Prevelo Alpha Five Review – 26″ Kids Bike

Fast, fun, and able to crush a wide variety of rides, the Prevelo Alpha Five 26″ kids bike is sure to elevate your tween’s passion for riding. In addition to being ridiculously light (under 22 lbs!), this phenomenal bike is meticulously designed to work with a child’s smaller frame, especially compared to a 26″ adult bikes (XXS and XS adult bikes can be similarly sized).

From frame design to components, this review will cover everything you need to know about the Alpha Five 26″ kids bike, including what type of rider it is best for. We’ll also compare the Alpha Five to other 26″ kid-specific bikes to see how it stacks up to its competitors.

child riding the Prevelo Alpha Five 26" kids bike

Prevelo Alpha Five Overview

RATING: Exceptional

MSRP: $649

BEST FOR: Tweens eager to ride on a wide variety of surfaces. Whether it be racing friends around the neighborhood, long distance rides with the family, or tackling mild dirt paths and trails, the Alpha Five performs phenomenally.

SEAT HEIGHT: 28″ – 34.75″

WEIGHT: 21.9 lb. (with pedals)

GEARS: 8-speed Microshift with Trigger
BRAKES: Dual Hand Brakes
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy
GAIN RATIO: 1.8 – 6.3
TIRE WIDTH: 1.5″ Kenda Small Block 8 (Frame fits up to a 2.1″ wide tire)


  • Designed from top to bottom for kids, making it significantly easier and more efficient to ride compared to standard 26″ bikes
  • Quick, nimble, and super fun to ride
  • Quality trigger shifters for snappy, responsive shifting
  • 8 gears with a gear range suitable for everything from hills to long flats
  • Narrow Q-factor for maximum leverage on pedals
  • All-terrain tires seamlessly travel from paved paths to dirt trails
  • Frame can accommodate wider tires up to 2.1″ wide, easily converting it to an entry-level mountain bike


  • Push/pull shifters take some time for kids to master

Prevelo Alpha Five Review – Results of our Test Rides

“Wow, this bike is fast!” From his first pedal stroke, our 11-year-old tester was in love with the Alpha Five. I quickly learned that I should have worn my running shoes if I wanted any good pictures 🤣. He was clearly on a mission to put the Alpha to work on the various terrains at the neighborhood bike park, and wasn’t going to wait for anyone! From gravel, to paved, to dirt, the Alpha Five happily obliged as this kid and his bike seamlessly cruised through the park.

child riding the prevelo alpha five on a gravel trail

What type of rider is the Prevelo Alpha Five best for?

The Alpha Five is an exceptional bike for aggressive and playful riders who are eager to ride anything and everything around the neighborhood – including mild dirt trails. Efficient and streamlined, the Alpha Five has the speed and gearing to dominate “friendly” neighborhood races 🤣 as well as effortlessly keep up during longer distance family bike rides.

More of an off-road family? Throw on some wider tires (the frame can hold up to 2.1″ wide tires), and the Alpha’s lightweight and responsiveness make it right at home on basic MTB trails.

Compared to other kid-specific 26″ bikes, the Prevelo Alpha is truly the most versatile bike for kids traversing a wide range of terrains. Other similarly-sized, kid-specific bikes include the woom 6 and the Pello Roovi.

The woom 6 has a more upright geometry and is better for timid riders, while the Pello Roovi is much more dirt focused than the Alpha Five as it comes with hydraulic disc brakes and is available with a suspension fork.

Best Use Comparison of 26 Inch All-Terrain Bikes

Mainly PavedPaved and DirtMainly Dirt
Timid Riderswoom 6Prevelo Alpha FivePello Roovi
Aggressive RidersPrevelo Alpha FivePrevelo Alpha FivePello Roovi

Prevelo Alpha for Road Warriors (Mainly Paved Riders)

You will be hard pressed to find a tween-sized 26″ non-road bike that performs as efficiently on the road as the Alpha Five. With every pedal stroke, the narrow q-factor allows kids to push directly down on the pedal (versus off to the side due to wider pedal placement), thereby providing a much more direct transfer of power.

Even if you were to find an XS adult bike that fit your tween (very few out there), the bike’s q-factor will likely be wider, which will lead to a decreased power transfer to the pedals.

To dial in the speed, the Alpha Five has trigger shifters for rapid gear changes (the woom 6 has a grip shifter) as well as a 11-38t cassette providing a wide range of gear options (the woom 6 as an 11-34t).

For those true road warriors, the knobby, all-terrain tires can be swapped out with a smoother road tire such as the Kenda Kwest 26″ x 1.5″ (we have not tested these, but have heard that they are compatible).

