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Topeak Baby Seat Review

stock image of a Topeak Baby Child Bike Seat

The Topeak Baby Seat isn’t perfect, but it’s easy to use. The rack-mounted version comes with a rack and is compatible with disc brakes! Read the review to find out why this rear child bike seat has been popular for years!


Topeak Baby Seat

RATING: Recommended

MSRP$150 (non-disc), $150 (disc brakes)

BEST FOR: Parents who want a rack-mounted seat but don’t already have a rack, as well as those looking for a rack-mounted seat that’s compatible with disc-brakes.


SUGGESTED AGE RANGE: 1 year to 40 lb.


  • Wrap around design offers extra protection for child
  • The easiest rear-mounted bike seat to use and install
  • Easily adjustable buckling system


  • Seat sits very close to saddle – makes a tight fit between rider and passenger

Topeak Baby Seat Review – Results of Our Test Rides

The Topeak BabySeat II is a rear, rack-mounted bike seat that is suitable for kids up to 48.5 lbs.  Along with the included rack, the seat comes complete with a suspension system (the red “shocks” shown in the mounting photo below), wrap-around protection, foot restraints and a lockable lap bar.  While not perfect, the Topeak did excel at being simple and efficient, so if your bike is designed to hold a bike rack (See What to Look for When Purchasing a Baby Bike Seat if you are unsure), and either you or your child has a smaller frame (see below), then the BabySeat is a bike seat worthy of your consideration.

Complete Review

The BabySeat is what we would consider your typical bike seat, but with some extra upgrades.  First off, its wraparound body makes it larger in size as compared to other models, but also offers more protection for your child.  Best suited for children aged 18-months and up, a 10-month old is too small for the seat, while a large 4-year-old (close to the 48.5 lb. seat limit) is bursting at the seams.  As with most rear-mounted seats, the older and heavier the passenger, the more unbalanced we felt while turning and stopping during rides.

Topeak various ages

When it came to mounting, the Topeak BabySeat was by far the easiest rear-mounted bike seat to use and install.  After attaching the included rack (available in both disc and non-disc brake models) with four simply bolts, the seat can then be mounted by sliding the yellow mounting brace in-between the bottom of the seat and the top of the rack.

ToPeak Mounting

Like mounting, the buckling system is very simple and straightforward.  By simply un-latching the lap bar and adjusting the straps, your child will be secure and ready to ride within minutes.  The height of the straps in also easily adjustable by re-threading the straps through the designated holes in the back of the seat. 

topeak buckle

To help protect the child from the tire and spokes, the seat offers well-designed plastic guards as well as foot restraints.  With seven different positions, the footrest can easily be repositioned to fit your child’s legs.  A strap is also provided, but we found it to be of little use as our two youngest testers were quickly able to remove their foot and not enough space was available to properly secure the straps on our 4 year old’s foot.  While normally, this would be a major source of concern for us, the fully enclosed side panels prevent even un-strapped feet from having any contact with the spokes and tire.

Topeak foot

Our one major concern with the BabySeat, however, was its proximity to the rider.   During all our rides, all three testers were in direct contact with me, leaving all of us wishing for additional space between the rider and the bike seat.

topeak close

In conclusion, while the Topeak isn’t perfect, it certainly is easy to use.  So if you are in the market for a rear, rack-mounted baby seat and either you or your child has a small frame, or doesn’t mind a little “snuggle” time on the bike, then the BabySeat is worthy of your consideration.

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