Pello Revo – 16 Inch Kids Bike Review

If your little rider is chomping at the bit ready to take the bike world by storm, the Pello Revo is a perfect little pony for them. Whether cruising around the neighborhood in style, or hitting up every jump and feature at the bike park, the Revo happily obliges.

With a semi-upright body position, dual hand brakes (with no coaster brake!), quality component as well as the ability to fit 2.1″ wide knobby tires, the Revo packs a lot of fun into one little bike. Read the full review below for all the results of our test rides.

young rider having fun on the Pello Revo

Pello Revo Review

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Riders in at least 4T clothes who will ride everywhere from the neighborhood to dirt trails and pump tracks.


SEAT HEIGHT: 19″ – 24.5″
WEIGHT: 14.6 lb.
BRAKES: Dual Hand Brakes
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
TIRES: 16″ x 1.5″, can take up to 2.1″
Q-FACTOR: 5.5″


  • Narrow frame provides a comfortable and natural fit for young riders
  • Handlebar can be rotated in and out to create a customized fit for the rider
  • Knobby tires for great traction and better cushioning on all-terrain conditions
  • Frame can hold up to 2.1″ wide tires for trail riding
  • High-end components – Cane Creek headset, dual Tektro hand brakes, and Kenda tires
  • Lower gain ratio allows the Revo to climb easier than other 16″ bikes


  • Lower 3.2 gain ratio limits top speed on flat surfaces

Pello Revo Review – Results of Our Test Rides

4 year old girl riding Pello Revo 16" bike on a paved trail

Rugged, nimble, and lightweight, the Pello Revo is a top-notch bike for beginning and progressing riders.  Built with “Ride-Right geometry”, the Revo’s semi-upright positioning and narrow stance provide a comfortable and natural fit that works seamlessly with the small bodies of young riders.

So whether your little rider is begging to take on trail rides or cruise through the neighborhood, the Revo will help to grow their skills and advance to more aggressive riding.

What type of rider is the Pello Revo best for?

The Pello Revo is a versatile bike that fulfills its purpose for families who will be doing both paved and all-terrain riding and need one bike that can effortlessly do both. From paved rides around the neighborhood with the family, to dirt trails outside the city, the Revo doesn’t skip a beat.

4 year old girl riding Pello Revo 16" bike on a gravel trail

Because this 16″ bike is lightweight and upright, paved rides come naturally. Then, the all-terrain knobby tires allow for an easy transition to packed dirt or gravel trails. For adventurous riders, the Pello’s geometry also allows them to lean in when blasting down a straightaway or taking on a jump.

young boy leaning in aggressively on the Pello Revo 16 inch bike

Who is the Pello Revo not a great fit for?

The Pello Revo is an extremely versatile bike, but its lower 3.2 gain ratio does make is less ideal for riders who are sticking to mainly flat terrain. Around hills, jump lines, or a pump track, the lower gain ratio of the Pello can come in handy, but on long straightaways the lower ratio maxes out pretty quickly, leading to a lot of pedal spinning with limited speed gain.

For kids riding on mainly flat terrain, the higher 3.8 gain ratio of the woom 3 or the Prevelo Alpha Two would be a better option.

What size child fits on the Pello Revo?

With a seat height range of 19″ – 24″, the Revo is a great starter bike for kids in size 4T and 5 clothes. Our experienced 4-year-old tester in 4T clothes had no problems riding the Revo (especially due to its light 14.5 lb. weight). While on the high end for fit, our 5-year-old tester in 5/6 clothes was a also a great fit on the Revo.

Comparison picture of a 4 year old and a 5 year old on the Pello Revo

14″ Pello Romper or 16″ Revo? 

With a seat height range of 17.5″ to 21.75″ Pello’s smaller 14″ bike, the Romper, does overlap in size with the Revo. We put out 4-year-old to work on both bikes (both set to the seat height of 20.25″).

We found that when riding uphill or in all-terrain conditions, she was a bit more comfortable on the 14″ Pello Romper because its smaller, slightly lighter frame was easier for her to maneuver. With only 1.5″ of seat height growth remaining on the Romper, however, she will outgrow it much faster than the Revo.

4 year old tester on Pello Romper and Pello Revo kids' bikes. Side by side.

16″ Pello Revo or 20″ Reddi? 

For those riders on the high end of the Revo’s sizing, it’s worth considering the 20″ single-speed Pello Reddi with a seat height range of 21.75” to 26″. For older/taller riders with an inseam greater than 20″, the larger 20-inch single-speed Pello Reddi will provide more room for growth and also has a higher 4.11 gain ratio.

Boy riding Pello Reddi single speed bike
Tall 5yo (in size 7 clothes) on Reddi

Pello Revo Components Rundown

Frame & Geometry

The Pello Revo offers the perfect Goldilocks geometry for the average rider – not too upright, yet not too aggressive (leaned-in). This ideal positioning allows kids to sit pretty upright when learning the ropes of riding, while also allowing them to lean in and become adventurous with time.

Boy riding the Pello Revo while sitting upright and when leaning in

When compared to other 16″ high-end bikes, the “semi-aggressive” positioning is mostly due to differences in the shape of the handlebars. The woom 3 provides the most upright position with high-rise handlebars, while the Cleary Hedgehog has the lowest with low-rise bars.