11 year old riding the Prevelo Alpha Five bike on a paved bike path

Prevelo Alpha for Basic Trail Use (and its Limits for Mainly Dirt Riders)

For basic dirt trails and even mild single-track, the Prevelo Alpha Five performs like a champ. With a wide gear range (1.8 – 6.3 gain ratio), a featherweight build, and knobby tires (Kenda Small Block Eight), the Alpha Five has plenty of brawn to breeze through basic dirt trails.

The Alpha’s more aggressive geometry (it has lower handlebars than the Pello and woom), also allows riders to more easily lean into the bike when taking on jumps or steep climbs (see side-by-side comparison in geometry section below).

Prevelo Alpha Five ridden on a compact dirt trail

If hitting up dirt trails are the norm, we highly recommend swapping out the stock 1.5″ tires for wider tires, such as the 2.1″ Small Block 8s. The extra width will provide a wider contact patch for gripping the dirt, as well as allow you to the run the tire at a slightly slower PSI to provide additional cushioning.

For true mountain bikers taking on more advanced trails with jumps, drops, or rocky and rooty terrain, the Alpha Five will quickly get overwhelmed. Prevelo’s MTB specific Zulu Five, however, has you covered with a front suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, wider tires, and an even wider gear range.

Prevelo ZULU Five (MTB Specific Bike)

child riding the Prevelo Zulu Five 26" kids mountain bike

What size rider fits on the 26″ Prevelo Alpha Five?

The Alpha Five has a seat height range of 28″ – 34.75″ and is a best fit for kids with inseams ranging between 25″ and 31″. Our main 11-year-old tester is 57″ tall with a 26.5″ inseam and was a great fit on the Alpha Five. In the image below, he is riding with the seat height set to 31.5″. He does have long legs for his height, so most kids his height would ride with the seat lower.

tween riding the Prevelo Alpha five with the saddle set to 31"

The bike is especially a great fit for kids with narrow builds (smaller hips), as the bike fits comfortably under small frames, making it easier to pedal as well as maneuver the bike.

Compared to other kid-specific 26″ bikes, the Alpha is similar in size, but does offer the narrowest seat range at close to 6″ versus the woom’s 8″ and the Pello’s 10″. These numbers, however, can be deceiving as in reality, a child is rarely, if ever, a good fit on a bike on which the seat needs to be raised above the height of the handlebars.

As a result, by setting the max seat height to match the handlebar height of the bike (measured from the ground up to the center of the handlebar), the “ideal fit” seat height ranges between the Prevelo and the Pello are about the same.

With the woom 6, due to its higher-set handlebars for riders who prefer to sit more upright, as well as its height-adjustable stem (which can raise the handlebars ~2.5″), the woom does offer the widest seat height range.

That being said, the minimum seat height of the Alpha is 2″ lower than the woom 6, so kids can fit on the Alpha Five much sooner than the woom 6.

Prevelo Alpha Fivewoom 6Pello Roovi
Seat Height28″ – 34.75″30″ – 38″28” – 38*″
Handlebar Height35″34.5″ – 37″~35″
“Ideal fit” Seat Height Range28″ – 34.75″30″ – 37″28″ – 35″
Wheel Size26″26″27.5″
Wheelbase968 mm1051 mm1066 mm
* With included extended seat post

Prevelo Alpha Five – Geometry and Components


The Prevelo Alpha Five is seriously a featherweight. Coming in at 21.9 lb., it’s the lightest 26″ bike we have ever come across. With less weight to balance and maneuver, the lightweight build of the Prevelo Five allows kids to truly feel at one with the bike, allowing them to continue to build their confidence and skill level.

Weight Comparisons of Kid-Specific 26″/27.5″ Bikes (lb.)

Prevelo Alpha Fivewoom 6Pello Roovi


The Prevelo Alpha Five places the rider in a semi-upright position, allowing aggressive riders to lean in, yet still being upright enough to be comfortable during longer, more casual rides.

child riding the Prevelo Alpha Five 26 inch kids bike on a dirt trail

The Alpha Five geometry is similar to the Pello Roovi, but not as upright as the woom 6. As shown below, with the seat heights both set to 31″, the Prevelo Alpha Five sits our 57″ tall tester in a much more aggressive, leaned-in position than the woom 6.

child rider on the Prevelo Alpha Five and the woom 6 26" kids bikes

Gearing and Shifting

The Alpha Five has an 8-speed drivetrain with a wide gain ratio ranging from 1.8 to 6.3 (with an 11-38t cassette). This wide range, paired with the snappy trigger Microshift Acolyte shifter, allows young riders to power up climbs as well as crank up the gears to blast through the flats.

drivetrain of the Prevelo Alpha Five

If you are unfamiliar with gain ratios, how they work, and why they are important, be sure to check out Prevelo’s blog article that gives a great explanation.

