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Baby and Toddler Bike Helmet Comparison Chart

Babies and toddlers should always wear a helmet, even if they are in a trailer! Toddlers’ heads vary greatly in size, so be sure to measure your child’s head before you order.  Helmets in this category often have a flatter design in the back to accommodate use in trailers and child bike seats.

We’ve tested and reviewed over 30 different bike helmets and compiled all of our research for you! The chart may be sorted by clicking on the header of each column (works best in desktop).

For additional breakdowns, including our rankings, see our Best Bike Helmets for Babies and Toddlers list.


Baby and Toddler Bike Helmets Comparisons



Fits HeadsWeightAdjustment SystemVentsOptional MIPSVisorConstruction

Schwinn Infant


44 - 49 cmDial6NoYesHardshell

Giro Scamp

$35($55)45 – 49 cm, 49 - 53 cm251 gDial8YesYesIn-mold

Schwinn Toddler


45 - 50 cmDial6NoYesHardshell
Lazer Lil' Gekko$4546 - 50 cm300 gAutoFit12YesYesIn-mold

Lazer BOB


46 - 52 cm277 gSlider6NoNoHardshell

Joovy Noodle


47 - 52 cm226 gDial14NoYesHardshell

Bell Sidetrack 2 Child


47 - 54 cm276 gDial14YesYesIn-mold

Nutcase Baby/Little Nutty


47 - 52 cm280 gDial11NoNoHardshell

Kali Chakra Child


48 - 54 cm208 gDial21NoYesIn-mold

Micro Helmet


48 - 53 cmDial10NoNoHardshell

Catlike Kitten


48 - 52 cm215 gDial23NoNoIn-mold
Troy Lee A1 Classic Youth$10948 - 53 cmDial16YesYesIn-mold
Uvex Hero$3949 - 54 cm265 gDial13NoYesIn-mold
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