9 Best Baby (Child) Bike Seats – Front Mounted

If you’re looking for a uniquely fun way to get outside and be active with your baby or toddler, trust us when we say that front-mounted baby bikes seat are seriously the best! After over a decade of testing with our own kids, we can attest that there’s nothing quite like chatting and singing with your little one as you ride your bike.

mom riding with her daughter in the thule yepp nexxt mini child bike seat

Before we jump into our tried and true favorite front bike seats (we’ve tested a total of 27!), it’s important to note that (1) babies under 12 months of age should not ride on bike seats and (2) front-mounted child bike seats are not one-size-fits-all; most seats only fit a narrow range of bike styles. As a result, be sure you know the answers to the following five questions:

1. Does your bike have a threaded or threadless headset? (click here if you aren’t sure)
2. How much does does your child weigh? (over 33 lb. – stick to the bottom 2 sections or go for a rear child bike seat)
3. Are you riding a small-framed bike? (if yes, fit can be a problem, our guidelines below can help)
4. Is your child old enough to hold onto the bike and not need a harness? (If no, stick the top section in our chart below)
5. Do you plan on riding on MTB trails or have an MTB with modern geo? (If yes, stick to the MTB section on the chart)

Need a bike that will work with a child bike seat? Be sure to check out our 10 Best Women’s Bikes page.

9 Best Front Child Bike Seats

Bike Seat Why We Love It MSRP
Traditional Front-Mounted Seats (Ages 1 to 3)
Peg Perego Orion Best on a Budget $79
Thule Yepp Mini** Best for Hot Climates $199
Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini** Most Lightweight $219
Hamax Observer Best for Petite Parents and Children $129
Front-Mount No Harness (Ages 2 to 5)
Tyke Toter Easiest to Take On & Off: Standard Bike $149
DoLittle Universal Fit for Any Style Bike $99
UrRider Honorable Mention: Standard Bike $95
Mountain Bike Kids Seat
Shotgun Seat Best Bang for Your Buck: Mountain Bike $100
Mac Ride Easiest to Take On & Off: Mountain Bike $229

**ONLY fits on a threaded headsets, NOT compatible with mountain bikes and bikes with threadless headsets


These seats are designed for younger toddlers ages 12 months to 3 years and have harnesses to help keep them secure. While these seats are primarily designed for use on bikes with threaded headsets (usually found on city or cruiser style bikes), the Peg Perego and Hamax Observer both have mounting options that allow for use on some bikes with threadless headsets (found on most higher-end bikes and all mountain bikes).

What does “Inches to Mount” mean in the seat descriptions? For each seat we have included the amount of space you need on your bike’s headset in order to install the mounting bracket. This measurement is the minimum amount of space needed. If you don’t have the space, the seat will not fit on your bike. More info about this is in our Front-Mounted Seats Fit Guide below.

Peg Perego Orion

Best on a Budget

Peg Perego Orion front mounted child bike seat

MSRP: $79

AGE RANGE: 12 months – 33 lbs.

INCHES TO MOUNT: 0″ – it mounts to the head tube, not the headset

FEATURES: Suspension, 3-position adjustable footrest, standard nylon shoulder straps.

FULL REVIEW: Peg Perego Orion

Regularly selling for under $100, the Peg Perego Orion is a solid bang for your buck. While not as refined or luxurious as a Thule baby bike seat, it’s still comfortable and pretty easy to use.

The Orion’s mounting system is unique from any other seat on this list. It attaches to the head tube of the bike instead of the headset, which is a great alternative for bikes that have little or no room on the headset for a mounting bracket. It does has some minor frame requirements though, so be sure to check your bike before purchasing!

Mom riding the Peg Perego Orion with her son

This mounting style also keeps the bike seat stationary when you turn the handlebars. This keeps your baby’s weight and the center of balance of the seat more consistent. Some parents prefer this because it tends to affect the adult’s balance less.

Keep in mind that the Orion is one of the smaller front-mounted seats on the market, so your child will outgrow it sooner.


