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  1. I have tall four year old twins and I dropped the ball on getting balance bikes early on. One was pretty comfortable previously on a 12” bike with training wheels, and the other couldn’t really get the hang of it. Now they’re about 47” tall, 20” inseam; and because of the differences in their experiences, guardian suggested a 20” small and a 16”. I’m thinking of getting both of them 20” smalls and attempting to do the balance bike method before adding pedals. Do you have any suggestions before we make this double investment?

    I tried to leave this comment under your guardian 20” bike review but kept getting a “nonce is invalid” response. Thanks!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I’ve seen you are still wearing your yellow woom bike helmet although it was pulled back.
    This helmet just looks so nice, comfy and has so much coverage, I’d really like to get one for me and my daugthers (age 12 and 14).
    Do you know if there will be an L size (55-60cm) when the redesigned helmets will be released? The woom homepage offers XS, S and M size only.
    If not we might look for used ones. I assume the L size is safe as you are still wearing it?

  3. Hi! We’ve found your site so helpful, thank you for all the tips! 🙂 We have a 2 year old daughter, but we live in the city and wouldn’t yet trust her scooting around the streets on a balance bike or scooter. We take daily walks in her stroller, but she’s totally over being confined to that. We bought a Smart Trike stroller, but haven’t been too impressed with the functionality. Do you have any recommendations of some sort of bike or scooter / stroller combo? We’re looking for something she can be more active on, but still controlled enough to be around busy streets. Thanks!

  4. My son has a Woom 3 bike and he would like to attach a wagon to it. When we search we have only found links to trailers for attaching a kid bike to an adult bike. Do you know of any attachments that would fit a kid’s bike?

    Thank you!
    Michael and Otto.

    1. Hi Michael –

      We do not know of anything like you describe. What exactly is your son trying to carry? Woom offers a cargo rack that might work for carrying some loads, but it only fits on woom 4 and above.

  5. Hello, I want to buy a bike and a chair to ride on for the age of 2 to 4 years, if you can send how can I buy the appropriate bike for the chair

  6. Good afternoon!

    My 4 year old son is currently riding a Strider 14x with pedals. He is about to turn 5 and is ready for the next size up. He is very experienced and likes to ride trails. Unfortunately, his inseam is 16.5 and I am worried the jump to a 20 inch bike would be too much. I want to get him a bike with gears, but I cannot find any 16 inch bikes with gears. Do you have any recommendations? Or do you think he could skip it and go to 20 inch wheels and just grow into it?

    Thanks for your time! Your website has been very beneficial when looking for information!

    1. Oooh, this is a tough one! There is only one 16″ bike with gears on the market… available out of Europe. Most 4 and 5 year olds don’t have the developmental capacity to handle gears. My daughter is about to turn 4 and also loves to ride trails. We just bring a tow rope for the inclines. Is that an option for you?

      The smallest 20″ trail-worthy bike with gears is going to be the Prevelo Alpha Three. However, my daughter has an 18.5″ inseam and is 42.5″ tall and I think this bike would still be a bit of a stretch for her. She currently rides several different 16″ bikes, including the Prevelo Alpha Two, Prevelo Zulu Two, and Cleary Hedgehog.

  7. Hi,
    Trying to get into cycling but it will all hinge on my ability take my one year old with me. Been reviewing different rear mounted child seats. How come there are no options in North America for a decent rain cover? Any suggestions for something with a bit of structure?

    1. Hi Angela –

      How would you feel about using a bike trailer instead? Rear mounted seats don’t have rain cover options here.

