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A high-quality, simple and comfortable bike for riding on paved bike trails and around the neighborhood.

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: New pedal bike riders in size 5 pants or experienced riders in size 4T pants. A perfect in-between bike for young riders - larger than a 16", yet smaller than most 20" while still providing plenty of room for growth

SEAT HEIGHT: 21.25" – 26"

WEIGHT: 17 lb.

GEARS: Single





Geared Bike



17 lb.

Seat Height

21.25" – 26"

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size


Brake Type

Dual Hand (No Coaster)



Gain Ratio


Handlebar Height




Standover Height


Available Colors


Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and simple with just a single gear
  • Geared for fast riding on paved trails and around the neighborhood
  • Also available in a 2-speed with automatic shifting
  • Dual hand brakes with no coaster brake
  • Narrow frame and upright body positioning make it easy and comfortable to ride
  • High-end components - Cane Creek headset, Tektro front and rear caliper brakes, and Kenda tires

Full Review

The transition to a 16″ bike to a 20″ bike is a big one. This time around, riding the bike is easy, it’s finding the best bike for your child that is difficult.  Most bike companies try to upsell 20″ bikes, packing them with features the average rider doesn’t need.  While gears are necessary for some riders, for the typical child a lighter, simpler single-geared bike all they need.  The Pello Reddi is just that, everything the average child needs and nothing more, nothing less.  For more adventurous riders, the Pello Reddi is also now available in a geared 2-speed version that automatically shifts when the child reaches higher speeds.


Lightweight at a mere 17 lb., the Reddi offers a natural “Ride Right” geometry with upright positioning and a narrow q-factor. Simple, easy and fun the Reddi was an instant hit with our very tall 5-year-old tester in size seven clothes.  Compared to his Specialized Hotrock 20, the Reddi is lighter, narrower and coaster brake free.  In his opinion, it is also more responsive (“turns quicker”), faster and more fun.

Our adventurous 5-year-old tester, who is technically too small for the bike, also enjoyed cruising around on the Reddi. The seat range on the Reddi is 21.25″ to 26″, making it suitable for kids with an inseam of 19″ (kids experienced in pedaling a bike can ride a bike with a minimum seat height higher than their inseam as they no longer need to stop the bike with their feet).


Reddi’s Features

Built with a Cane Creek headset, Tektro front and rear caliper brakes, and Kenda tires, the Reddi’s quality is on par with components found on higher-end adult bikes.  The Reddi’s 4.5 gain ratio is also geared perfectly cruising up smaller hills around town as well as speeding down bike trails.


Available in a shiny, deep orange, the Reddi also has fun pops of mint green throughout the bike.  For easy transport (the front tire is often taken off to get a bike in a car), the front axle is quick-release, and the saddle (seat) is railed with several millimeters of adjustment available.


Fast riding requires reliable braking and the Reddi’s Tektro brakes are easily activated by small hands.  For many kids, a 20″ will be their first bike with dual hand brakes, and as a result, it is important that kids understand proper braking before they ride.  Tektro easy-pull brakes do not require as much pressure to activate than hand brakes found on lower-end kids bikes.  If kids use the same amount of force on Tektro front brakes (on their left hand) that they are used using on lower-end bikes, the bike could stop too quickly leading to an endo (the back wheel coming off the ground causing the child to fly over the handlebar).  As a result, be sure to teach your child to either brake with both hands or with just their right.  They should never brake with just their left hand.



Compared to other 20″ bikes, Reddi’s upright position is apparent.  The Guardian has a more aggressive position, making it better suited for trail riding.  The ByK e-450 is also a single speed, but it has much narrower tires and a higher gain ratio, better suited for longer road rides.


Bottom Line

The Reddi is a great bike for kids looking for a simple, comfortable and fast bike for riding on paved bike trails and around the neighborhood.  Single speed for easy maintenance and suspension free for a lighter weight, the Reddi is everything the average child rider needs without unnecessary upgrades to weigh it down.


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