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Pedal Bike Review

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Perfect for the average ride around town, the Priority Classic will have you and your child happily riding around for years to come.

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Product Specifications

MSRP: $449

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Seat Height:

Weight: 25 lb.

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size: Other

Brake Type: Coaster, Front Hand Optional


Suspension: No


Geared Bike Type: Other


Available Online: Yes


So your son or daughter (or grandchild, niece, etc.) has an awesome bike, but what about you? Shopping for a bike as an adult, is as tricky and complicated as shopping for shoes. Size, fit, use, gender and purpose are all determining factors in finding the best bike for you. In addition, once you buy a bike, in many ways your adventures are just beginning. Tires go flat, gears stop working, chains need cleaning (and greasing), seats (saddle in the bike work) are uncomfortable and your arms quickly learn to dread picking the bike up to store or move it. Bikes can be a real pain, but they don’t have to be. Meet the Priority Classic.


Priority Classic

Comfortable, durable, reliable, lightweight, affordable and essentially maintenance-free, the Priority Bicycles Classic is classic simplicity made possible through modern engineering. It won’t take you over or down steep mountain passes or be your guide through Red-Bull-worthy helicopter mountain bike rides, but it will comfortably and easily take you to the park across town or the ice cream shop down the street. It won’t fold up or use its battery to propel you up a hill, but it will require little or no maintenance for years to come.

Dedicated “to taking the stress out of buying, owning and maintaining a bicycle”, Priority bikes are built with grease-free belts instead of chains, with a internally-geared hubs instead of derailleurs and a rear coaster brakes instead of a hand brakes (front hand brake optional). Available in two frame sizes and two frame designs (diamond and step-through), the Classic is the bike you never knew you wanted, but have always needed.  To ensure every bike is truly maintenance-free out of the box, every bike is also shipped with a bike pump.

Priority Bicycles is the brain child of Dave Weiner, a father, business man and bike industry professional.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Priority Bicycles launched their first product in July 2014.  Since then they have continued to expand and even added a children’s line (which is how we came to know them).

Priority Bikes 2

But how do they ride? After riding mainly mountain bikes, I admit the Priority took some getting used to, especially the coaster brake. While riding slow, especially with my kids, I often pedal backwards, which is problematic with a coaster brake.  But with every ride, I came to enjoy the bike more and more.  Curious fingers no longer leave the garage with greasy fingers and the lightweight frame made it easy to lift for hanging storage. The upright position meant less neck strain while keeping track of the kids and with only three gears, shifting is a breeze.  All in all, it was just as promised, easy, simple and fun.

Priority Bicycles 3

In addition, the Priority Classic is hands-down the easiest bike to use with child bike seats, which are notorious for poor fit.  With a pile of seats at our disposal, we and yet to come across a seat that doesn’t fit on the Classic.  The upright position of the rider also provided more room for front-mounted bike seats compared to other bikes, but on their smaller S/M frame (we tested out the M/L), it will probably be a tight fit.  Plus, if you do plan on using the Classic for bike seats, the step-through frame would be best to allow for easier entries and exits while your child is in their bike seat.

Priority Bikes 1

Bottom Line

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy

Like Kennedy, Priority Bicycles got it right. Easy to use, reliable, durable and a pure joy to ride.



MSRP: $449

By: Natalie Martins

Last Updated: January 20, 2017

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