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Raskullz Helmet Review

Fun 3D designs that kids love, but Raskullz helmets’ wide size range and very limited adjustability prevent them from staying properly in place during a ride. Read the review below for more reasons you should probably get a different helmet.


Raskullz Helmets

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Doesn’t stay in place – it may be cute, but it’s a sure pass

SIZE: 48 – 54 cm

ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: Adjusts with pads

WEIGHT: Varies


  • Fun 3D designs are a huge hit with kids


  • Lack of adjustability and non-locking sliders prevent helmets from staying in place during use
  • Wide sizing range also contributes to problems with helmets fitting properly

Raskullz Helmet Review – Results of our Testing

Kids love the look and parents love the price.  For a mere $25, Raskullz has successfully ended the helmet-wearing-debate many parents often face with their kids.  Drawn to their crazy designs and patterns, many reluctant kids are more than willing to wear their Raskullz helmet.  While seemingly a win-win for parents and kids alike, what parents save in sanity and dollars, may be at the expense of safety.  Like many helmets, all Raskullz designs have successfully passed CPSC and ASTM testing and are, therefore, certified as safe if worn correctly.  Due to the lack of internal adjustment system, however, far too often Raskullz helmets are not worn properly and are therefore, in our opinion, not able to protect a child’s head as well at they are designed to do.

Raskullz helmets group

In addition to the lack of internal adjust, Raskullz limited sizing adds fuel to the fire.  Raskullz helmets come in two sizes, 3+, designed for kids with a head circumference between 48 and 52 cm, and 5+, for kids with a head circumference between 50 and 54 cm.  In order to allow for more kids to fit into each size, Raskullz helmets have 4 cm of play in each of their sizes.  Four centimeters of play simply means that a child with a head circumferences of 50 and another with 54 cm should both be able to fit into the same size helmet.  Without a mechanism to adjust the internal width of the helmet, the child with a 50 cm head circumference must solely rely on the chin straps to ensure a proper fit.  A properly fitted helmet should cause one’s eyebrows to move when the helmet is shifted side-to-side.  Even with the chin straps properly adjusted, with four centimeters of play in the helmet, the child with a head circumference of 50 cm will never be able to properly fit into the helmet, thereby limiting the amount of protection it can provide.

raskullz no internal adjust

To compensate for the amount of play in their sizes, most companies either provide some version of an internal adjust system, provide multiple swappable width pads or simply limit the play in their sizing to 2 to 3 centimeters.  Raskullz however, uses none of these methods and as a result, their helmets are often worn incorrectly.

raskullz helmet adjust

While the pictures above were taken “behind the scenes” at a Raskullz photo shoot, they didn’t come directly from the company and are, therefore, somewhat forgivable.  A properly fitted helmet should not be tilted forward or backwards on a child’s head, but rather low on the forehead with space for only one to two fingers between the top of the eyebrows and the bottom on the helmet.


In Raskullz’s own company produced video, however, very few of the helmets shown are actually worn properly.  If Raskullz themselves can’t get their helmets to fit properly, how to they expect parents to be able to do so?

In the end, while we certainly commend Raskullz for getting kids to wear their helmets, we find their lack of adjustability troublesome and, therefore, cannot recommend them.  For those parents looking for a helmet in the $25 price range that their kids are willing to wear, take a look at Wipeout Helmets.  With a dry-erase shell, 3 available sizes, multiple colors and only 2 to 3 centimeters of play in their smaller sizes, they offer a better fit as well as hours of changeable fun.  Crazy Safety Helmets are also a great option as they have 3D designs like Raskullz, but they have a great internal adjust system to ensure a proper fit.

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