Zippyrooz Bike Gloves Review

Zippyrooz bike gloves for kids are high quality and easy to get on and off. With several adorable boy, girl, and gender neutral designs to choose from, they are as fun as they are functional.

Available in half-finger and full-finger options, Zippyrooz are offered in a wide variety of tiny sizes for the youngest of riders. Whether you’ve got a mini balance biker, new pedal bike rider,or even a daring little shredder, Zippyrooz has an option to fit your child and their riding style.

But does your child really need biking gloves? Read our full review to find out!

3 year old wearing zippyrooz gloves at a mountain bike park

Zippyrooz Bike Gloves Overview

RATING: Exceptional

MSRP: $15

BEST FOR: All young riders :). Whether learning to ride a balance or pedal bike, gloves will protect little hands from inevitable falls.

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4 sizes, ages 1 to 8


  • Available in half-finger or full-finger
  • Tiny sizes available for tiny riders
  • With sewn in finger-loops on the palm of each glove, kids can easily remove gloves on their own (half-finger)
  • Top fabric is breathable and stretchy
  • Pad palms are soft and pliable
  • Nose wipe pad!


Zippyrooz Bike Gloves Review – Fun and Functional Protective Gear

Kids generally fall hands first.  Especially when riding balance bikes, kids instinctively try to catch themselves with their hands.  As a result, second to the helmet, gloves are the most important safety equipment for young riders.  Elbow and knee pads certainly prevent their share of bumps and bruises, but not as often as a good pair of biking gloves.


Like bikes and helmets, not all kids bike gloves are created equal. Over the years we’ve had gloves fall apart, deemed uncomfortable by our kids, or simply too difficult to get on and off.  

While getting gloves on kids will always be problematic (although we’ve found half-fingered gloves to be easier to get on), Zippyrooz half finger gloves are amazingly simple to get off.  With sewn in finger-loops on the palm on each glove, our testers quickly, easily, and independently were able to remove their gloves.

Zippyrooz finger loops easily tuck under the fingers during use and are quickly found when kids are ready to take them off.


Even beyond the finger loops, Zippyrooz are amazing gloves.  The top fabric is breathable and stretchy, while the palms are soft and pliable with sewn-in pads.  A Velcro wrist strap helps the gloves stay on and provides a wide opening to aide in getting the gloves on and off.  

Getting little fingers in all the right holes in still a challenge with the Zippyrooz, but not any more than other kids biking gloves.  For those inevitable preschool and toddler snotty noses, the thumb also has a soft absorbent nose wipe.


Full-Finger or Half-Finger Zippyrooz?

In our house, we have both full-finger and half-finger gloves. For average neighborhood riders, half-finger Zippyrooz are cooler in the summer, while full-finger gloves help keep hands warm during brisk spring or fall rides. (They are not warm enough for true cold weather though!)

If you have a baby shredder on your hands, we recommend full-finger all the time. Just like most mountain bike parents these days only wear full finger for maximum protection and no-sweat grip on the grips and brake lever, tiny groms benefit the same way.

upclose shot of a zippyrooz glove on a 3 year old rider

What If My Kid Won’t Wear their Zippyrooz?

Toddlers are special for so many reasons, and one of them is that they are completely irrational. 🙂 Some kids love bike gloves because they think they’re a fun dress-up accessory. Other kids refuse to wear them for no apparent reason. We’ve had both types of kids!

If your child puts up a stink when you try to put their Zippyrooz on, just let it go. Unfortunately, they’ll probably learn the hard way. We found that once a child falls without gloves, they’re generally pretty eager to wear them after that.

Bottom Line on Zippyrooz Kids Gloves

While there are certainly plenty of kids gloves on Amazon by companies you’ve never heard of, Zippyrooz are quite simply the best kids biking gloves on the market. Durable, adorable, and affordable, Zippyrooz are a kid and parent win.

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