Prevelo Zulu Four 24″

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Lightweight with trigger shifters, hydraulic disc brakes, and a low cage derailleur, it's perfect for young mountain bikers.

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: Young groms ready to hit the big-boy trails. Not too aggressive, not too laid back, the Zulu is the perfect bike for intermediate to advanced riders.

SEAT HEIGHT: 26" – 32.6"

WEIGHT: 25.7 lb.

GEARS: 10-speed



Geared Bike





25.7 lb.

Seat Height

26" – 32.6"

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size


Geared Bike Type

Exp. Cross

Brake Type

Dual Hand (No Coaster)






10 sp/Trigger

Gain Ratio

2.0 – 6.3


939 mm

Hand Brake Type

Hydraulic Disc

Bottom Bracket Height

10.8 in.

Available Colors


Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Low center of gravity gives kids confidence because they feel like they’re “in” the bike, rather than on top of it
  • Wide handlebars for great stability and steering control
  • Head angle slack enough to feel confident going down but steep enough for the front end of the bike to stay down and glued to the trail while climbing
  • Air fork adjustable suspension
  • Hydraulic brakes with tons of stopping power and good modulation
  • Smooth and crisp Shimano SLX rapid fire shifter

Full Review

Kelly from Haven Outdoors authored this review for Two Wheeling Tots. Kelly is an avid mountain biker and a father of four and certainly knows his way around bikes and kids.

For the past 25 years or so I’ve been pretty stoked about mountain biking. Over those 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements to the bikes that we ride. Now I have kids of my own that are getting out on the trails with me. While I don’t think they need a $6,000 carbon bike to be able to ride and learn on, I also don’t think they should have to suffer trying to ride a department store bike either.

My son has been riding the Prevelo Zulu Four for over a year and Prevelo has hit the sweet spot with this bike. They’ve really packed a lot of value into this 24” wheeled rig  (also available in a 20″).  A $900 kids bike isn’t really pocket change for most of us, it’s also not highway robbery either. Especially when most adults are paying double to 8 times that much on their personal bikes. And if you really think about it, your child who is just beginning should be on a nicer bike than you anyway. You have already developed a skill set that can overcome the weaknesses of a less than perfect bicycle. Just sayin’.

8-year-old riding the Prevelo Zulu Four Kid's Mountain bike on a mountain trail and on a flat wilderness trail.

While my son started off on Prevelo’s original 2018 Zulu Four, he had a chance to test out the new 2019 Zulu Four and it did not disappoint!  The 2019 Zulu Four has grown up a bit and moved toward a more modern approach in geometry. It’s also put on some muscle as it has gained in length, strength, and incorporated a beefier parts list, all while losing couple pounds overall.

Frame & Geometry

Let’s start out with the frame and geometry. Reach is long to allow your grom plenty of room to move around when standing on the bike. This also gives them room to grow so they can get a good 2-3 years out of it. The longer wheelbase and low bottom bracket are extremely confidence inspiring. On one of our rides, my kid said, “Dad! I can’t believe how fast I am going, but it doesn’t feel like I’m out of control!” He continues to get faster and faster each time we go out.

Another factor that helps out in the control department is the well-put-together cockpit. The bars for 2019 are wider at 610mm giving them a more purposeful stance. This puts the rider into a more “ready” position giving quicker steering and a more connected feel to the trail. 

prevelo zulu four

Head angle is now slacker at 67° and the seat angle is steeper coming in at 74°. Wheelbase (998mm) and the front center is also longer. Bottom bracket stays low and Q-factor is still narrow for those little legs. All of this is giving the bikes a more aggressive approach and a balanced approach to riding. Kids will be even more ready than ever to hit the dirt with mom and dad and tackle the trails with a bigger dose of confidence than before. The Zulus were never the wimpy kid on the playground by any means, but just looking at the new models and you know they mean serious business fun!