The Pello Revo is in the middle with 60mm mid-rise handlebars. Although not shown, the Prevelo Alpha Two’s bars are the same height as the Cleary’s.

side by side overlay of the woom 3, pello Revo and the Cleary Hedgehog

The mid-rise bars on the Pello can be tilted inwards to allow you to customize the fit of the bike for your child. Some riders may feel more comfortable with the bars completely upright, while others (like our 4-year-old tester below), preferred to have them a bit lower by tilting them inward.

young boy having fun while riding the Pello Revo

As a result, we love the versatility of the Revo’s geometry as it performs great for timid riders just getting started, without inhibiting aggressive riders from really leaning into the bike.

4 year old girl riding Pello Revo 16" bike - leaning into turns


With a gain ratio of 3.2, the Pello Revo is geared on the lower side (25t chainring, 16t freewheel), which means the bike will be easier to ride uphill, but will have limited top speeds when riding on flat terrain.

For beginning riders, the lower gain ratio is helpful as it requires less push on the pedals to get the bike started, allowing them to gain speed faster, which makes it easier to balance. For adventurous riders, the lower gearing may cause them to “spin” the pedals while on flat ground, but will come in handy when pointed uphill!

In comparison tests, the 3.2 gain ratio on the Pello Revo allowed our testers to be able to climb hills that they couldn’t get up on the Prevelo Alpha Two with a 3.8 gain ratio. So if you live in a hilly area or plan on riding in one, the lower range of the Revo is a great option.

4 year old girl riding Pello Revo 16" bike on a dirt trail

With all 16″ bikes, however, keep in mind that kids really can’t climb for very long, so don’t expect your child to climb 100’s of feet of elevation on the Revo even with its lower gearing. If lengthy climbs are in order, we highly recommend picking up a TowWhee tow rope.

Brakes, Handlebar and Headset

The Pello Revo comes with high-end Tektro caliper brakes on both front and rear wheels.  Easy-to-use and easy-to-reach, the brakes are quick and effective.  While previous models of the Revo shipped with a coaster brake, the new models do not, so there is no longer a need to purchase a “freewheel kit” to remove the coaster brake.

Close up images of the Tekro brakes and calipers on the Pello Revo 16 inch kids bike

The Revo’s alloy handlebar is 460mm wide with 9 degree sweep and a 60mm rise. The bars are paired with an alloy ahead stem that allows them to rotate for a customized fit.

handlebar and stem of the Pello Revo

To keep things snug, the Revo is topped off with a top of the line Cane Creek headset.

Close up image of the Cane Creek headset on the Pello Revo

Tires and Tubes

The Revo comes stocked with the grippy and durable 1.5″ wide Kenda Small Block 8 Tires tires on lightweight wheels with smooth ball bearings. For trail-loving kids, the frame has plenty of clearance to run up to 2.1″ wide tires.

Kenda tires of the Revo, Presta valve tubes

The Pello Revo’s rims are compatible with tubes with Presta valves versus the more common Schrader valves. 16″ Presta tubes can be a bit harder to find, but Pello has included an extra tube with the Revo just in case :). If you don’t have a pump that will work with Presta valves, Pello also has you covered. They include a Presta air valve adapter that will allow the air valves on the Revo to be used with a standard Schrader valve pump.

Cranks and Saddle

Although often overlooked, Pello sets their bikes apart by not skimping on the seemingly minor components. From top to bottom, Pello Kids Bikes are specced with performance and durability in mind.

For optimal pedal power, the Revo includes a proprietary crank set with a narrow q-factor which is paired with child-sized resin pedals complete with ball bearings for smooth spinning.

crank arm and pedals of the Pello Revo

Often a point of complaint for riders of all ages, young riders will be pleased with the cushioned saddle that is shaped to comfortably fit their smaller bodies.

Cushioned and railed saddle of Pello Revo 16" bike

Hand Prepared in Richmond, Virginia

Like almost all kids bikes, Pello bikes are manufactured overseas, but they are designed, developed, and tested in Richmond, Virginia.

Prior to shipping out, every bike is inspected top to bottom to ensure it has been properly assembled and adjusted – they even include a checklist of their inspection in the box! The bike does require some basic assembly upon arrival, but will already be properly tuned up once you put it together.

Pello bikes pre ship checklist

You’ll notice that the top of the checklist has a spot for a child’s name and inseam. This is the result of the Optional Fit and PreCheck portion of Pello’s online checkout. If you include your child’s measurements, they will ensure you ordered the correct size bike prior to shipping, as well as include their name on the checklist for an additional level of personalization!



As outlined above, the Pello Revo is the only high-end 16″ bike that offers a semi-upright position. The woom 3 is the most upright and is best for timid and beginning riders, while the Cleary Hedgehog is the most aggressive (leaned in) and the best for really adventurous riders. The Pello Revo is our choice for kids who want the best of both worlds.

Pello Revowoom 3Cleary Hedgehog
Seat Height19″ – 24.5″19.3″ – 25″17.25″ – 26″
Weight14.6 lb.13.1 lb.16 lb.
Gain Ratio3.23.83.1
Link to Reviewwoom 3 ReviewHedgehog Review

Pello Revo 16″ Bike Bottom Line

After years and years of bike testing, it’s pretty easy to spot a high-quality bike from an imposter right out of the box. Pello is one of the kids’ bike brands that truly dominates in having the best of everything. If a bike is the sum of its components, you’ve got a formula for one sweet little ride.

With top-of-the-line components and killer, kid-specific geometry, the Pello Revo is a fantastic first bike for kids who will be tackling all-terrain adventures in addition to dominating the neighborhood. With a mid-range, semi-upright position, it’s especially ideal for kids who want to maximize their comfort and lean in when they choose to be more aggressive.

For other bike options for 4 and 5 year olds, check out our list of favorite 16 inch bikes!

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