  • Mounting system fits on a wide variety of bikes
  • Quick release for easy on’s and off’s
  • Great value for its price point


  • Installation is more time intensive than other seats
  • Shoulder straps need to be pulled over the child’s head
  • Smaller front seat than other options
  • Does not lock onto the bike
  • 3-point harness vs. 5-point harness on other seats

Thule Yepp 2 Mini

Best Bang for Your Buck

Thule Yepp Mini 2 front mounted seat

MSRP: $200

AGE RANGE: 12 months – 33 lbs.


FEATURES: Superior back ventilation, effective foot straps, variable-height footrest, handlebar to keep toddlers’ hands occupied, 5-point harness, quick-release for mounting in seconds.

FULL REVIEW: Thule Yepp Mini (review of older model, new review of the Yepp Mini 2 in the works!)

The Yepp Mini 2 is the “Golidlocks” seat of the group as it has the perfect mix of features while still providing great value for its mid-price range. Constructed with a firmly soft “Crocs”-like material, the Yepp Mini 2 offers a comfortable ride for its small passengers while also being plenty durable to withstand the elements. For extra air flow, the rear of the seat has 20 air holes as well as plenty of smaller recessed dips to minimize the seat’s contact with the skin.

With lots of adjustability in the shoulder straps and the foot trays, the Yepp Mini 2 provides room for growth while still keeping little ones secure. For added security, the Mini 2 features flexible and somewhat tacky shoulder pads to prevent slippage.

Two potential downsides to the Yepp Mini 2, however, are its inability to fit on any threadless headsets (found on mountain bikes and many hybrid and high-end bikes) and its buckle. While the older version of the Yepp Mini offered an ahead adapter for threadless headsets, the Yepp Mini 2 does NOT.

Regarding the buckle, its actually very easy to use, but a strong, older, toddler escape artist could learn to unbuckle the harness if they were really determined to do so.


  • Excellent quality
  • 5 point-harness for extra security
  • Lots of ventilation in the back on the seat
  • Both the harness and the foot rests are very easy to adjust
  • Quick-release mounting system
  • Seat comes with key to lock the seat onto the bike
  • Soft, flexible shoulder pads prevent straps from sliding down


  • Buckle not ideal for strong little escape artists (buckle takes some force to undo, but older toddlers have been able to unbuckle it)
  • Not compatible with any threadless headsets

Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini

Best for Mini Escape Artists

Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini front child bike seat in mint

MSRP: $219

AGE RANGE: 12 months – 33 lbs.

INCHES TO MOUNT: 0.83″ on threaded headset

FEATURES: Large vents for keeping babies cool, effective foot straps, variable-height footrest, handlebar to keep toddlers’ hands occupied, 5-point harness, magnetic buckle, quick release for mounting in seconds

FULL REVIEW: Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini

The Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini and the Yepp Mini 2 are very similar; they share the same mounting bracket, handlebar, and shoulder and footrest adjustment systems. They are also similar in size, fitting the same size child (12 months to 33 pounds).

So what does paying the extra $20 for the Nexxt Mini 2 get you over the Yepp Mini 2? In addition to visual design differences, the Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini comes with a true child-safe buckle, a thick cushion pad for the child to sit on, and two large ventilation holes versus numerous small ones on the Yepp Mini 2. It’s also 1.3 pounds lighter.

12 month old baby sitting in Thule Yepp Nexxt 2 mini baby bike seat

Whether the added features on the Yepp Nexxt 2 Mini are worth the added costs are up to you, but if you have a mini escape artist, we would highly recommend going with the Yepp Nexxt!


  • Excellent quality that will last for years to come
  • 5 point-harness for extra security paired with a very secure child-safe buckle
  • Very lightweight
  • 2 large ventilation holes in the back of the seat
  • Easy to adjust harness and footrests
  • Quick-release mounting system
  • Seat comes with key to lock the seat onto the bike
  • Soft, flexible shoulder pads prevent straps from sliding down


  • Not compatible with any threadless headsets

Hamax Observer

Best for Petite Parents and Babies

hamax observer front mounted child bike seat

MSRP: $129

AGE RANGE: 12 months – 33 lbs.