    2. Thanks tons for all your help! My grandson is able to start, stop, stand to pedal ( beginning to as a trick 😃) and loves his WOOM 2 . He is currently 2 yr 7 months and I was hoping you guys would review bikes comparing to each other . You have done some in a limited way but my thought were showing a child ride a bunny hop ( or other things kids usually try) on a WOOM or CLEARY or PREVELO or SPAWN etc. to help families choose what the next bike should be considering the type of biking they do. To be clear, I don’t mean which bike is better than the next, they are all great. I mean please help us choose by watching kids demonstrate which bike is suited to the child’s current And future biking needs. I know which bike brands are good and I understand the upright VS aggressive geometry but please show us more in-depth about which bike is suited for what activity. FROGS look great but it seems like a child that wants to jump curbs or ramps would do better on a CLEARY , PREVELO or SPAWN. PREVELO make it obvious that the ZULU line is for mountain biking so I understand that difference. Thanks again for all your research I look to your site constantly and trying to learn more and more.
      BTW- I run a preschool so my grandson has had access to WOOM 2, SPAWN YOGI 14 inch, CLEARY GECKO, and KOKUA 12 and KOKUA 14 inch jumpers for balance bike races. He has been successful on all at his young age so any families not able to get their first choice for their child these have all been fantastic bikes!

  8. Based on your reviews, I just purchased a 14″ Guardian Bike for my 3.5 year old. Before this she had been riding a cheap hand-me-down balance bike with no brakes. After a week on the Guardian without pedals and a weekend working with home built block trainers (thanks for that tip) she took off on her own. She loves riding her bike, terrorizing and entertaining the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the one thing I cannot get her to use are her hand brakes. After her time on the balance bike, she’s completely attached to the idea that you stop by dragging your feet. She knows the handbrake is there, but only squeezes it once she’s nearly stopped. The faster she goes (and she is a budding speed demon), the more hair raising this is. Do you have any tips for encouraging her to use the hand brakes before putting down her feet?

    1. OH gosh, this is a very typical problem, so she is completely normal!! Honestly, we just ride (or run) behind our kids yelling at them to pull the brake lever until they figure to do it on their own. It does take some time. Until then I would keep her off of hills or intersections.

  9. I have a 2018 Kona Sutra disc break bike and just put a Thule child seat on the back. What’s the best kick stand to install to help prevent the bike from tipping over then I step off?

    1. Hey Mitch! We don’t test or review adult kick stands. You might want to take it into your local bike shop for help.

  10. Hi, I went to our local bikeshop this weekend to ask about getting a new bike + bikeseat for the baby (our baby just turned 1; I’m a dedicated bike-commuter pre-baby). The bikeshop said that as a matter of policy they only install rear seats, which came as a surprise to me because your site and lots of friends/colleagues who love their front seat. I did find your FAQ “Are front-mounted bike seats safe” but was wondering if you can point to any studies or data about the safety difference here? since it’s our first i’d be a little freaked installing something like the hamex observer safely myself…

    1. Hi Elika –

      We’ve never heard of any research that shows that rear seats are safer than front seats. In fact, I personally think it’s easier to ride with a front seat. Rear seats have a much greater effect on your balance. I’ve never had a front seat really throw my balance off, while this is a common occurrence for me when riding with a rear seat.

      Front seats are smaller than rear seats and are generally a much better fit for a one year old. You also have the advantage of having them in front of you so you can interact with them much more easily.

      If you’re not comfortable installing the seat yourself, I would find another bike shop to do it, or ask a handy friend. They come with very detailed instructions that any “handy” person could handle.

  11. Hi. I read the review for the Schwinn Elm. Do you know how the Elm differs from the similar looking schwinns sold at target, dicks, etc ( like the Hazel and the Deelite). Thanks!

  12. I purchased a used Trek Mountain Train (Tagalong). It is however missing a part. I am looking for the Trek Pedal Trailer Hitch Kit for model MT 201 Trek Mountain Train. The hitch kit part # is 87249. Please help if you can, thanks.

