Fuzion Scooter Reviews: Z250 and X5 Models

With quality components at an affordable price, the Fuzion Scooter Z250 and X5 models are the perfect starter rides. Younger kids with an itch to hit the skatepark and do tricks like the big boys will love these beginner trick scooters! Read the full review!

Collage of the Fuzion scooter Z250 and X5 models

Fuzion Scooters Overview

  • RATING: Exceptional
  • MSRP$99 (X5), $129 (Z250)
  • BEST FOR: Kids 8+ who are just starting out on a trick scooter and want a few extra bells and whistles.
  • SCOOTER TYPE: Trick scooter
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 220 lbs.
  • HANDLEBAR HEIGHT: 21.5″ (X5), 23″ (Z250)


  • Super smooth and quiet ride
  • 110mm and 88a PU hardness wheels with ABEC-9 bearings for smooth rolling
  • Wider and taller handlebars make tricks easier to execute
  • Wider deck better for growing riders
  • Cool colors and graphics
  • Great value for the price


Fuzion Scooter Z250 and X5 Models Review

10 year old boy riding Fuzion X5 at the skatepark, jumping over an obstacle

The X5 and Z250 Fuzion scooters are both solid-quality options for the beginning to intermediate trick scooter enthusiast. While your child probably started on a kick scooter, when they’re begging to do tricks and dragging you to the skate park, it’s definitely time to upgrade. With thicker concave decks and stationary forks, trick scooters are more comfortable and safer to use whether dropping into the bowl or doing tail whips and grinds.

Overall Fuzion Performance

Between the three of our testers (8, 10, and 11-year-olds), it quickly became clear that Fuzion scooters were fun, easy to use, and gave them some serious street cred. And sometimes street cred is all you need to boost your confidence, right?? While the other kids at the skate park were scooting around on those cheap kick-scooters, our little team seemed to own the place on their Fuzions.

The X5 and Z250 scooters are  meant for same skill level – entry level to intermediate – but have slightly different riding components and riding experiences. In a nutshell, the X5 is more basic, and the Z250 is a more advanced scooter for about $50 more. That said, at the beginning level, you’re not going to have much complaining going on with the X5. It really is awesome for the price! But if you want your kid to have a slightly easier and smoother ride, fork out the extra dough for the Z250.

Right out of the gate, you can actually hear that the Z250 is smoother. It’s quieter and lacks any of that clickety clack. Basically you can hear the smooth rolling and also the padded landings after jumps. That said, it’s not like the X5 is super noisy like you may be used to hearing on a Razor A5 Lux or A2 kick scooter. But its entry-level build does make more noise than the Z250.

10-year-old riding the Fuzion Scooters Z250 at the skate park - up and down the stairs.

Fuzion Scooter Sizing

Weight: Weighing about the same, the X5 comes in at 7.4 lbs while the Z250 weighs 8.0 lbs. By comparison, the Micro Sprite kick scooter only weighs about 5.5 lbs. Our testers who were more familiar with kick scooters didn’t complain about the few extra pounds though.

Deck Size: The deck size of the Fuzion X5 and Z250 are also similar, but different enough that our testers noticed. Running 4″ x 20″ on the X5, the Z250 is 0.5″ wider at 4.75″. Doesn’t sound like much but our testers mentioned (unaided) to us that the deck of the Z250 was easier to use because they had more room to put their feet.

Handlebar Height: This is one of the big differences between the two scooters. The X5 is noticeably smaller at 21.5″ high x 18″ wide. The Z250 is 23″ high x 22″ wide. Our older testers definitely preferred the size of the Z250 because they said they didn’t have to hunch over and also the wider handlebars were more comfortable for them.

In the bowl at the skatepark with the Fuzion scooter Z250 and the Fuzion scooter X5

Scooters Components

Deck: The Fuzion X5 and Z250 both feature a 3 degree concave deck with 83 degree headtube angle, which is pretty standard. As mentioned above, the Z250 has a wider deck which is definitely better if your child is a little bit older. It also has cool branding on the bottom side that was pretty impressive to our testers.

 Fuzion Scooter Z250 Deck and Brake

Fuzion scooter Z250 deck from several angles - top, side, underneath.

Brake: While none of our testers seemed bothered by braking, we do actually get on these things and test them ourselves! As a mom who is not exactly aggressive on a scooter, I found the brake of the Z250 much easier to engage. As a result, it made me feel more confident because it had better stopping power. So if your kid is slightly timid, you might want to consider the Z250 over the X5 because it will be easier for your kid to stop.

Fuzion Scooter X5 Deck and Brake

Fuzion scooter X5 deck from several angles - top, side, underneath.

Wheels: Both scooters features aluminum cored wheels, but the Z250’s are an upgrade from the X5. The X5 has 100mm wheels with 85a PU hardness, while the Z250’s wheels are 110mm and 88a PU hardness. The advantage of bigger wheels is that they’ll roll faster and last longer. Harder wheels also tend to be faster and also last longer. So overall, the Z250 is going to be a faster scooter.

Fuzion Z250’s Wheels and Grips

Fuzion scooter Z250 front wheel, rear wheel with brake, and oversized Hex grips.

Handlebars and Grips: As mentioned above, the Z250 has wider handlebars than the X5. This will help older kids feel more comfortable, and according to our middle school testers, the wider handlebars also make it easier to lift the scooter to execute jumps. The oversized 155mm Hex grips on the Z250 are wider and more padded, which is a nice upgrade if you think your kid is going to be a frequent and aggressive rider.

Fuzion X5’s Wheels and Grips

Fuzion X5 trick scooter front wheel, rear wheel with brake, and rubber grips.

Fuzion Scooter Z250 and X5 Bottom Line

If you think your kid is going to get serious about trick scootering, the Fuzion Scooter Z250 is a high-quality but affordable place to start. With several nice upgrades and a slightly larger build, it will give your advancing rider room to grow. The X5 is perfect for younger and smaller riders who are just starting out. As a much more affordable option, it’s also less of an investment if you’re unsure how aggressive your kid is going to turn out to be.

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