FEATURES: Non-slip shoulder straps are padded with foam and easy to adjust, 3-point harness, variable-height footrests, one-handed safety buckle release, optional ahead (threadless) mounting adapter

FULL REVIEW: Hamax Observer

As the smallest seat in this line-up (in terms of size, not weight capacity) the Hamax Observer is a great seat for petite kids or parents. Narrower than other front-mount seats, the Hamax Observer takes up less space in the adult rider’s cockpit, allowing for more room to move around comfortably.

Although smaller in size, the Observer doesn’t skimp on features as it provides easy-to-adjust shoulder straps, tool-free, height-adjustable foot rests, a lock to securely lock it the bike, as well as a true child-safe buckle. Like the Peg Perego, however, it does come with a 3-point harness that requires you to pull the straps over the child’s head in order to buckle or unbuckle.

Mom riding bike with baby in Hamax Observer front mounted baby bike seat

When it comes to mounting, the Hamax requires the most space on the headset with 1.9″ needed, but unlike the Thule seats, a separate mounting bracket for threadless (ahead) headsets is available.


  • Separate mounting bracket available for threadless (ahead) headsets (but often out of stock)
  • Great quality for its price and often found on sale
  • Quick-release seat for easy on’s and off’s
  • Comes with lock and key to easily secure the seat to your bike


  • Small in size, kids in the larger percentiles will quickly outgrow the Observer
  • No ventilation like the Thule seats
  • 3-point harness vs. 5-point


Best for Ages 2 to 5

Designed for older toddlers and preschoolers, these “open style” front mounted seats provide no harness, but rather a small seat for the child to sit on. With most seats, the child holds onto the bike using the inside portion of the bike’s handlebar.

These seat are fabulous because they are very easy to use, but be sure to use them with caution as the child needs to be old enough to understand that they need to hold on so they don’t fall off.

The seats in the first section are designed for more “city” riding. If you’re looking for a seat to take on mountain bike trails, you’ll want to skip these seats in favor of one of the MTB seats below, which offer a better fit on mountain bikes with modern geometry.

Tyke Toter

Easiest to Take On and Off: Standard Bikes

Orange tyke toter front child bike seat

MSRP: $149


MOUNTING LIMITATIONS: Must have 1.75″ of clearance on the seat post for the bike seat to mount to.  If the adult’s saddle is set low on the frame, it will have to be raised to use the Tyke Toter.

FEATURES: Wide saddle, integrated kids’ handlebars, small footpegs


The Tyke Toter is our top choice for everyday use around town.  Easily attached to the seat post of a bike, the Tyke Toter quickly mounts to almost any bike!  Those who ride with their seat bottomed out (so that no seat post is exposed), will have to raise their seat about 1.5″ in order to install the Tyke Toter.

Mom riding happily with 3 year old on the Tyke Toter child bike seat down the sidewalk

Unlike other open-style seats on this list, the Tyke Toter’s handlebar is integrated into the seat itself, so those little hands always have a place to land.  The placement of the handlebars is close to the child’s seat, however, making the child sit more upright since they aren’t stretching to reach the handlebars. As a result, the child on the Tyke Toter can take up a considerable amount of the adult rider’s cockpit, especially larger preschoolers.

One thing we would like to see improved on the Tyke Toter are the footrests. Although they are very easy to put on and take off the bike, they are pretty small and without foot straps, so the potential of your child’s foot slipping off of them is pretty high.


  • Fast and easy to remove or switch between bikes
  • Child has their own handlebars, keeping their hands free of your handlebars
  • No weight limit


  • Requires 1.75″ exposed seat post, so shorter riders may have to raise their bike’s seat higher than they would like
  • Footpegs lack a strap to secure feet in place
  • Seat shape isn’t as comfortable for lengthy rides

Do Little

Best Universal Fit on a Wide Variety of Bikes

Do Little kids mountain bike seat black

MSRP: $99

WEIGHT LIMIT: 61.8 lbs.

