Rubbermaid FastTrack Review

Storing more than just bikes? From ladders to hoses, cords, shovels, and shelving, Rubbermaid FastTrack can hang everything! With 2 different rail length and countless hooks and hangers, the FastTrack system can easily be modified to meet the needs in your garage.

Having tested many different storage system in our garage, the FastTrack stands out for being the most versatile as it stores our bikes, gardening tools, scooters, child bike seats and more!

Read our review below for more reasons we love this easy-to-install rack!

rubbermaid fasttrack system mounted to the wall of a garage

Rubbermaid FastTrack Review

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Homeowners with a lot of bikes to store, or who want an overall garage storage solution.

RATING: Exceptional

CAPACITY: 3 – 8 bikes with each rail


  • Incredibly versatile – can store bikes vertically or horizontally, and can also hang tools, hoses, and other sports equipment
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality and durable
  • Can store many bikes with a small amount of wall space


  • Difficult (if not impossible) for kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves (as with all vertical storage)
  • You need at least 48″ of wall space – so better for 3+ bikes
  • No tire trays, so will leave tire marks

Rubbermaid FastTrack Video Review

Want to see the FastTrack in action? Check out our video review showing how we use the Fastrack in our own garage to store our bikes, scooters, child bike seats and even gardening tools!

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Review

We’ve tested a lot of different bike storage ideas, and the Rubbermaid FastTrack system wins the award for most versatile bike storage system. From bikes to scooters to saws, hoses, and shovels, it can organize it all!

Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system in garage with garden tools and bikes hanging from it

How it Works

The Fast Track system is based on a horizontal, heavy steel rail that you mount to the wall. The rail is covered with a sturdy black plastic faceplate for a polished look. Bike hooks or other attachments then snap onto the rail with no need for additional tools or hardware.

Some of the accessories you can add include: tool handle hooks (on the left above), ladder hooks, hose hooks, cooler hooks, multi-purpose hooks (great for scooters, as seen above!), wire basket on hooks, vertical ball racks, and of course vertical (and horizontal!) bike hooks. It even has a shelving system you can attach to it!

Each attachment is coated with “soft grip” to protect your bikes and other equipment from getting scratched.  While very secure, the hooks feature a push/pull lever that allows you to slide them along the horizontal rail after assembly – you can reconfigure your spacing until it’s perfect! It also allows you to change things up as your storage needs change.

Depending on the size of your system, plan to spend around $60 to $100 for rails, mounting kit, and simple accessories. The rack above, which is the left side of our garage, cost $100 for 84″ rail, 7 attachments, and mounting kits.

Close up of hooks used on Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system for scooters and bikes


Besides having the versatility of being able to vertically or horizontally store pretty much anything you want, FastTrack also has two different rail lengths to accommodate different wall spaces –  48″ or 84″ (all images here are 84″ rails). Weight capacity for a rail is 1,750 lbs!

Our 84″ rail shown below (right side of garage) comfortably accommodates seven or eight bikes. (This rack also cost $100 as it has the same number of basic hooks.)

Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system in garage with scooters and bikes hanging from it


The system can be installed with standard 16″ or 24″ stud spacing. For us to install two 84″ rails, it only took about 20 minutes. Be sure to purchase the hardware installation kit because it doesn’t automatically come with the rails. You’ll need one set for a 48″ rail, and two sets for a 84″ rail.

Rails can be placed as high or low on the wall as needed, depending on how you’ll be using them. You could even put two rails on the same wall – one beneath the other.

Wide shot of Rubbermaid FastTrack storage system in garage with scooters and bikes hanging from it

Rubbermaid FastTrack Bottom Line

While more expensive than a DIY approach, FastTrack’s installation is incredibly easy and far more versatile than any other bike storage system out there. If you’re looking for a durable and easy-to-use bike or whole garage organization system, Rubbermaid’s FastTrack is gold.

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