YBIKE Pewi Review – The BEST Ride-on Toy

With a lightweight frame, no need for steering, and multi-directional wheels, the YBIKE Pewi will have your tiny toddler maneuvering around the house in no time. After testing nine different ride-on toys for our own babies and toddlers, the YBIKE Pewi is our clear winner.

From the smallest “barely walkers” who use the Pewi as a push-toy, to your confident toddler who uses it as their first toddler bike, this YBIKE is a versatile tool that can be used for several years. Its high quality will also allow you to pass it down through several kids! Read the review below for all the reasons we love it!

toddler girl standing next to the pewi ybike ride on toy

YBIKE Pewi Overview

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Babies and toddlers who are steady walkers and ready to start scooting around! 12 months – 2T clothes.


WEIGHT: 3.87 lb.


  • Smooth caster-style wheels make maneuvering a breeze
  • Super stable
  • Confident riders love how fast they can go
  • Adorable design looks like a tiny person
  • Available in four colors


  • Speed of bike could be dangerous outdoors if not used with caution
  • Caster wheels move too fast for the “Walking Buddy” function with less-confident walkers
  • Somewhat detailed assembly required

YBIKE Pewi Review – Results of our Test Rides

With multi-directional wheels that allow your tiny walker to maneuver around the house with ease, the YBIKE Pewi is an excellent choice for fun-loving, confident toddlers who have a sense of adventure and speed. It’s also a great option  for timid riders who would benefit from a ride-on toy that rolls smoothly in whichever direction they choose.

2.5-Year-Old in 2T Pants on Pewi

2.5-year-old riding YBIKE Pewi, 16-month-old riding Hape Scoot Around, and 3-year-old riding Chillafish Bunzi.

Overall Performance

The YBike Pewi really excels at two things – stability and maneuverability. With four wide-set wheels, the Pewi is the most stable ride-on toy we’ve tested. And because those wheels are small, multi-directional caster wheels, your little rider can move around with ease.

Kids won’t get stuck in corners, won’t have to get off the bike and pick it up to turn it around, and won’t get frustrated trying to maneuver around couches and chairs in the house. Kids move the Pewi by pushing off the ground with their feet, developing early the mechanics of balance bike movement. Check out this video here to see it in action!

Indoor/Outdoor Use as a Ride-on Toy

While the Pewi is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, we do want to caution about outdoor use. The wheels on the Pewi are fast. Like really fast. On one hand, that’s great because it was easy for our timid riders to move around, while our older, more adventurous riders got a big kick out of how fast they could glide across wood floors.

But outside, this could pose a safety issue with kids flying out into the street. If you’re going to use the Pewi outdoors, we recommend doing so under strict parent supervision, or on a large, flat area, such as a school playground.

3-Year-Old in 3T Pants on Pewi

Close up of YBIKE Pewi's caster wheels, and 3-year-old gliding on the Pewi on a wood floor.

2-in-1 Walking Buddy

The YBIKE Pewi boasts that it can be used as young as 9 months as a “walking buddy”. In our experience, however, it’s not actually ideal for babies young enough to need a walking buddy (before they are confident walkers). While the fast, multi-directional caster wheels serve a great purpose in “ride-on toy mode”, they roll too quickly and in too many directions for unsteady walkers.

11-Month-Old vs 16-Month-Old Using the Walking Buddy

11-month-old using the Pewi as a walking buddy on carpet, 16-month-old using the Pew as a walking buddy on a wood floor.

In theory, a baby would stand in front of the bike, hold on to the round “handlebar”, and push the bike in front of them. In reality, the “walking buddy” moves so quickly that if a baby places any of their weight on it for support, it moves forward more quickly than a new walker can keep up with.

Basically, your baby will most likely end up with their bum on the floor rather than walking very many steps with the Pewi. If you have carpet, this does help the issue, but it’s still difficult for young, inexperienced walkers to manage on their own.

That said, our 16-month-old confident walker absolutely loved pushing the Pewi around as a “walking buddy”, so for her, she could use the Pewi as both a ride-on toy and a walking buddy.

Size – YBIKE Pewi Fits Wide Range of Kids

With a fixed seat height of 10.13″ but a very narrow seat, the Pewi Ybike was a great fit for our very petite 16-month-old tester with 10.25″ inseam (12 month pants), and a good fit for her 2.5-year-old sister with a 12.75″ inseam (2T pants). Their 3 year and 9-month-old older sister with a 16″ inseam actually loved riding the Pewi as well (3T pants).

While already riding a 14″ pedal bike on a normal basis, this 3-year-old tester was gliding around the house with glee on the Pewi. She loved its speed, leaning forward on the “steering wheel” and “flying” all over the house.

While YBIKE states that the ride-on toy is for 12-36 months, please check your child’s inseam rather than go strictly on age. Our 2.5-year-old (30 month), average-sized tester in 2T pants is almost too big for the Pewi. While she can certainly still ride it, you wouldn’t want to buy it new for a child her size.

Kids in 12-months, 2T, and 3T Pants on the Pewi

Sizing comparison of Pewi on 16-month-old (great fit!), 2.5-year-old (okay fit), and 3-year-old (too small).

Frame and Components

Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, multi-directional rubber wheels, and sturdy plastic “steering wheel”, the Pewi is both lightweight and durable. It just feels high-quality and is likely to last through several children.

2.5-year-old on Chillafish Bunzi next to a 3-year-old on YBIKE Pewi. Pewi in a child's play pen looks like a tiny person.

Handlebar and Steering

A round, stationary, solid plastic “steering wheel” replaces traditional handlebars on the Pewi bike. This “steering wheel” allows kids to grip anywhere along the circle to anchor themselves to the bike.

While it doesn’t turn like a traditional steering wheel or handlebar, the caster wheels provide more multi-directional movement than any handlebar would.  It also simplifies the riding process for kids – they don’t have to worry about using their hands as part of the process and can focus solely on their feet.

Upclose shot of rubber caster wheel on Pewi, and the round "handlebar" that looks like a smiling face.

Bottom Line on the YBIKE Pewi

The YBIKE Pewi is high-quality, unique, and exciting ride for early walkers and toddlers in 12 months to 2T pants. With a lightweight frame, no need for steering, and multi-directional wheels, your tiny toddler will be maneuvering around the house in no time! Due to the speed with which the caster wheels roll, we recommend that you use the Pewi outside or as a “walking buddy” with caution.

For other options for baby and toddler bikes, check out our full list: Best Balance Bikes for Kids of All Ages.

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