Wike Premium Double Bike Trailer Review

The durable Wike Premium Double bike trailer offers the highest internal seat height and weight capacity on the market. No suspension keeps costs low but small parts can easily get lost. Read the review for more insights from our test rides!

Wike Premium Double as a stroller

Wike Premium Double Bike Trailer

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Offering the highest internal seat height and weight capacity on the market, the Premium is ideal for families with tall kids looking for a full-featured trailer without the additional weight of suspension.



JOGGER KIT: Upgrade available

STROLLER KIT: Upgrade available

BRAKE TYPE: Foot brake




  • Very roomy, with lots of headroom, leg room and storage
  • Easy to fold
  • Good ventilation
  • Hard plastic flooring adds durability and prevents sticks from poking through the bottom
  • Comes with stroller and jogging attachments
  • Included backrest pads create space for kids’ helmets


  • Tall entry difficult for small kids to get inside
  • Bulky
  • Lots of little pieces that will be easy to lose
  • No sun guard

Wike Premium Double Bike Trailer Review: Results of our Test Rides

Competitively priced for a rugged, durable, roomy trailer, the Wike Premium Double has a lot of features we love, but some that may be hassle—depending on how you use it.

Trailer Type

The Wike Premium Double is a multi-sport double trailer with optional 3-wheel stroller and jogger upgrades.

If purchased on Amazon, the stroller and jogger upgrades come standard.  If you just want the trailer, or the trailer and only one of the upgrade kits, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Trailer Interior


The Wike Premium Double trailer is roomy! It’s tall and long, leaving plenty of head and legroom, even for a 5-yr-old. I even managed to climb in it myself (I’m 5’3”) though I’m over the recommended 100 lb. weight limit. The back is upright without an option to recline, so it’s only for kids who can sit comfortably on their own and hold their heads up steadily.

The curved entry to the trailer is quite high, and it was too hard for my (rather short) 2-yr-old to climb in by himself. Big kids will have no problem, but you’ll be lifting the little ones in and out.

Wike Double Trailer Interior is Very Spacious

Collage showing roomy internal dimensions of Wike Premium Double. Also shows high entry which doesn't allow little ones to get in and out on their own.


Trailer Seats: This trailer has bench-style seats, which are the most supportive type and definitely preferred.

Removable Backrest Pads: The optional helmet cushion creates space behind a child’s head for helmets to rest comfortably – solving the hassle of the back of the seat pushing kids’ heads forward.

Strapping System: We found the U-shaped strap system to be a bit of a pain. It didn’t fit over our testers’ helmets, so we could only put helmets on AFTER the testers were buckled. Overall, the system is not as easy to use as other brands.

Mesh Back Behind Seats: The mesh area in the back of the trailer makes for plenty of airflow on hot days, although unfortunately there’s no cover for the mesh for colder days.

Bottom of Trailer

The bottom of the Wike Premium Double is made of stiff polyethylene. Hard-bottomed trailers tend to break sooner than high-quality fabric ones, but we haven’t used the Wike long enough to know whether this is more durable than cheaper plastic bottoms.

An insightful design on the Wike was to put a vertical mesh net wall directly underneath the seat, which prevents kids’ stuff from sliding under the seat and out of reach.

Double Mesh Seatguard Keeps Loose Items Within Child’s Reach

Vertical mesh guard beneath the seat of the Wike Premium Double bike trailer prevents loose items from sliding underneath seat

Trailer Exterior

External Dimensions

Our favorite feature of the Wike Premium Double is its roomy interior. Unfortunately, making more room inside makes the trailer more bulky overall. While this trailer is the largest trailer we’ve tested, if you have big kids, it’s a lifesaver. If yours are small, you’re better off with a more compact trailer.

Collage showing external dimensions of the Wike Premium Double bike trailer

External Covers

Front Cover and Rain Guard: The mesh cover on the Wike attaches with Velcro all the way around the entrance. To attach the rain guard, you have to roll the mesh cover up and fasten it out of the way, since the rain guard uses the same Velcro to attach. (Higher-end trailers use two sets of zippers so you can use both the mesh cover and the rain cover at the same time, allowing you to put the rain cover on more quickly.) If you live in a rainy area, this is going to get old. If rain on your bike rides is a rarity, it’s a minor inconvenience. The top of the trailer is not covered with the rain guard.

Wike Premium Double Mesh Cover and Rain Guard

Collage showing how mesh cover and rain guard attach via velcro on the Wike Premium Double bike trailer

Sun Guard: The Wike Premium Double lacks a sun guard, which can be a downside for littler kids who can’t adjust their position well when the sun is low. Older (and taller) children won’t have this problem, but it should be a consideration if you’re planning on towing younger toddlers.

Canvas Body: The outside of the trailer is made of a canvas-type material, and while sitting propped up and folded in my garage for a few weeks, it developed a hole in the canvas around the storage area. There isn’t a great way to store it vertically without rubbing against the canvas, so this is a concern if you need to store your trailer vertically.

