Balance Bike Review

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Best "Most Like a Balance Bike"

Small and mighty, the wide wheels allow kids to easily learn to balance, while still allowing them to cruise when they get older.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $75

Recommendation: Exceptional

Seat Height: 11" - 14"

Weight: 7lb.

Brakes: No Brakes

Footrest: Yes

Limiter: No

Tire Size: 10"

Grips Bumper: Yes

Bolts: Rounded

Frame Material: Steel


The TootScoot is the perfect pint-size bike for young toddlers with a need for speed.  Significantly smaller and with wider tires than a standard sized balance bike, the TootScoot is an amazing pre-balance bike for on-the-go toddlers aged 12 months (when they are steady walkers) to 3 years.


Designed specifically for small toddlers, the TootScoot is small.  Compared to the average-sized balance bike (such as a Strider) the TootScoot is shorter and has a much smaller wheelbase, which makes it much easier for the smaller riders to handle.  As a “pre-balance bike” it fit kids aged 18 months up to 3 years.  Although the TootScoot has an adjustable height seat and handlebars, most three-year-old will be too big for the TootScoot.

Compared to other “pre-balance bikes” the TootScoot is similar in size, but has two wheels and is a true balance bike shape.  At 7 lb. it is also heavier than other pre-bikes, but the weight wasn’t an issue for our 21 lb. tester.


The wider, more stable wheels appeared to be the key to helping our young tester learn to glide.  Most kids don’t have the hand-eye coordination or the balance to learn to balance a regular balance bike until around their second birthday, but appear to be able to balance the TootScoot sooner.  The TootScoot’s wheels are flat versus rounded, which provided a large base for kids to balance themselves on.

Our 21-month-old tester in 18 months clothes was able glide on the TootScoot within a week of use, but even though he fit on a standard sized balance bike, was he unable to glide on it.

The wider weren’t too wide to interfere with his stride.  Plenty of space was available between the frame and his legs.  Our tester does have slightly bowed out legs, however, so the width of the bike could be problematic for young toddler with narrow frames.

Footrest & Rounded Bolts

As an added feature for older kids, the TootScoot does come with a footrest.  Kids can begin to use the footrest as soon as they are able to glide the bike for several seconds, which is usually around 2.5 years.  With the footrest, kids are able to place their heels up, resting their feet and able to glide on the bike.

Once kids are able to glide, it is also important to take note of the shape of the bolts in the rear and front axle.  Many bolts stick out about 0.5″ and can interfere with a child’s stride.  The bolts of the TootScoot are rounded and out of the way.

Bottom Line

The TootScoot is an amazing pre-balance bike for young toddlers ages 18 months up to three years.  It’s unique tires provide a wider base for kids to learn how to balance on.


MSRP: $75

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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  • Wow. I’m impressed with the changes the company has made in the new version. I responded to a comment below from 2.5 years ago before scrolling up to see the new review, though I did look at their website for their new and improved product. I’m really impressed. I can attest to the size and tires making this bike a great starter balance bike. Our daughter LOVED it and would have loved it sooner were it not for the tall seat. So excited to hear they have made a lower seat. My son has the Radio Flyer ScootAbout and he loves it, but I wonder how he would do on the Toot Scoot II.

  • Okay! So last notes since I just received the Toot Scoot II – I LOVE it. The new seat height makes it the PERFECT balance bike for 1-3 years old. I like it so much better for this age range than the Strider because of the tire size, shape, and the overall length of the bike itself. Love love love it. Like I mentioned, we also own the Radio Flyer Scoot About and we still love it – we will probably keep that an indoor bike, but this is the REAL thing. My son can ride alongside his sister now, where he couldn’t get around as fast on the Radio Flyer.

    My only real comment I have (for Two Wheeling Tots) is wondering why this is in the category for 12-18 month olds “pre-bike” since it is a real balance bike. I see you marked it “most like a balance bike” but it is every bit a balance bike as the Strider that we have, it is just smaller. I see on the review itself you write “BEST FOR: Active young toddler aged 18 mo up to three years” which I COMPLETELY agree with – but then I wonder why it isn’t listed with the other 1.5-3 year old bikes? I can see that it wouldn’t be placed with the 3-4 year old bikes or beyond. But I really do feel like it is more than worthy for 1.5-3, perhaps with a note that some larger toddlers might prefer something bigger. My daughter was average size for her age and it was perfect up until about 3.5. She can still ride it at 4 but prefers her Strider now. I hope you’ll consider adding it to that category, as I myself would have missed it back when I was looking for something for my daughter since I wouldn’t have thought to look at the younger bikes (she was 20 months at the time but ready for a balance bike – not a “pre-bike” but also small for the Strider). I hope that makes sense. Just hoping to give this little guy the credit it deserves! We just love it.

    • Amy, thanks so much for your feedback and I apologize for the long delay. It’s been a crazy summer! I am really glad you like the TootScoot. I was very impressed with it as well as I anticipating not liking it too much, but it proved me wrong! To answer your question, the main reason why it is listed only in the pre-balance bike section, it that seat height is pretty small for a 3-year-old and if a parent were to purchase the TootScoot for a 3-year-old, they would likely outgrow it before they are ready for a pedal bike. My goal is to make proper age recommendations so that kids don’t outgrow a balance bike before they fit in on a pedal bike. Balance bike range drastically in size (the Strider is actually a smaller balance bike as well) and companies rarely share the exact specs in terms of size, so that’s were I try to fill in the gaps :). In addition to size, the tires on the TootScoot also limit its use somewhat. While amazing for young riders they don’t perform well for older riders wanting to go on non-paved rides. As a result, we list it as a “pre-balance bike” in hopes that parents so that it won’t be quickly outgrown by an older preschoolers. Hope that helps explain our reasoning. Thanks again for the feedback, it is always welcome :).

      • My issue was just that based on your categories it makes it seem like a child would only use this for 6 months (12-18 months) which is not only incorrect but it contradicts with your review of it saying it is best for 1.5-3 year olds – a category which you have but do not include this bike in. I have no stake in this lol. I just really like this bike for toddlers since options like the Strider were too big for my daughter until she was closer to 3. I would have loved to have seen a bike like this in the 1.5-3 range because it is perfect for that – perfect for 1s, 2s, and early 3s. No it won’t grow much beyond that, but I don’t think people looking for a new bike for a 3 year old are looking in the 1.5-3. They’d look at the 3-4. Anyway. I’ve said my peace. I love your site. I reference it all the time. We just got the Woom bike for our 4 year old and she rode straight away – no “lesson.” I appreciate all the work you do here.

        • I can certainly see you point. Unlike the other bikes listed in the “pre balance bike” section, the TootScoot does teach a child to balance. Definitely some food for thought for my when thinking about what group to out bikes into. I am certainly going to think about listing it in the smallest balance bike section. Thanks for your feedback. I LOVE hearing back from readers as they often point out things that I clearly miss or need to clarify.

  • Ashley

    I’m thinking about getting this for Christmas for my son, but he just turned 1, should I hold off till next year? He will be 14 months at Christmas time.

    • Don’t hold off!!!! This is the PERFECT bike for 1-3 years old. If you use the code MIDWESTMONTESSORI you can get $30 off too! We love this bike!

      • Ashley

        Thank you