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Tag Along Bikes: Comparison Charts and Ratings

Trailer cycles are a unique and fun way to bring your kids along for your ride! These single-wheeled, pull-along trailer bikes are best for ages 4 to 7 and are available in all budget ranges.

The chart can be sorted by clicking on the header of each column (works best in desktop). For additional breakdowns, including our rankings, see our Best Tag Along Bikes and Tow Ropes post.

Tag Along Bike and Toeing Comparison Chart



Age Range

Traditional Tag Along Bikes

Burley Kazoo$3494 - 8
Burley Piccolo$3994 - 8
Weeride Co-Pilot$1154 - 8
Trek MT 201$2994 - 8
ToutTerrain Streamliner$1,1004 - 8

Recumbent Trailer Cycles

Wehoo Turbo$3653 - 9
Weehoo Blast$2492 - 5

Tow Ropes

TowWee$40All ages, skill levels
Trax MTB$42All ages, skill levels
Bicycle Bungee$199All ages, skill levels

Tow Arms

Trail Gator$6812" - 20" bikes
Follow Me Tandem$29912" - 20" bikes
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