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Older Kids Balance Bike Comparison Chart

Kids who start off on a balance bike at age 4 or 5 have different needs than a child who starts off at 1 or 2.  

Bikes with a larger frame, air tires and a hand brake are greatly beneficial to older kids.  After testing out over 30 different balance bikes, here are our top picks for older riders.

The chart may be sorted by clicking on the header of each column (works best in desktop).

For additional breakdowns, including our rankings, see our Best Balance Bikes for Older/Taller Riders list.

Best Balance Bikes Comparison Chart: Kids 4, 5, and 6



WeightMin Seat HeightMax Seat HeightTiresHand BrakeFrame Material

Balance Bikes for Kids 3T/4T

Saracen Freewheel


10.7 lb.13"19"AirYesAluminum

Muna 12"


11 lb.13"18"AirYesSteel

Frog Tadpole


6.5 lb.13.3"9.3"AirYesAluminum
LikeABike Jumper


7.5 lb.13.4"18.5"AirYesAluminum

Specialized Hotwalk


10 lb.13.5"17"Puncture-Proof RubberNoAluminum

Ridgeback Scoot


10.5 lb.14"20"AirYesAluminum
LittleBig Convertible


11.2 lb.14"21"AirYesAluminum

woom 1 Plus


9.5 lb.14.8"18.7"AirYesAluminum

Strider 14x


12.5 lb.15"22"AirNoSteel
Frog Tadpole Plus



Balance Bikes for Kids 4T - 6

Ridgeback Scoot XL


11.6 lb.16"21.5"AirYesAluminum
Bixe 16


12 lb.18.25"22.4"AirNoSteel
Strider 16


17.7 lb.19.5"24.5"AirYesSteel
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