10-year-old on Zulu Four (NEW 2019 model)

prevelo zulu four with 10 year old in the mountains mountain bikingOn the trail, riding with my two boys ages 10 and 7 riding the Zulu Three and Four I could instantly see the differences in the new bikes. Beginning our ride with a lengthy climb the steeper seat angle was putting the kids into a better seated pedaling position and the climbs seemed to just disappear behind them with every pedal stroke. If you have been keeping up with mountain bike geometry you will know that most modern enduro rigs are adopting the steeper seat angle especially as bikes get slacker up front. This keeps the rider over the bottom bracket and more of their weight forward. 

Once we pointed downhill and got up to speed the benefits of the slacker head angle and longer wheelbase could be seen in big improvements in stability. Both kids were sending familiar trails with a lot more speed than normal. Through rocky, bumpy sections the boys were able to hold a line and plow straight through. On their older 2018 Zulu’s, they would have gotten bounced through those sections. The growth in wheelbase has not impacted the bike’s abilities in maneuverability due to the chain stays being shortened. This has kept the playful snappy attitude the bikes were born with. The longer front center these bikes have allowed kids to stay more centered on the bike as well as giving more room for error in where their weight is over the bike.  The head angle is slack but not so slack that the bikes are hard to control on the mellower terrain. The geometry works super well on the downhill whether riding mellow single track or sending steeper, more technical lines.


Shedding off a couple pounds from the previous model, the Zulu Four weighs in at weighs in at 25.7 lbs. with pedals.  Weight is another big factor when it comes to the success of climbing, especially for kids. The new bikes get a lighter stronger frame for 2019 with multi butted tubing.


Thank the fine people at Prevelo for specing this bike out with parts that work too! The Suntour XCR 24″ air fork is lockable, has 80mm of travel and adjusts with the same pump mom and dad use for their forks. Kids come in all sizes and shapes, which means they also vary in weight. Having a fork that works for a 100 lb. kid won’t even move for a kid that weighs 40 lbs. Being able to adjust this makes the difference in having a suspension that works vs a rigid fork that just looks like you have suspension.

prevelo zulu four with suntour xcr 24 air suspension


Then there’s the brakes. For kids to be confident going fast on their bikes, they need to be able to stop. Prevelo kitted the Zulu out with legit Tektro hydraulic brakes that stop on a dime and even have enough modulation to them to not send your youngster over the bars or straight into a skid when they start slowing down. 160mm rotors in the front and 140mm in the back provide plenty of surface area to slow things down quickly.

Also important to note about these brakes is the short reach. Kids have small hands and they need to be able to reach the brake levers without taking their hands off the grips. My son is able to keep his hands on the grips while using only 1-2 fingers to easily pull the levers in with. For 2019, the levers also feel even more kid-friendly and offer more stopping power with less effort on the lever.

prevelo zulu four hydraulic tektro brakes with front and rear rotor


To aid in the climbing department, the 2019 Zulu’s have been updated with a wider range of gears to its smooth-shifting one by ten drivetrain. The Shimano SLX rapid fire shifters work great. The Shimano Deore Shadow RD+ has a clutch to keep the chain tension over bumpy terrain and through shifts. It also has a short cage to provide plenty of clearance. The rear cassette has a range of 11-42t giving plenty of range, while the front sprocket is a 30t narrow wide with an allow chain guard.  This was a welcome change all in favor of making climbing easier for kids. I don’t know many kids that enjoy a brutal climb. 


Prevelo zulu four drivetrain with shimano derailleur

Cranks & Tires

The crankset was well thought out with a 140 mm crank length. Prevelo kept the Q-factor narrow as well for the smaller riders in mind.  Taking the extra step, the specialty HEIR crank is a direct mount and cold forged for increased strength.

prevelo zulu four with direct mount cranks cold forged

The Four was also given a much more off-road worthy set of tires this time around with a Kenda Small Block 8 24 x 2.1. Perhaps a bit heavier and slower rolling, they made up for that with gobs of traction. Rocks, roots and loose dirt that would knock them off track before were met with confidence and speed. Plus, my kids said, “they look way cooler dad!”

Bottom Line

There are not a lot of other kids bike out there right now that have been thought out this well. If you are looking for a trail bike that can handle climbing and descending on mellow rides as well as some serious single track that will test the skills of any kid, the Zulu line-up has you covered.


FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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