Dimond Miner Balance Bike Review

A sleek, super fast, carbon-fiber machine, the Dimond Miner balance bike is a top-notch, worthy splurge for ambitious balance bike racers. Read the review below for all the details on this luxury bike.

young boy riding the Dimond Miner balance bike

Dimond Miner Balance Bike

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Kids with a need for speed! Fits kids in size 2T to 4T clothes.


SEAT HEIGHT: 13″ –  17″
WEIGHT: 6.1 lb.
FRAME: Carbon Fiber


  • Sleek carbon-fiber frame
  • Amazing milled aluminum smooth rolling hubs with sealed bearings
  • Long steer tube to allow for customization of handlebar height
  • Kenda air tires
  • Padded child-size seat


  • No hand brake (however, they are typically not used in balance bike races)

Dimond Miner Balance Bike Review – Results of our Test Rides

“Whoa, look at that bike!”  A true beauty and work of art, the Dimond Miner balance bike is both a pretty face and a top-notch performer.  From its standout carbon fiber frame to its impeccable hubs that effortlessly roll for days, the Miner is as unique and precision-crafted as they come in the balance bike world.

Beautiful Dimond Miner black balance bike set against a grass background.


Balance bikes are pretty simple, but the devil is usually in the details.  From the responsive headset to the fine-tuned hubs, Dimond created a masterpiece out of the Miner.  Like riding on smooth glass, watching our young 3-year-old tester effortlessly glide on the Miner was a sight to behold.  With a slight push his foot, the Miner began to roll, his smile began to grow, and I quickly found myself running after him.  The Miner is fast!

3-year-old boy riding Dimond Miner balance bike down street and sidewalk

Luckily, our little tester was already a confident rider and had no problems stopping the bike with his feet as he is already accustomed to.  Considerably lighter and much better quality than his regular bike, a self-guided tour of his neighborhood then began.  Up and down curbs and around the fire hydrants, the Miner obediently followed his lead.

3-year-old boy riding Dimond Miner balance bike up and down curbs

Our second tester, a 4-year-old boy who is less experienced on balance bikes, had a much different experience on the Miner.  The Miner performed like a champ but was much too fast for our timid tester.

After a couple of loops around our circle, he asked if he could trade the bike in for a “slower” bike.  When asked why, he said that the bike was too fast and he couldn’t stop as fast as he wanted to.

4-year-old boy riding balance bike down sidewalk

Having watched this tester ride several balance bikes before, I wasn’t surprised by his response, but it did validate my suspicions that the Miner is a very fast bike and likely isn’t ideal for timid riders.

The speed and performance of the Miner, however, would make it an amazing bike for pump track as well as at balance bike races. Kids who enjoy riding in these more adventurous environments are more likely to be aggressive riders who love the extra speed the Miner offers.

5-year-old girl racing on the Dimond Miner balance bike


The Dimond Miner has a seat height range of 13″ to 17″, making it ideal for kids in 2T to 4T clothes.  Our younger 3-year-old tester on the left wears size 2T clothes, while our 4-year-old tester on the right wears 4T clothes.  The Miner was a great fit for both.

3 and 4-year-old riding Dimond Miner balance bike down sidewalk


To allow for precise handling, the Miner comes with a threadless headset.  To protect kids from any potential bumps during a fall, the headset also comes with a rubber cover that is easily removable.

Dimond Miner stem and headset

Below the headset, the bike has several black spacers that allow the handlebars to be properly placed above the frame of the bike.  If your child prefers a lower set handlebar (which many balance bike racers do), the steer tube that runs between the spacers can be cut.  Once cut, the necessary spacers can be removed and the headset and handlebars reinstalled.

Carbon Fiber Frame

Seamless and breathtaking, the Miner’s carbon-fiber frame is simply gorgeous.  As someone who always has a bike or two in their living room, friends and family are quite used to seeing the latest bike sitting in the corner, but the Miner has certainly been the bike to have garnered the most attention!  From ages 4 to 75, all were drawn to the smooth, clean, and almost futuristic look of the Miner.

Dimond Miner balance bike carbon fiber frame

Hubs and Wheels

The hubs on the Miner are hands-down the best hubs we’ve seen on a balance bike.  Milled versus stamped aluminum, the hubs are precision crafted with sealed bearings for smooth rolling tires that spin for days.

Just for fun, we timed how long it would take the wheel on the Miner to stop after spinning it by hand.  Once it started rolling it spun for 1:40 while other balance bikes with sealed bearings that we tested only spun for around 0:30.  The Miner’s hubs are simply golden!

Sealed hubs on Dimond Miner balance bike

With smooth sailing wheels, the bike will not only be more responsive, your child will also be able to glide for longer distances and with less effort as compared to other balance bikes.  Like driving a sports car versus a budget sedan, the smooth rolling Miner offers a fun and exciting ride, even on repetitive rides.

Color Options

The Miner only comes in black, but upon purchase, your bike can be customized with colored grips and a coordinating seat post clamp.  These extra pops of color are optional and come with the bike free of charge.

Red grips and seat clamp on Dimond Miner balance bike

Dimond provided us with red grips and seat post clamp, but we felt the standard black grips were better quality, so we only swapped out the clamp.  Both testers and parents alike loved the extra pop of color.

No Hand Brake

Keeping it simple, the Miner doesn’t have a brake.  As a result, while the Miner is amazing in so many ways, we wouldn’t recommend it for aggressive riding with elevation changes, such as single-track trails, where the extra stopping power from hand brakes is essential.  Really timid testers may also be turned off by the speed of the Miner due to the lack of brake.  Like any balance bike, be sure to be cautious around any hills as the Miner can really get going fast :).

Bottom Line

A sleek, fast, carbon-fiber machine, the Dimond Miner is a top-notch worthy splurge for those ambitious riders tackling their local balance bike races.  For those who simply want the sweetest-looking ride on the block, the Miner is an amazing choice for the adventurous neighborhood or skate park rider as well.

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