  13. Hello! I left this question on the guardian 20” bike review page a few days ago but have not had a response. Thought maybe this would be a good place to post the question? Any help would be awesome! My daughter will be 6 in September, is 46.5” tall and has. 19 3/4 inseam (guessing with shoes 20). She has only ridden a tricycle. I should have started sooner and now realize I may have missed out on helping her learn with a balance bike when she was younger. I did the guardian sizing tool and they advised a 20” small. What are your thoughts? Can I take the pedals off initially for a couple weeks to get the balance bike feel and then transition back to pedals? It would be great to avoid training wheels. I also don’t want her to outgrow something to quickly. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thank you 🙂

  14. Your website is amazing and after looking through all the good stuff, I have information overload! (But that’s a good thing!) You have given me so many things to consider and look for while trying to find the perfect balance bike for my daughter. But does our unicorn exist…is there a balance bike for my daughter? Please help me, here’s the specs we have:
    a 22 months old girl, inseam of 13 inches, and she is very strong and not scared

    Balance bike we’d like to have:
    aluminum frame, dedicated head set, adjustable seat, adjustable handle bars, air tires, at least one hand brake, and under $100? (The Yedoo hits all our points, but is just too expensive for us.)

    If not, what would you suggest for under $100 with as many of those features as possible?
    And what do you all think of the balance bikes that are made of plastic/composite material?

    1. Hi Tamara!

      Anytime you’re looking for air tires and a handbrake, you’re looking at closer to $200. The Yedoo TooToo is the most affordable option, but they are out of stock for the foreseeable future.

      Have you tried finding something on the used market?

      Otherwise, your best bet would be FirstBike. It’s not normally on our 10 Best List, but we recently added it because so many of our top options are available. You can see it here:

      You would need to get the lowering kit for her, the link is also on that page.

      The composite material does flex for taller/heavier kids, but this will not affect her now or in the near future.

  15. My 7-year-old son has a 22″ inseam and I’m debating between the Rev Co-op 20 (just jumped up to $247) and the Raleigh MXR 20. The first has the odd geometry, but the second might be too large for him. Which would you recommend? I don’t really want to pay more than the Co op bike.

    1. Hey Ashley – does he already know how to ride a pedal bike? Could he (does he) have the seat raised so that only his tip toes touch the ground when he’s sitting on the saddle?

      1. Yes and yes. He has a 16″ specialized right now and he’s got the seat raised really high. I guess I should go measure that…

  16. Hey! I love your site and all your reviews! What trailer would you recommend for European cobble stone streets? We need a double and something that folds small to fit in our camper.

    1. Natalie Martins

      Our favorite stroller/trailer combo is the Qeridoo line as their front stroller wheel is pneumatic, which helps provide extra cushioning along with its rear suspension. Their Speedkid line is specially designed to fold up into small spaces. Unfortunately, only the Speedkid2 is out of stock in the US, but if you happen to be in Europe, you should be able to find a Speedkid2 (link to Qeridoo). If you are in the US, I would still so with a Qeridoo for the smoothest trailer, but you would have to bump up to the larger Sportrex2 line (link to Qeridoo USA).

      1. Thank you for the recommendation. We are in Europe. I am trying to find a review online of the speedkid 2 but they are all in German. How are the seats? Is it a canopy seat? We plan on biking around the cities in Europe and I want to make sure our kids are comfortable.

        1. Natalie Martins

          We actually haven’t tested out the Speedkid yet, just the higher end Kidgoo (link to our review), but based on our experience with the Kigdoo, we are pretty confident that the pneumatic front tire and suspension on the Speedkid will provide for a smooth ride like the Kidgoo. It likely won’t be as plush, but still comfortable. Qeridoo also sells a separate seat pad for additional comfort if you prefer.

  17. Matthew A Zeunert

    I was on the Woom site and noticed they slackened the Head Tube Angel from 70 to 68 on the original Woom’s. I confirmed with Woom this is correct and it is now slacker than the Off. I thought you guys would be interested in this and doing a future update.

    1. Oh, good eye! We have been meeting with woom regularly about their new updates, but the change in head tube angle wasn’t brought up. There are a lot of changes, some visual, some technical, but the overall ride of the woom’s should be the same. Since those who are on the current waiting list will be receiving the new updated bikes, woom went ahead and updated their site now, even though they are not yet available (so parents know what they are ordering).