Collage showing hole in canvas on the trailer trunk of the Wike Premium Double bike trailer


The storage area is located on the back of the trailer and is big enough for some essentials (helmets, jackets, a snack, etc.) and has a cover that can be stretched over it with elastic. Attached to the storage area by a Velcro strap around the frame is a little Velcro pocket for holding small things, like the pins and washers that are needed to switch between the various trailer modes.  While it’s nice to have a place to store them, the pin that attaches the trailer arm to the adult bike and the pin and washer that attach the jogger wheel are all loose, making them very vulnerable to being lost. Most trailers in this price range and above don’t have systems that require small pieces that can be easily lost.

Back of Trailer Storage

Collage showing storage area on back of Wike Premium Double bike trailer

As a Trailer

The Wike Premium Double comes with two hitches, which is nice given the instructions state they should be replaced every three years! But it is a little concerning  because the Wike hitch does feel flimsy compared to other trailers, even in a similar price range. We didn’t notice any issues with its performance, but assume that it will wear down more quickly than higher-end hitches.

Attaching the trailer arm to both the trailer and the hitch is easy and quick. The trailer rides smoothly with no complaints from our testers, but this model doesn’t have suspension, which does make for a bumpier ride.

Wike Double Trailer Hitch

Collage showing how hitch attaches to the Wike Premium Double bike trailer

As a Stroller/Jogger

Upgrades are available to convert your Wike Premium Double bike trailer into a jogger and/or stroller. Each upgrade kit comes with the appropriate wheel, a handlebar, and a set of parking brakes. If you want both a jogger and a stroller, you can purchase a joint kit. If you purchase on Amazon, the trailer automatically comes with the jogger and stroller kits.

Brakes: The foot brakes on the Wike are used for parking and are solid and easy to engage, but each wheel has to be engaged separately.

Handlebar: The stroller/jogger handlebar is a multiple height bar that has a range of almost 180°, but for the practical purpose of pushing a stroller, it adjusts from about 33” to 43” off the ground. To do so, you have to loosen a plastic butterfly nut on each side, then pull out to release the teeth and move the handle.

Stroller/Jogger Handlebar Has Great Height Range and is Easy to Adjust

Collage showing handlebar adjustment of Wike Premium Double - easy with a simple butterfly nut

Stroller: The single swivel stroller wheel pops into the bottom of the trailer frame and is secured with a pin to make a 3-wheel stroller. It’s fairly easy to do, and you can even leave the trailer arm attached if you don’t want to bother removing it. The wheel swivels smoothly which makes the stroller easy to maneuver.

Wike Premium Double as a Stroller

Collage of Wike Premium Double as a stroller with close-up of wheel and pin attachment

Jogger: As is standard, the jogger wheel doesn’t swivel, which is great for jogging.  Just be aware that if you try to use a jogger as a stroller, that non-swivel front wheel makes it very difficult to turn. In a clever bit of engineering, to convert from a trailer to a jogger, the trailer arm is attached along the bottom of the trailer, and the jogger wheel attaches to the arm with a washer and pin (don’t lose them!). Unfortunately, the trailer’s bulk makes it less than ideal as a jogger, but if you have larger kids you need to bring along, the bulk does serve a purpose by giving them plenty of comfy space.

Wike Double Trailer as Jogger

Collage showing the Wike Premium Double trailer as a jogger and how the jogger wheel attaches to the trailer arm

Storing the Trailer

If you’re going to store the trailer, you take the wheels off. One issue I had every time I used the Wike is that the rubber axel cap on the quick release tire popped off whenever I took the wheels off. Because the wheel axles can slide within the wheel frame, if you’re not careful to rest the wheel down on its outside, the axle will push the rubber button right off.

Rubber Axel Caps Often Pop Off

Collage showing how the button covers on the quick release wheels can pop off easily

Folding and Transporting

Of all the trailers I have used and tested, the Wike Premium Double is hands-down the easiest to fold. Simply pull out a pin, raise the bar, and voila! Folded. There are no latches to undo or buttons to push. It only takes one hand. The downside is that it isn’t very compact when folded, and since there’s no way to lock it in a folded position, it sometimes feels like it’s going to come unfolded while you’re moving it. While lightweight, it feels bulky, especially if you’re storing the other components inside. The trailer arm is so long that it doesn’t fit inside the folded trailer and you have to carry it separately.

If you don’t have a lot of space to leave the trailer unfolded, or you plan on transporting the trailer often or on converting between modes frequently, bear in mind its bulk and the fact that the little pieces are liable to get lost. The trailer arm is almost twice as long as most other trailers, there are several loose pins and washers, and the rubber axle caps on the quick release wheels come off easily. If you’re going to leave it unfolded and attached to your bike in the garage, however, this is a great trailer—especially for bigger kids—at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

The Wike Premium Double is a solid, spacious trailer that is excellent for taller and older kids. It’s hands-down the roomiest trailer on the market. The biggest downside is that it can feel pretty bulky and it has several small, unattached pieces for jogging and stroller kits that could easily get lost.

If you’re interested in a trailer/stroller/jogger that’s a bit easier to use, we’ve tested pretty much everything on the market. We’ve highlighted our favorites on our 10 Best Bike Trailers for Kids list.

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