MOUNTING LIMITATIONS: Fixed width, but easily mounts to any bike with a top tube less than 2″ wide

FEATURES: Soft, padded saddle, footrests (non-adjustable)

FULL REVIEW: Do Little Seat

The Do Little is an awesome little seat as it fits a wide range of bikes, from city bikes to mountain bikes. It’s included adapter will allow the same seat to fit on your beach cruiser as well as your mountain bike!

However, the initial installation of the Do Little is much more challenging than other seats, and it’s also not an easy process to remove or put back on (takes about 5 to 10 minutes). As a result, the Do Little is better suited for families who won’t need to take it off the bike (or swap between bikes) frequently (which is why we don’t recommend it for mountain biking).

3-year-old Leans forward while riding Do Little child bike seat with woman

With a pretty high weight capacity at 61.8 lb., the Do Little makes it quick and easy to run your 5 or even 6-year-old to school or over to a friend’s house.


  • For many bikes, allows kid rider to sit slightly lower on the frame
  • Sturdy metal foot rails to prevent slipping feet from hitting the front tire
  • Comes with two mounting brackets to allow installation on a wide variety of bikes, even cruisers
  • Available in an e-bike version for beefier e-bike frames


  • Initial installation can be very tricky and time consuming
  • Child does not have their own handlebar


Honorable Mention for Casual Riding

Stock image of 2021 UrRider child bike seat

MSRP: $95

AGE RANGE: Up to 6 years old, 4′ tall

MOUNTING INFO: Mounts quickly and easily to seat post, while also resting on the top tube. Must have 1.5″ of space on the seat post to mount, or the seat will have to be raised.

FEATURES: Ventilated seat, adjustable, grippy handlebars for kids, footrest angle is adjustable

FULL REVIEW: UrRider Child Bike Seat

As one of the top-selling child bike seats on Amazon, we wanted to include the UrRider in our testing to see how it stacked up against the other no-harness child bike seats.

Overall, the UrRider is a decent front-mounted seat, and the mounting process is incredibly fast. We also appreciate that the angle of the child’s handlebar is adjustable to allow you to choose for your child to sit more upright or more leaned forward.

Mom on bike with 3 year old girl, who is sitting on the UrRider Child Bike Seat

While similar to the Tyke Toter because it attaches via the seat post, the front of the UrRider actually rests against the top tube for added stability. This prevents the seat from pivoting to the sides like can happen with the Tyke Toter (depending on the diameter of your seat post.)

On the flip side, the UrRider’s design can make it tricky to fit on your bike if you don’t ride with your seat post rather high. (Read our full review for all the details on that!) It also won’t work with many cruiser bikes that have a low, swooping top tube – the tube may be too low for the UrRider to rest on it.


Mac Ride vs. Shotgun

Designed for trail use, both the Mac Ride and the Shotgun fit on mountain bikes with modern geo. As an added bonus, these seats are quick and easy to get on and off your bike (after initial installation), so you don’t have to leave the seat on all season!

For a more in-depth comparison between the Mac Ride and the different versions of the Shotgun seat, be sure to check out our Shotgun Pro. vs. Original Shotgun review.

Also as a head-ups, the Thule Yepp Mini used to be popular for use on mountain bikes, but the latest update of the seat does not have a thread-less ahead adapter, so the seat is no longer compatible with mountain bikes.

Shotgun Seat

Best Bang for Your Buck

Shotgun child bike seat shown mounted to a mountain bike

MSRP: $100


MOUNTING LIMITATIONS: Best for use on a bike with a front suspension fork (bikes without suspension forks often don’t have enough clearance between the front wheel and down tube). Fits bikes with top tubes 35 – 68mm wide and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide.

FEATURES: Soft, padded saddle, optional mini-handlebars, footrests (not height-adjustable)

FULL REVIEW: Shotgun Child Bike Seat

If you’re planning on introducing your little one to the trails, the Shotgun seat is a solid and affordable bet. Mountain bike frames come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the Shotgun seat will likely fit them all – it can even be adjusted to fit bikes with wider tubing. (Unless it’s an e-bike, then you need the Shotgun 2.0).