      We will be updating all of our reviews with the new updates once they arrive. woom has set aside demos of their first shipments of the new release for us to update :). (We are excited!)

      For the head tube, looking at their site, you are right in that their originals are 68 (and 69 on the 6), but on the woom OFF, they are also still listed between 68 and 69. So they certainly did slacken the original line.

  18. We have used your website for years to buy our kids’ bikes! We bought a 14” Stampede Sprinter pedal bike several years ago and are now needing to replace the seat, but it appears that company is no longer selling bikes or bike parts. Any ideas?

    1. Glad we could be of help! Sadly, Stampede bikes did go out of business several years ago. Replacement seat for kids bikes are readily available, but finding one the same size as the smaller saddle found on the 14″ may be challenging. Essentially you just need to find a “railed youth bike saddle”. Here is an example: This one is certainly going to be bigger than the current seat, but will work if you can’t find something smaller. Hope that helps!

  19. i dont see 12″ bike/cycles here on this site,. any recommendations, mainly where the kid gets to pull back/roll back the pedal to bring it to a forward position, as he is still not able to pedal continuously and is trying to roll back the pedal, that is making the current bike to stop,. as the back pedal is acting as a stopper/break… appreciate your help in advance

    1. Glad to help! Learning how to pedal a bike can be very confusing for young riders as they instinctively pedal backwards when they feel off balance or even by accident. We’ve experienced this many times and have put together an article with some tips on how to help:

      If you happen to be looking for a list of our favorite 12″ and 14″ bikes, you can find it here:

  20. Your site has been so helpful for finding bikes for our kids. We are also in the market for 2 adult bikes. Do you have a recommendation for a site that is as thorough as yours for making a decision about adult bikes to purchase? Thank you!

    1. Natalie Martins

      Hey Laurent! Thanks for reaching out, but we don’t actually sell bikes, we just review them. You will have to check with specific manufacturers to see if they have a distributor in New Zealand.

      1. Thank you. Our daughter is only 4’1″ and has short feet (size 13). I think that might make a difference…

  21. Any plans to review bike locks for kids? We live in a pretty densely populated area and with the spike in demand for bikes, there’s now a spike in thefts! It was already a problem before but more now. I’d like to get a lock for my son’s bike that he’d be able to use himself but also secure.

    1. Natalie Martins

      As of now, no, but we certainly would LOVE to do a comparison test someday. The one bike lock we have used is woom’s as they provided it with one of their test bikes, It has worked out great as it’s easier to use as well as remember the code as compared to a pad lock. The flexibility of the chain and not having to worry about losing a key make is a great choice over a U lock.

      Plus, I can totally see bike theft becoming more of a problem which is heartbreaking, especially for kids. We’ve had several kids in our city have bikes stolen after they saved up their own money to buy one. :(. Hopefully you find a lock that works for you!

    1. Natalie Martins

      We haven’t, but we really want to! The bikes are certainly on our wishlist of future reviews. I love the concept, but it’s hard to speak to the quality and performance of the bike without being able to test them out in person. The few bits of information I have got about them have been very positive though.

    1. Natalie Martins

      Hey Tawana! There are several different options which we have outlined in our How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike Article:

      For a 10 year old, I would recommend getting a lightweight bike, remove the pedals, and have your child practice running and gliding on the bike and essentially use it like a balance bike. When getting started, it is best to have your child practice gliding down slight hills which will help them get up to speed to balance much quicker. Smooth grass hills are often a great options.

      Once balancing has been mastered, put the pedals back on and have your child beginning running on the bike and then once they are moving and gliding have them start pedaling. Don’t encourage them to pedal from a standstill as that is much harder to learn.

      Additional tips can be found in that article I linked to above. Hope that helps!

  22. I have a Fuji bike and would like to attach a rear child carrier seat for toddler? Which child carrier seats would fit?

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