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Comfortable, easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy to love. Our favorite rack-mounted seat.

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: Those looking for an amazing rack-mounted seat that also has a small place for storage.






Mount Type

Rear Rack-mounted

Additional Mounting Info

Need 3″ on seat tube for mounting

Quick Release


Age Range

9 mo. to 48.5 lb.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Protective leg shields
  • Height adjustable footrests and footstraps that actually keep kids' feet in place
  • Five-point harness and two-handed safety buckle
  • Recessed pocket for helmets
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Rear pockets for easy storage of small items
  • Can be hard to find in the US

Full Review

Guppy Rack Award

Strong, sturdy and sporty, the Polisport Guppy CFS is our top-pick for rack-mounted child bike seats. With a five-point harness, a recessed helmet pocket (for younger kids), UV resistant plastics, protective leg shields and quickly and easily being able to be removed and reinstalled, the Guppy is a standout winner amongst other rack-mounted seats. Having had some issues with rack-mounted seats in the past, the Guppy was a pleasant surprise as it was easy and straightforward as it was fun.

Buckle and Harness

The five-point (a rare find in bike seats) harness with a two-handed buckle on adjustable straps was by far our favorite feature of the seat. With the ability to adjust every strap on the harness, the Guppy was easily fitted to our testers. The shoulder straps were more difficult to adjust than the others, as the rubber sleeve prevented the slider from adjusting farther up the strap, but by simply tightening the bottom strap, the extra slack was quickly and easily removed.

Guppy Rack 3

Other Safety Features

Moving down the seat, large leg guards protect legs from the rear wheel while the feet are secured in the adjustable footrests. Much to our surprise, the footrest were extremely easy to adjust as they quickly pop in and out of the main seat. The slightly stretchy foot strap was also a favorite of ours.  Compared to fabric straps or more rigid plastic straps, the Guppy’s straps could be stretched to ensure a secure fit.

Another unique feature of the Guppy is its rear compartment that is very useful for holding smaller ideas such as diapers, wipes, keys and cell phones.

Guppy Rack 4

The Guppy also has a recessed helmet pocket to prevent a child’s head from being uncomfortably pushed forward during a ride. While the perfect position for our 12-month old tester in 18-month clothes, the pocket will likely be of little use to shorter or taller testers.  Lastly, the seat also comes with a safety strap that secures the seat to the seat post of the bike. While the strap is certainly not a fool-proof backup, having had a properly mounted bike seat fall off a rack before, knowing that there is a backup is comforting.

Guppy Rack 5


Adhering the seat to the rack simply requires tightening one knob.  When tightened, the thick plastic mounts below the seat are brought together to clamp onto the sides of the rack. Once tight, the teeth of red safety ring on the knob prevent the knob from loosening during rides (shown in Polisport video below).

Guppy Rack 1

The mount also allows the seat to be adhered to either the front or the back of the rack.  While minor, moving the child a couple inches towards the rider can help to balance out the weight on the bike.

Guppy Rack 2

Additional details about the mounting and various features of the Guppy can be seen in Polisport’s video:

Bottom Line

The Polisport Guppy CFS is our hands-down favorite for rear-rack mounted bike seats.  Complete with both kid and parent friendly options, we found it to be superior to several other rack-mounted seats we have tested and a quite a deal.


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