In a nutshell, the lower the gain ratio, the lower the gearing available for climbing hills. The higher the gain ratio, the faster the bike can be propelled by the gears on flat roads or downhill. While the Pello Roovi is almost identical, the Prevelo Alpha Five does have the widest range.

Prevelo Alpha Fivewoom 6Pello Roovi
# Gears889
Gain Ratio1.8 – 6.31.8 – 5.61.9 – 6.3

Moving the chain on the back end is a Microshift Acolyte derailleur. With full metal construction and a clutch to provide plenty of clearance, the Acolyte derailleur is built to last and didn’t skip a beat (or gear!).

Microshift Push/Pull Trigger Shifters

The Alpha Five is equipped with Microshift Acolyte trigger shifters, Microshift’s latest component line designed specifically for smaller hands. Built with larger buttons, our smaller-build 11-year-old tester had no problem putting the shifter to work.

As a push/pull shifter, there are two levers beneath the right-hand grip. The larger, lower lever is the “thumb lever”, and shifts down to a lower or “easier” gear when the rider pushes the lever forward or away from them.

microshift trigger shifter thumb lever on the prevelo alpha five

The smaller lever is reached via the index finger and is activated by pulling the lever towards the rider. Pulling on the lever will shift the bike to a higher or faster gear.

child pulling a lever on a microshift trigger shifter

All-Terrain Tires

Not too wide, but not too narrow, the Alpha Five comes equipped with knobby 1.5″ wide Kenda Small Block 8 tires. The tires are wide and knobby enough to get sufficient traction on dirt, while still being narrow enough to roll quickly on paved surfaces. Like any bike, swapping out the tire to fit your personal needs is always a great way to customize your bike.

For dirt lovers, the frame will fit up to 2.1″ wide tires (ex: 26 x 2.1″ Small Block 8), while road warriors can swap out for a smooth street tire (ex: 26 x 1.5″ Kwest). For the vast majority of riders, however, the stock all-terrain tires will work just fine.

side shot of the prevelo alpha five

Dual Hand Brakes

Offering plenty of stopping power, the Alpha Five’s v-brakes feature Tektro levers that are easy for young hands to engage. Straight out of the box, the brakes were also properly adjusted, which can be rare to find with many bikes these day!

child pulling the Tektro brake lever on the Prevelo Alpha Five bike

The Tektro brake levers are paired with CSTAR brake pads and calipers. We found no noticeable difference in stopping power on the CSTAR components versus other bikes with 100% Tektro parts.

brake caliper on the Prevelo Alpha Five kids bike

Matte Fork Contrast

Easily overlooked in stock photos is the Alpha’s added pop of fun with a matte black fork (on all colors, not just silver). Providing a stark contrast to the metallic flake in the frame’s paint, the matte fork adds a unique and playful look to the Alpha.

image showing the contrast between the shiny metallic frame and the matte black fork of the Prevelo Alpha Five

Prevelo Alpha Five Competitor Summary

Compared to similarly-priced and sized kid-specific bikes, the Prevelo Alpha Five is our favorite bike for kids riding on mixed terrains. With more technical brawn and aggressive geometry than the woom 6, but not as MTB-focused as the Pello Roovi, the Prevelo is the perfect mix between the two.

Prevelo Alpha Fivewoom 6Pello Roovi
Weight (lb.)21.922.124.5
Seat Height28″ – 34.75″ 30″ – 38″28″ – 38″
ShiftersMicroshift TriggerSRAM GripShimano Trigger
Gain Ratio1.8 – 6.31.8 – 5.61.9 – 6.3
BrakesV BrakeV BrakeHydro Disc
Tire Width1.5″ Small Block 82.0″ Schwalbe Little Joe1.95″ Small Block 8
Link to Reviewwoom 6Pello Roovi

Prevelo Alpha Five Bottom Line

Fast, versatile and fun, the Alpha Five is sure to be an instant hit with your tween. With its impressively lightweight build, wide gear range, and kid-specific narrow build, the Alpha Five is just as capable on long paved bike rides as it is on basic dirt trails. Compared to other brands, the Prevelo is truly the best “all-arounder” and is our top pick for the true all-terrain kid ready for adventure.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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