The thickly padded saddle can tilt independently from the base of the seat, which greatly increases its ability to adjust to fit various styles of frames.  Reinstallation is pretty quick and easy, but the seat will have to be re-adjusted when mounting to a different bike.

Dad riding single track trail with daughter on a Shotgun seat child bike seat

Another benefit of the Shotgun is the optional mini handlebars for kids (shown in the pic above).  Some kids love having their own handlebars as it gives them their own place to hang on, while also keeping their hands off your grips.

In the end, using the mini handlebars comes down to personal preference as most kids have no problem holding onto your handlebars (closer to th stem).


  • Padded, adjustable saddle
  • Easy, straightforward installation
  • Adjustable straps on footpegs to keep kids’ feet secure (or looser if you prefer)
  • Optional mini-handlebars


  • Frame contact
  • Footrest height not adjustable
  • Taking the Shotgun off your bike isn’t as streamlined as the Mac Ride
  • Not compatible with ebikes (but the Shotgun 2.0 is)

Mac Ride

Easiest to Take On and Off

mac ride on front mount child mountain bike seat - blue

MSRP: $229


MOUNTING LIMITATIONS: Mounts to seat post and headset.  Bike must have a 10mm spacer on the steer tube that can be swapped out for the 10mm mounting spacer.  Two 1 1/8″ diameter spacers are included but spacers are available down to 1″ in diameter.  Other less common limitations listed on Mac-Ride.com

FEATURES: Seat shape that cradles the child in place, adjustable footrests, optional mini handlebar grips


If you need the ability to quickly and easily attach and remove a seat from your bike (or swap it between bikes), the Mac Ride is king.  While its initial installation is a little more complicated than the Shotgun, once the mounting components are installed, the Mac Ride can be removed in seconds.

Although the Mac Ride does attach to the seat post of the bike, it’s compatible with dropper posts.  The clamp just needs to be attached below the moving portion of the seat post.

Mountain Biking downhill with the Mac Ride Seat

The unique cradling “u-shaped” saddle of the Mac Ride was a big hit with our testers as it helped to keep riders firmly on the saddle during more aggressive rides.  The Mac Ride does not offer mini handlebars, but does offer optional small grips that you can mount on the inside of your grips. 

The Mac Ride will easily adjust to fit any style of bike, including threaded and threadless headsets. But compared to the Shotgun and the Do Little which mount on the top tube, on a bike with a steeply sloped top tube, the child rider will sit much higher on the Mac Ride.


  • Can be quickly and easily removed from any bike (in just seconds!)
  • Scooped saddle keeps bums in place better when doing more aggressive riding
  • Easy to swap from one bike to another (comes with two installation spacers for two bikes)
  • Feet secured in place with height adjustable foot rests
  • Sits lower on the bike than the similar Shotgun PRO seat
  • Optional mini handlebar grips


  • Saddle offers less padding than other seats

Just because they’re best-sellers on Amazon doesn’t mean these front-mounted child bikes seats are actually the best. While the following seats certainly work for many families, they didn’t make our top picks because there are too many better options available. Read below for more information about why these seats fall short, despite the Amazon stars.

iBert Seat

iBert child bike seat

MSRP: $99

FULL REVIEW: iBert Child Bike Seat

The iBert child bike seat is affordable, super easy to install, and compatible with most bike frames. It’s probably for these reasons that it has been a best seller on Amazon for many years.

But parents don’t know what they don’t know, and if you’ve never used another bike seat, you might think the iBert seems like a solid, affordable choice.

Unfortunately, the back of the seat is so low that it provides very little back support for young riders. Additionally, the shoulder straps fall down consistently, creating a less-than-ideal safety environment for toddlers. Lastly, the lap bar easily comes unsnapped.

If you want the most comfortable and safest ride for your little one, the iBert is bright and fun, but not your best front-mounted option.

