Prevelo Alpha Two

Pedal Bike Review

A top-notch, well-built bike perfect for beginning riders likely to advance to more adventurous riding such as curb jumping or pump tracks. Problems with the seat posts and chainguard lowers our overall rating, but both are easily fixable and solutions are currently in the works by Prevelo.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $369

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Seat Height: 18" - 20", 24" - 26"

Weight: 14.9 lb.

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size: 16"

Brakes: No Coaster Dual Hand

Handlebar: Low

Gain Ratio: 3.8

Wheelbase: 730 mm

Available Online: Yes


The Prevelo Alpha Two is an amazing bike that is exceptionally built and performs like a dream, but due to concerns with the chain guard and seat posts, we are recommending our readers hold off on buying the bike until Fall 2017, when Prevelo’s fixes for these issues are available.

When the updated Alpha Two is available, we will post our full-length detailed review of the bike. In its current available state, however, the chain guard is unable to mount which is required by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Particularly on smaller bikes where kids’ narrower frames bring their legs closer to the chain,  kids’ pants can get caught in an exposed chain.  Our 4-year-old tester experienced first hand what a lack of chain guard can result in with the Early Rider Belter, which is another exceptional bike that we can’t recommend due to the lack of a chain guard.

Lack of Chain Guard Can Lead to Stuck Pants

Three picture collage of Early Rider Belter 16" Bike. 1) Wide shot of chain and chain ring without a chain guard 2) 4-year-old riding the Early Rider Belter in a field 3) Close up shot of rider fallen over with the rider's pants caught in the chain

Prevelo has already worked out a solution to help properly mount their chain guard and a fix will be available Fall 2017.  The issue lies in the mounting bracket, not the guard itself. We were able to test out their new mounting bracket protoype and it worked great and easily allowed the chain guard to be mounted.

Prevelo’s New Chain Guard Mount Coming Soon!

Prototype of the new chain guard for the Prevelo Alpha 2 16" kid's bike from three different angles.


Our second concern with the Prevelo Alpha Two is its lack of seat height adjustments. The Alpha Two comes with two seat posts, one short and one long, but the size difference between them is substantial.  The short seat post only allows for two inches of adjustment, from 18″ to 20″, while the long seat post allows the seat to adjust from 24″ to 26″.   As a result, seat heights between 20″ and 24″ are not available.  Prevelo is currently working to replace the seat posts to allow for all ranges, which should also be available come Fall.

Bottom Line

The Prevelo Alpha Two will be an amazing bike come Fall 2017, but until then, minor problems prevent us from recommending it. Check back with us because as soon as the issues are resolved, we’ll post an updated review!

MSRP: $369

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: August 29, 2017

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