Hape Scoot Around Review

The Hape Scoot Around is a safe, stable, and easy ride for your baby’s very first “bike”! Great for the youngest new walkers, starting around age 12 months. Read the full review for all the reasons we love this adorable toddler bike.

young kids riding the hape scoot around


Hape Scoot Around Review

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Babies and toddlers in 12-24 months clothes that can stand and walk.


WEIGHT: 5.7 lb.


  • Two wheels in front and two wide-set wheels in back for maximum stability
  • Smooth and easy steering
  • Higher handlebars for a comfortable, upright body position and more room for growth
  • Wheels roll with minimal effort and at just the right speed for little ones


  • Detailed assembly required
  • Only available in one color

Hape Scoot Around Review – Results of our Test Rides

The Hape Scoot Around is a small, smooth, and steady ride. In true Goldilocks fashion – it’s “just right”. Not too big, not to small. Not too fast, not too slow. It seems just about perfect for your average little walker turned rider.

15 Month Old, 2 Year Old, and 3 Year Old Riders

16-month-old riding Hape Scoot Around, 2.5-year-old riding YBIKE Pewi, and 3-year-old riding Chillafish Bunzi.


Children push the Scoot Around forward using their feet, which is preferable to awkward pedals that are often difficult for a child to reach or to figure out. Additionally, pushing and scooting prepare a child to ride a balance bike because not only are they using their feet to move forward, but they’re learning the mechanics of balancing while sitting and moving. Ride-on toys like the Hape Scoot Around are the perfect “pre-balance” bike!

With two wheels in front and two wider-set wheels in back, the Hape is solid and stable, providing confidence and comfort for your baby or toddler. This was one baby bike we could be confident setting our smallest and newest riders on because it’s easy to find your balance and is virtually un-tippable. The front wheels turn easily by turning the handlebars, making the Hape simple to maneuver.

We also love that while the Hape’s wheels roll smoothly, they glide at a steady and manageable speed. Little ones love the Hape Scoot Around because it’s easy for them to control and master. Our littlest testers were drawn to the Hape, while our older toddlers preferred other options like the Pewi, Bunzi, and Radio Flyer Retro Rocket.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

While the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether the Scoot Around is meant for outdoor in addition to indoor use, we wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis. Based on the look and feel of the plastic/foam wheels, they seem better suited for indoors and will definitely last longer on indoor floors.

Upclose shot of Hape Scoot Around's plastic/foam wheels.


With a fixed seat height of 8.75″ and high handlebars, the Hape is one of the smallest baby bikes on the market and was a perfect fit for our very petite 16-month-old tester with 10.25″ inseam, while just on the tall side for our 10-month-old tester in 12-month clothes.

The manufacturer states the Scoot Around is for 12 months+. From a developmental standpoint, this is true. Most babies under 12 months won’t be able to sit on their own and handle the bike. Our 10-month-old tester loved riding the Hape assisted by her parents, and pushing off the ground with her little feet, but was unable to sit safely by herself. Until a baby is a pretty steady walker, they most likely won’t be able to safely sit on a bike unassisted.

Our petite 16-month-old toddler below is a perfect fit for the Hape. She’s a good gauge for whether or not your child will also fit on the Hape. Larger children can ride the Hape safely, but the longer their legs get, the more crowded the bike becomes and the more awkward it becomes to propel themselves forward, as you can see with our 2.5-year-old rider below.

 Toddlers in 12-Months Pants vs. 2T Pants

Sizing comparison of toddler in 12 month pants vs 2T pants on the Hape Scoot Around.

Frame and Components

Built with a solid-quality wood frame and plastic wheels, the Hape Scoot Around has a very classic and retro look and feel. It feels solid and durable, and is likely to last through several kids. It’s important to note that it does require quite a bit of assembly, so be prepared to spend about 30 minutes assembling the pieces.

Young boy assembling the many parts of the Hape Scoot Around.

Handlebar and Steering

The handlebars of the Hape are capped on either end with a cute, green ball, confining little hands and guiding hand placement. The handlebars are placed relatively high on the bike, which allows for the child to be more comfortable as they sit more upright. It also allows for more growth with the bike.

The steering of the Hape is smooth and easy, requiring very little effort. The turning radius is limited, which in turn limits maneuverability, but also prevents tipping over. Steering does add a small layer of complexity to a baby bike, but it has the advantage of introducing a child to the concept of steering before they advance to a balance bike.

Hape Scoot Around's wood frame, steering limiter, and handlebars.

Bottom Line

The Hape Scoot Around is a safe, stable, and easy ride for your baby’s very first “bike”! We especially recommend it for the youngest new walkers, starting around age 12 months to 24 months.

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