Front Mounted Child Bike Seat Comparison Chart

Brand MSRP Child Age Safety Straps Mounting Info
Front Mounted
Thule Yepp Mini $159 12 mo - 33 lb. Yes 0.83" to mount, or special ahead adapter
Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini $219 20 - 33 lb. Yes 1" to mount
Thule RideAlong Mini Disc. 20 - 33 lb. Yes 3/4" to mount
Hamax Observer $129 12 mo - 33 lb. Yes 1/2" to mount, or special ahead adapter
iBert Safe-T Seat $99 12 mo - 38 lb. Yes 3/4" on stem to mount
Kazam Kangaroo $65 12 mo - 33 lb. Yes 5mm on head tube
Peg Perego Orion $79 12 mo - 33 lb. Yes 0" to mount
Tyke Toter $149 3+ No Mounts to seat post
UrRider $95 3+ No Mounts to seat post
Mid Mounted - MTB
Kids Ride Shotgun $100 Up to 48 lb. No Fits bikes with top tubes 35 – 68mm wide and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide
Shotgun 2.0 $170 Up to 60 lb. No Fits bikes with top tubes 35 – 68mm wide and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide
Mac Ride $229 24 mo - 5 yr No Mounts to seat post and headset
Do Little $99 Up to 61.8 lb. No Fixed width, top tube less than 2" wide required
Shotgun Pro $250 Up to 60 lb. No Mounts to seat post and headset

Front-mounted child bike seats are ridiculously fun for both the parent and child, but determining which seat will fit your bike is anything but fun! Luckily, we’ve installed all of these seats on a wide range of bikes and are here to help you take the guesswork out of the process.

1. Threaded vs. Threadless Headsets
2. “Inches to Mount” Requirement on Headsets
3. Tips for Shorter Adult Riders

Threaded vs. Threadless Headsets

Determining what type of headset your bike has simply requires looking at it! There are two main types – threaded headsets (also called quill stems) and threadless (or ahead). Threaded headsets have a locknut at their base, so if your bike has a locknut as shown below, then it is threaded. If it doesn’t have a locknut, then it’s threadless.

Threaded vs threadless headset

Threaded headsets are commonly found on cruiser style bikes or city bikes, while threadless headsets are found on mountain bikes as well as most high-end bikes and many hybrid bikes. All of the seats on this list will likely fit on a bike with a threaded headset, but some are NOT compatible with threadless headsets (such as the Thule seats).

Inches to Mount Requirement on Headsets

If you plan on using a traditional front-mounted bike seat that has a harness, you need to ensure you have enough space on the headset to adhere the mounting bracket.

Mounting brackets on traditional front-mounted bike seats range from 0.5″ to 1.9″ tall, so you will need 0.5″ to 1.9″ of open space on the stem. Luckily, on bikes with threadless or quill stems, if you don’t have enough room, it is very likely that you can loosen the locknut and raise the handlebars to get the space you need.

On bikes with threadless headsets, there typically isn’t enough room to adhere the bracket. Even if there is enough room, the bracket typically isn’t wide enough to fit around the steer tube (which is why the Thule seats aren’t compatible with threadless headsets).

As a result, specialized mounting brackets are required to allow the seat to be mounted. Currently the Hamax Observer is the only traditional front-mounted seat that offers a threadless/ahead adapter.

Front-Mounted Seats on Small-Framed Bikes

One aspect of front-mounted seats that people often overlook is the amount of space they take up in the rider’s cockpit (space between the handlebars and the seat). The larger the bike, the larger the bike’s cockpit. Front-mounted seats can take up to 10″ in the cockpit. As a result, it is very common for adult riders who are riding bikes with smaller frames to feel very cramped by front-mounted bike seats.

To ensure enough space for you and a front-mounted seat, we recommend that your bike have at least 20″ of space between the bike’s headset and the nose of the saddle.

Photo Source: Dutch Trading Company (Brighton UK)

If you are a shorter adult on a small-framed bike, we’ve found the harness-free Mac Ride seat to provide the most room for the rider. While on the seat, the child sits very low in the cockpit compared to other seats and provides the most room for the adult rider (adult rider below is 5’4″).

Clearance difference for parent and child on Mac Ride and Shotgun Pro
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