Uvex Kids Sunglasses Review

Help protect kids’ eyes from the sun AND the dirt and dust. The durable, flexible and full-coverage Uvex Kids Sunglasses are perfect for on-the-go kids, especially on bike. Read the review below for all the reasons we love them!

boy wearing a blue Uvex hero bike helmet


Uvex Kids Sunglasses Review

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Perfect for any on-the-go kids from ages 2 to 7.


  • Wrap-around frames protect from dust and sun
  • Flexible and durable frames can take a beating from kids
  • Included strap keep sunglasses from getting lost


Uvex Kids Sunglasses Review – Results of our Testing

During a recent family ride, we learned the hard way just how important eye protection is for kids.  Halfway out on our six-mile ride, our two-year-old started to complain while in the WeeHoo.  Assuming he was hungry or simply needed a break, we stopped only to discover that his face was covered in dust and he wouldn’t stop rubbing his eyes.  While the trail didn’t seem too dusty to us, he was much lower to the ground in the WeeHoo and had a lot of dust in his eyes as a result.  Luckily, it was just dust, which we were able to get out with some water, but we realized the potential for rocks or sticks are quite real and eye protection was something we should have considered.

uvex glasses

After some convincing, his older brother was willing to share his Uvex sunglasses that he had been trying out during the ride.  Designed for kids aged 2 to 6, the glasses fit him just fine, and although he was hesitant to keep them on, the included strap helped to keep them in place.  As we continued our ride, unfortunately, the trail became dustier and while our two-year-old was in good shape, our 5 and 7-year-old now had just in their eyes!  Lesson learned.

Mateo glasses

With all three kids, the Uvex glasses fit and performed great.  With their wrap-around frames which fit close to the face, they certainly helped protect from the dust as well as the sun.  The polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.  UV protection is also incorporated into the frames of the glasses.

uvex glasses 2

The flexible and durable frames also withstood our kids’ not-so-gentle attempts to put the glasses on and off over and over again.

glasses flexing

Bottom Line:

Learn from us, don’t forget the sunglasses for the kids!  Help protect kids eyes from the sun AND the dirt and dust.  The durable, flexible and full-coverage Uvex’s Sportstyle 501 sunglasses with the included strap are perfect for any on-the-go kids from age 2 to 7.


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