Weehoo weeGo Review

The Weehoo weeGo trailer isn’t perfect, but it’s packed full of great features for its price tag and comes with a 2-wheel stroller kit. Read the review below for all the details!
**The Weehoo weeGo is no longer available**

Weehoo weeGo Overview

RATING: Recommended

BEST FOR: Families on a budget looking for a solid performing bike trailer with a true four-wheel stroller. Not ideal for families who plan on storing the trailer flat as the nylon straps can be damaged during storage.



JOGGER KIT: Not available



  • Rides smoothly
  • Lightweight and easy to lift and carry for storage
  • Rear venting system can be opened or closed
  • Smart and convenient parking brake system (rare for mid-priced trailer)
  • Comes with 4-wheeled stroller conversion kit and trailer arm


  • Harness system is functional, but can be tedious to use
  • Adjusting the straps of the harness is time-consuming
  • If a child leans to the side, they can cause the exterior of the trailer to rub against the wheel
  • No extra head space for helmets
  • Sunshade is not adjustable

Weehoo WeeGo Trailer Review: Results of our Test Rides

This review was complete with the older version of the WeeGo.  We have yet to review the new version, but they have made several updates to the WeeGo, including replacing the 3-wheeled stroller kit with a more stable 4-wheeled kit.  Typically selling for around $199, the new WeeGo appears to be a great trailer for the price.

For the first time, the Colorado company Weehoo is selling its combo bike trailer and jogging stroller in the USA. We spent some time with the feature-packed and competitively priced weeGo Buggy to see how it stacks up against similarly-priced bike trailer/stroller combos (spoiler: pretty well).

Interior Space & Seating

The Weehoo weeGo trailer’s interior space is comparable in size to other double trailers—cozy for two medium/big kids and roomy for one. Its longer shape and deep, reinforced foot well gives kids ample legroom.

weehoo weego interior dimensions

It has a unique harness system that, while functional, I found tedious. The straps are sewn into the U-shaped padding, so pads don’t shift around. While it’s nice to have the pads stay in place, the child (or you) has to lift the straps and the padded U over their head to get into the seat, which can be tricky with a helmet on.

Also tricky is the long process required to adjust the straps. Rather than the typical sliding buckle to lengthen or shorten the strap, you have to remove each strap from the seat back, and then rethread it through the seat back and the buckle (see pictures below).

Weehoo WeeGo harness system

To switch the harnesses from two children to one, you must unthread all four straps, then rethread two of them through the middle. It’s awkward and time consuming, but if you don’t need to make changes once they’ve been adjusted, then it might not be a big deal.  Another downside is that there is no allowance on the backrest for helmets. The weeGo’s seat is well-cushioned, but felt shallow compared to other trailers.

weehoo weego trailer one child & helmet


wee hoo trailer folded dimensions

The weeGo is a cinch to fold, though it does require some hand strength (and sometimes both hands if they’re sissy like mine) to release or lock the latches.

I also had some issues with the bar that bows out the trailer. Several times it snagged as I was folding it, but with extra attention that can be avoided. Folded, it compares well in size to other double trailers, and definitely wins for being lightweight. It is very easy to carry.  When folded, I also noticed that the undercarriage strap rubs directly on the ground, as a result, take care NOT to slide or push the trailer when it is folded (see pics at end of review).

weehoo weego snagged frame2

Storage and rear venting

The WeeGo has a nice rear venting system that can be opened or closed with a vinyl cover.This might seem like a minor detail, but the ability to open a rear vent greatly improves airflow on hot days.

weehoo weego trailer rear vent

The storage area is relatively small and unfortunately a bit hard to access. Because of the zipper opening, it’s tricky to access the whole space, and due to the design of the bar across the back, if you try to wedge in any larger items, they will push against the backs of the riders. The back features a smaller interior pocket that’s good for storing smaller items.

wee hoo trailer rear dimensions2
wee hoo trailer rear dimensions3

Exterior Cover

The weeGo has a waterproof vinyl cover that can be rolled up a secured with a toggle when not in use. The vinyl is a bit stiff, but it’s comparable with similarly-priced trailers. Unique to the weeGo, even the mesh cover can be completely removed.

The sunshade is not very functional because it is fixed in place. Especially for children under 2, who have a harder time adjusting their bodies when the sun is in their eyes, an adjustable sunshade is a huge help for times when the sun is low.

Weehoo WeeGo trailer cover

The cover attaches with an elastic toggle around a screw. Because the elastic must be pulled taut at the same time it’s being opened to go around the screw, it was tricky to attach with one hand. I could only attach it one-handed about half the time. Also, the elastic appears to be stretching out a little already. This system does make it easy to remove one side of the cover at a time for easy access to the riders.

weehoo weego trailer toggle closure

Hitch & Tow Arm

The hitch is very easy to use, and the tow arm slides easily onto it and secures with a pin. However, like other hitches of this style unless it was screwed on very tight, it ended up rotated down on our rides and didn’t stay straight.

Weehoo Weego trailer tow arm and hitch

The joint on the tow arm is relatively stiff, but that doesn’t affect riding at all. It’s only tricky if you need to turn your walk your bike in a 180 degree-turn.
I did have some issues inserting the tow arm into the receiver on the trailer frame, similar to the problems with inserting the stroller wheel arms (see stroller pictures below). The spring-loaded pin got stuck inside the tow arm, so it couldn’t lock in place—only the manual pin was holding it on (though that is sufficient for safety). It also took several tries to get the pin in because the holes didn’t line up perfectly.

How does it ride?

The Weehoo weeGo rides smoothly, with easy handling. Unlike high-end trailers, it doesn’t have any kind of suspension, but from the towing adult’s standpoint it’s comparable to other trailers.

One major issue I noticed is that when pulling two kids, if one kid leans against the side of the trailer it can rub against the wheel. This is at best annoying, and at worst can increase drag for the towing adult, and ultimately will wear down the cover.

wee hoo trailer tire rubbing

Braking System

A solid, convenient braking system on any stroller is a must, and Weehoo has cleverly solved the braking problem for a mid-priced trailer without an axle. The brakes, integrated into the wheel guards, are a bit stiff. But despite being sometimes hard to engage, they’re a big step up in both convenience and functionality from the rudimentary strap system on the Allen.

weehoo weego braking system

Durability Issues

After only a brief period of use, I noticed some fraying the straps along the undercarriage, and some wear on the rear exterior canvas where it’s pulled tight across the frame. This, along with the issues I had getting the tow arm and stroller arms inserted, is my main concern with the weeGo trailer.  The undercarriage straps could have only been damaged when the trailer was folded (whether in the truck of the car or in the garage), so be sure to take care not to push or slide the trailer when it is folded. Weehoo’s customer service is top-notch however, and stands by their products in the event of an issue arising.

weehoo weego trailer wear

Bottom Line

Weehoo weeGo includes many great features that you won’t find on other trailers at this price point, such as the included jogger kit with a lockable swivel wheel and the fully adjustable-height handle. It rides great as a trailer and it’s comfortable for kids. If a trailer/ jogger combo for a low price is a must, the weeGo is a great option.

If you are looking mainly for a trailer with a stroller option for casual walks, the weeGo will serve you well, though I recommend looking seriously at the Allen double trailer. The Allen was easier to switch between trailer and stroller (the wheel attaches directly to the tow arm), and there were no straps to fray along the undercarriage. Overall, it felt more durable despite its lesser padding, rudimentary brake, and bare-bones buckles. If durability and some design details were addressed (such as pin-holes lining up better), I would recommend the weeGo without hesitation.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.


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