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Lightweight, well-ventilated, adjustable, and durable, Uvex helmets are simply what the standard helmet should be.

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: True non-pinch buckle makes it very suitable for kids antsy about being pinched. Shallower fit makes it less ideal for kids with tall foreheads.

SIZE: 49 – 52 cm



$39.99 $29.99




205 g

Head Circumference

49 – 52 cm


In-mold (most durable)

Number of Vents




Skater Style


Age Group

Child (18 mo. – 4 yr.)

CPSC Certification


Internal Adjustment System

Dial Adjust

*The Uvex Hero has been discontinued.  A few Uvex Heroes are still available for purchase on Amazon (only the pink model). Its replacement, the Uvex Kid 2, is not yet available in the US.  *

Pros & Cons

  • Best (and our favorite!) pinch-free buckle design
  • Durable, in-mold construction
  • Super lightweight and great ventilation
  • Dial-adjust fit system
  • It’s very shallow so it sits too high on kids with tall heads

Full Review

Based in Germany, Uvex is a high-end helmet and sporting gear manufacturer whose products are a true testament of how thorough research and engineering can cause us to reevaluate what we commonly accept as “standard”.  Compared to the typical child’s helmets, Uvex outshines the competition (with exception given to Lazer) with various safety features offered in two different kid models.  To aide in our review, we viewed all models in person and received a Uvex Hero for extended testing.

Five main features of the Uvex Hero and Junior make them one of our top picks:

1.  Monomatic Closure Buckle

The first and most noticeable feature is their unique buckle.  Standard on all their bike helmets, the Uvex “monomatic closure” is truly the first pinch-free buckle and the only buckle that offers multiple locking positions.

When it comes to getting young kids to wear helmets, pinch-free buckles are a must.  Although Giro, Bell, Nutcase and Lazer all offer “pinch-free” buckles, Uvex “monomatic closure” is the only buckle that we haven’t accidentally pinched a child with.  The one button design also made is easier for older kids to put on and remove their helmets independently.  The only draw back we found to the buckle is that the slider can be pushed through the button portion of the buckle upside down.  While doing so will not damage the buckle, it will prevent it from locking into place.  As a result, when using Uvex helmets, be sure to double-check the buckle on younger kids prior to their ride.

2.  Inmold Construction

In-mold construction fuses the protective foam core of a helmet to its plastic casing, thereby increasing the durability of a helmet.  Exposed foam is venerable to dents and chips, which can compromise the safety of the helmet.  The hardshell construction of the majority of child’s helmets leaves the foam core of the helmet exposed on the inside and outside of the helmet.  Uvex’s in-mold construction however, completely covers the outer foam core of the helmet, but does leave the inner foam exposed (which is common in high-end adult helmets as well).

** Update:  As you can slightly see in the picture above, the Giro Rodeo is narrower than the Uvex Hero.  As a result, we over time we have found that the Hero fits better on children with rounder shaped heads and the Rodeo on those with narrower heads.**

3.  LED Light

LED lights are available for both models.  The lights are removable and blink when turned on.

 4.  Lightweight construction/air vents

One of the most noticeable features of Uvex helmets is their light weight.  Compared to skate style helmets that can run over 400 grams, while the Uvex Junior is 260 g. and the Hero a mere 200 g.  While 200 grams (7 ounces, close to a half a pound) may seem minimal to an adult, for a child it can mean the different between happily wearing a helmet and not.  The numerous air vents additional help to prevent the helmet from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

5.  IAS Dial adjustments

IAS stands for Individual Adjustment System and is designed to provide a customized fit for every rider.  The IAS system is simply the dial-adjust system found on the back of the Hero.  The Junior however, has an additional adjustment found in the upper portion of the helmet, as shown here.  This adjustment allows the helmet to be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally, thereby creating a truly customizable fit.


Lightweight, well-ventilated, adjustable and durable, Uvex helmet are quite simply what the standard helmet should be.  Add on their unique “monomatic” buckle and a LED light and you’re in helmet heaven.  Our only word of caution regarding the Uvex helmets is to make sure you measure your child’s head before ordering to ensure a proper fit, as we found the Hero to be too small for most three-year-olds.


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