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With no straps, kids are nestled between their parent's arms while holding onto the handlebars.

RATING: Highly Recommended

BEST FOR: A unique seat for adventurous riders, the Mac Ride is a fun and exciting ride for parent and child.



Highly Recommended



Mount Type


Inches Needed to Mount

0" (Threadless)

Quick Release


Age Range

2 to 5 yrs.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Kids LOVE it because they feel like they're riding with the parent
  • Child becomes an active participant, rather than a passive rider
  • Can be used for neighborhood or mountain trail riding
  • Safer than it looks!
  • Child is not strapped down, so not great for wiggly kids or nervous parents

Full Review

The Mac Ride is a unique child bike that places kids front and center while riding. One of the few child bike seats compatible with a wide variety of bikes, from hybrid city cruisers to full-suspension mountain bikes, the Mac Ride is a great choice for any family on the go.


The Mac Ride is unique in that additional space is not needed on steer tube to mount the seat. Instead, a 10mm spacer, which is common on most bikes, is simply swapped out for the included mounting spacer. Once the spacer is placed and the handlebars are re-tightened, the seat can easily be installed and removed within minutes. To install the seat, the main clamp of the seat is secured around the mounting spacer while an additional clamp secures the seat right below the seat post clamp.

Mac Ride child bike seat install.


From riding in the mountains to commuting to preschool, the Mac Ride is suitable for a wide variety of rides and riders. To get a greater feel of how the Mac Ride performs in various conditions we tested it out around the neighborhood as well as on basic mountain biking trails. Kelly, our resident dad tester from Haven Outdoors, tested out the Mac Ride on his mountain bike with his 2-year-old daughter. Natalie, mom of three and Two Wheeling Tots founder, tested out the Mac Ride around the neighborhood with her five-year-old. Their individual thoughts and experiences with the Mac Ride are outlined below.


Child Point of View: My son absolutely LOVED riding on the Mac Ride. Front and center, he loved feeling like he was riding mom’s bike and couldn’t stop talking about everything he saw during our rides. Normally not an ambitious rider, on the Mac Ride he actually wanted to keep riding versus begging to head home.

Mac Ride child bike seat in use.

Parent Point of View: On the tail end of the age range, riding with a five-year-old tester was fun, but it did limit my space on the bike. To avoid bumping into him, I did have to splay out my legs to pedal, but it wasn’t significant enough to make riding uncomfortable. Being 5′ 10″ and riding a large framed bike, it wasn’t hard to make it work, but I image it would be challenging for those riding on small frame bikes.

Compared to using other bikes seats or trailers, to ease of the Mac Ride was refreshing. My son simply hopped on and after securing his feet we pedaled away. Having taken him to preschool with a bike trailer for quite some time, the simplicity of the Mac Ride was appreciated and would have made our commutes to preschool easier and potentially faster.

My one hesitation with the Mac Ride was the open design (no shoulder straps). The Mac Ride is designed for the child rider to fall away from the bike during a crash, much like skis when skiing. Having crashed my bike and even broken a bone while riding, I can certainly see the benefit of having the child be released from the bike rather than tumble down with it (I once fell several feet down a mountainside), but as a parent, I instinctively still want my child strapped down. In the end, I did feel very comfortable and safe when using the Mac Ride and never felt like our tester was in danger of falling out (even when he was trying to do”tricks”), but would still limit use to basic single-track mountain biking or use around town.

Mac Ride child bike seat in action


I have been taking my 2-year-old daughter mountain biking with me when I take my younger kids who are 6 and 8 years old because we are usually on pretty mellow trails. She has been riding on my back in a kid carrier backpack and she loves it! Nothing but weees and yahoos all the way down the trail. On the climbs, she just tells me, “go faster dad!” I had seen seats like the Mac Ride before and though it would be nice to try one sometime but always had some hesitation in taking a look at them and I definitely wouldn’t have thought of buying one until trying it out. I was worried that my kid would just fall off or not be able to hold onto my bars while riding. Or perhaps my child would just be too nervous to even get up in the saddle while I was riding. I can honestly say that all of those hesitant and negative thoughts were put to rest after installing the Mac Ride and giving it a go.

Mac Ride with Two-year-old Tester


First off, installing the Mac Ride is quite simple. After replacing two smaller spacers on my headset with the spacer ring provided by Mac Ride, it’s an easy 2 step process of turning a couple knobs and adjusting the placement of the seat and leg stirrups. Once getting all of the adjustments in place and dialed in I can now take the Mac Ride seat off when I need to go for a big boy ride and put it right back on when it’s time to take my daughter out for a spin in less than 30 seconds.


Riding with the Mac Ride did take a bit of getting used to. Having the extra weight of my daughter on my bike was a bit awkward at first especially in the corners because she doesn’t know how to lean her weight into the turns yet. Once I got past that it was smooth sailing. I feel like my daughter was having a more connected experience riding on the Mac Ride versus being behind me in a backpack. Lots of weees and yeehaws just like in the backpack. I asked her what she liked best and she said the seat is better.

I would like to try riding with the Mac Ride again on a full suspension bike. I used it on my hardtail. I think the plusher the suspension the better the ride for your child. Since they are sitting the entire time and taking the brunt of the bumps, they will benefit from a well-tuned suspension set up. So if you are riding a hardtail you may want to keep your speed down a bit more. Through the bumpier, more technical terrain I do feel like the backpack allowed me to carry more speed because I could stand and use my legs to absorb any harsh feedback from the trail. But for smoother flowier trails I would choose the Mac Ride for sure as I feel like my kid is having more fun. And after all, this is more for the child than for mom or dad.

I do feel that the smaller child the better. If the child is smaller they are able to have the seat closer to the handlebars and further from your legs. The larger the child becomes the closer they have to sit to you creating an awkward bowed out pedaling position. One thing worth noting is the shape of the seat that creates a nice cradle for the child, keeping them pretty secure even during steeper downhill sections. The cradled shape keeps them from moving forward or back on the saddle.

The seat is lightweight and built very well. Nice job Mac Ride. Now there is no excuse to not go mountain biking. Even when you’re stuck with babysitting duty.

Bottom Line

A game changer for many active families, the Mac Ride is a great bike seat for parents wanting to share their love of biking with their younger kids. Well-built, easy to use and enjoyed by kids and adults, the Mac Ride is a winner in our book.


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