vents leads to sweaty heads (common with skater-style helmets)
  • Heavier than a traditional helmet

Nutcase Little Nutty Review – Results of our Testing

All too often parents unknowingly sacrifice their child’s safety for their style.  “But, if they don’t like the helmet, they won’t wear it.  Sure, it flops around and is impossible to adjust, but at least they wear it!”  Luckily, the compromise no longer has to be made.  A party on the outside and business on the inside, Nutcase’s Little Nutty is sure to please both the safety-conscience parent and style-driven child.  With a dial-adjust internal head cage, pads of various thickness, dual-certification for skating boarding and scootering as well as a removable visor, the Little Nutty will have them protected in style from your driveway to the skate park.

Designed for preschoolers and young grade-schoolers, the Little Nutty is the XS version of Nutcase’s adult Street helmet.  Different in size and shape from the Baby Nutty, which is best for use by toddlers in bike seats, trailers and balance bikes, the Little Nutty is best for active kids who jump of their bike one minute, then pull out their scooter the next.

Nutcase’s Line of Street Helmets

Nutcase Comparison (all three2)

Internal Features

A far cry from the cartoon-plastered helmets at the big-box stores, the Little Nutty has several internal features that ensure it comfortably stays in place. The soft pads that line the helmet come in three different widths to help provide a proper fit on the top, front and back. A dial-adjust head cage quickly and easily adjusts the length of the helmet to prevent flopping. The easy to use Fidlock magnetic buckle is also a huge “cool-factor” selling point for kids, but it does take a couple tries to get a hang of it.  The Little Nutty also comes with a removable visor, but we had a hard timing getting it to stay in the helmet, so we removed it so that we wouldn’t lose it.

Nutcase Little Nutty’s Internal FeaturesLittle Nutty Features 1


Designed for head circumferences of 48 to 52 cm, the Little Nutty is noticeably larger than the Baby Nutty designed for heads with a 47 to 50cm circumference.  In addition to size, the helmets have different CPSC certifications.  The Baby Nutty is certified for kids ages 1 and up for biking and is not dual-certified (babies generally don’t skateboard :).  The Little Nutty, however, is dual-certified and has a CPSC certification for ages 5+.  Since ALL helmets (not just the Baby Nutty) with a CPSC certification for ages 1+ are really small and the CPSC does not have a preschool age-specific certification, 5+ certified helmets are acceptable for a 2 to 5 year-olds who do not fit in the 1+ certified helmets.  In the comparison shots below, the bottom three helmets all have a certification for 5+ and are designed for preschoolers.

Nutcase Litty Nutty vs. Baby Nutty, Crazy Safety, and Uvex Hero

Little Nutty 1

With a 50cm head circumference, the Baby Nutty is a much better fit for our four-year-old tester than the Little Nutty, but the Little Nutty does allow for plenty of room for him to grow.  For further comparison, the larger Crazy Safety helmet, with a 49-55cm size is clearly way too big from him while the Uvex Hero, with a 50-55cm recommendation, fits like a glove.  With a 52cm head circumference, the Little Nutty fit perfect on our five-year-old testers as well as on the larger 50-55cm Uvex Quatro.

Little Nutty vs. Uvex Quatro Jr.

Little Nutty 2

When given the choice, both kids preferred the look of the Nutcase over the others, but with time, they found the Nutcase to be sweaty.  With very little side vents (partially due to the requirements needed to be certified for skateboarding), the Nutcase’s would not be our top choice for hot climate or for extra-long rides.  Typical of skater-style helmets, the Nutcase Little Nutty is also heavier than traditional bike helmets.  Weighing 392 grams compared to the Uvex Hero‘s 205 grams, the Little Nutty isn’t the best choice for petite kids or those with low-muscle tone.

Little Nutty Sweaty

Bottom Line

With the fun and funky styles they crave with all the protection they need, the Nutcase Little Nutty is great for preschoolers and young grade-schoolers.  Multiple internal pads, dial-adjust fit system, removable visor and dual-certified, make the helmet highly adjustable.  Heavy with limited vents, the Little Nutty is best for around town as it gets pretty sweaty during longer rides.

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