Omni Bike Storage Rack Review

Easy to install and easy to use, the Omni Bike Storage Rack’s simplicity is what makes it great. Read our review of this durable storage system for all the details.

5 bikes mounted to the wall using the Omni Bike Storage rack

Omni Bike Storage Rack

RATING: Highly Recommended



CAPACITY: 5 bikes


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality and durable
  • Can store many bikes with a small amount of wall space
  • Ideal hook shape so tires go on/off rack smoothly


  • Not kid friendly; adults will have to do all the storage work
  • Uses hardware to place attachments

Omni Bike Storage Rack Review – Results of our Testing

The Omni Bike Wall Rack is a quick, easy and affordable way to mount up to 5 bikes vertically on the wall of your garage. From 12″ balance bikes to 27.5″ hybrid cruisers, the Omni Rack is versatile enough to hold them all.  With quick and easy installation as well as the ability to adjust the spacing between bikes, the Omni is an excellent choice for families on a budget.

Omni Bike Rack fully loaded with five bikes, three adult and two kids, hanging on a garage wall.


How it Works

The Omni rack holds bikes in place via a rubberized hook that latched onto the front or rear wheel of the bike.  While the rack functions very similar to the standard bike hook, we were surprised to find out just how much easier the Omni rack is to use!

The main advantage of the Omni hooks is their unique shape.  The angle of the DIY hooks is deeper and more closed and therefore not open enough to easily move the wheel in or out; this often resulted in the hook becoming caught in the spokes, especially smaller rims.  The more open shape of the hook on the Omni Bike Rack allows for easy on/off with the bikes – I haven’t had a bike get caught yet.   The bike hooks are rubber-coated to protect your rims as well as adding grip to the hook.

Previously, we had multiple bikes hung around our garage with various sizes and shapes of hooks.  Taking even a 6-pound kid’s balance bike off of those hooks was sometimes a challenge. The angle of the DIY hooks is deeper and more closed and therefore not open enough to easily move the wheel in or out; this often resulted in the hook becoming caught in the spokes, especially smaller rims.

Omni Bike Rack Hook Depth Collage Comparing hook to other garage hooks

Secondly, as compared to standard bike hooks, the Omni rack makes it much easier to change the spacing of the hooks (and without adding any extra holes to your wall!).  To move a hook on the Omni rack, simply unload the bike from the hook, remove the metal pin that holds the hook in place, move the hook to the new location, and replace the pin – no tools required!

While it’s easy to change the spacing of the hooks, it’s not quite as convenient as more expensive systems like the Rubbermaid FastTrack.  The FastTrack hooks can easily slide left and right on the rail when they are loaded with equipment.

Like the Rubbermaid FastTrack, however, the Omni Bike Wall Rack can be customized to hold everything from bikes to scooters, rakes, tools, skis, and folding chairs. If you’re interested in hanging stuff besides bikes, check out all the attachments you can buy separately.  The attachments connect to the rail in the same way the bike hooks do and make the rack more multifunctional.  


At 46″ in length, the Omni Rack can comfortably fit up to five bikes stored in alternating positions (rear-wheel up then front, etc.).   For those with less than five bikes, we found the Omni Rack to comfortably fit three adult bikes mounted by the front tire. The rack will hold 200 lbs. and can accommodate most bikes.  The rack comes with five hooks that are 2″ wide, and will not accommodate fat bikes.

Upon using the rack I found it easier to hang the bigger bikes by their front wheel as it allowed me to lift them by their handlebars while balancing them on their back wheel.  The longer handlebars of the adult bikes, however, did require me place them on every other hook.   As a family with young kids, that certainly wasn’t a problem as the in-between spots were easily filled in with our smaller kids bikes.

Omni Bike Rack fully loading showing how to alternate bike direction for hanging.


The Omni Rack system mounts to the wall with two heavy-duty steel brackets and a horizontal heavy-duty steel rail. The bike hook attachments fit over the rail and are held securely in place using attachment pins.  The pins go through holes in the rail which are spaced 1″ apart, giving you the convenience of being able to fully customize your bike spacing to meet your needs.

Omni Bike Rack hardware - mounting bar, wall bracket, bolts, and hook attachments

The Omni Bike Wall Rack brackets need to be mounted to studs placed at least 32″ apart, with approximately 7″ of rail on either side of the wall brackets.  This is doable in most garages.  However, if your garage has advanced framing (studs 24″ apart on center)  this rack might not be your best option.  Double check your stud placement before purchasing! And not to worry, we have plenty of other bike storage solutions for you to check out!

Bottom Line

We love having a bike rack with an ideal hook shape that allows us to easily take bikes on and off.  The Omni Bike Wall Rack is incredibly easy to install and sturdily built so it will last for years!  We also appreciate that we can purchase other storage attachments separately to customize the rack for our family’s storage needs.

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