Raskullz Helmet Review

You see Raskullz Helmets everywhere because they have adorably fun 3D designs that kids love! Dinosaur mohawks, kitty kat ears, unicorn horns… kids fall for them instantly! But Raskullz helmets’ wide size range and no adjustability prevent them from staying properly in place during a ride.

Is buying the cutest helmet on the rack more important than buying a helmet that will do its job and keep your child safe? You can probably guess the answer from us Bike Moms. Read the review below for more reasons you should probably choose a different bike helmet for your child.

Girl wearing Raskullz kids bike helmet with Mohawk design

Raskullz Helmets Overview

RATING: Not recommended


BEST FOR: Doesn’t stay in place – it may be cute, but it’s a sure pass

SIZE: 48 – 52 cm (XS), 50 – 54 cm (S)


WEIGHT: Varies


  • Fun 3D designs are a huge hit with kids


  • Lack of adjustability and non-locking sliders prevent helmets from staying in place during use
  • Wide sizing range also contributes to problems with helmets fitting properly

Raskullz Helmet Review – Results of our Testing

Boy on scooter at the skatepark. Wearing Razkullz Mohawk Dino Helmet

Kids love the look and parents love the price.  For a mere $20 – $30, Raskullz has successfully ended the helmet-wearing-debate many parents often face with their kids.  Drawn to their crazy designs and patterns, many reluctant kids are more than willing to wear a Raskullz helmet.  

While seemingly a win-win, what parents save in sanity and dollars is at the expense of safety.  While we rarely tell parents not to buy a product, we’re going to say it here. Don’t buy a Raskullz bike helmet.

Raskullz Helmets Don’t Adjust – A BIG Problem

If bike helmets were simply fashion accessories, Raskullz would be the easy winner. But helmets aren’t cute hats. They help prevent serious injuries and can actually save your child’s life when worn properly.

So what’s wrong with Raskullz helmets? One main thing… they don’t have an adjustment system to tighten the helmet on your child’s head. ⁠If a bike helmet doesn’t fit snuggly on your child’s head, it can’t provide adequate protection when they really need it.⁠ Please review our Bike Helmet Guide for help on ensuring a proper helmet fit.

Raskullz Doesn’t Have a Dial Adjust

Back of Raskullz helmet showing that it doesn't have a dial adjust like the helmet next to it.

The XS helmet you see here is supposed to fit kids with heads ranging from 48 – 52 cm in circumference. But there’s no way to adjust the circumference of the helmet! ⁠

Baby bike tester has a 50 cm head, right in the middle of the size range. This helmet slides forward and backward every time you touch it. Can you imagine how it would fit a child with a 48 or 49 cm head? Raskullz helmets are only a good fit for a child at a very specific moment in time.

Girl wearing Raskullz kids bike helmet with Mohawk design

There are SO MANY OTHER HELMETS on the market that have dial-adjust systems so you can dial in a perfect fit for your child. Many of these helmets are extremely affordable and also pretty cute. ⁠Check out our list of our 10 favorite kids bike helmets for inspiration.

Raskullz Bike Helmet Sizing – Wide ranges are problematic

In addition to the lack of internal adjust, Raskullz limited sizing adds fuel to the fire.  Raskullz helmets come in two sizes: 3+, designed for kids with a head circumference between 48 and 52 cm, and 5+, for kids with a head circumference between 50 and 54 cm.

Boy wearing Raskullz helmet at the skatepark

In order to allow for more kids to fit into each size, Raskullz helmets have 4 cm of play in each of their sizes.  Four centimeters of play simply means that a child with a head circumferences of 50 and another with 54 cm should both be able to fit into the same size helmet.

While this works really well for helmets with dial-adjust systems in the back, it doesn’t work at all for Raskullz. Without a mechanism to adjust the internal width of the helmet, the child with a 50 cm head circumference must solely rely on the chin straps to ensure a proper fit.

Raskullz Helmet vs. Helmet with Dial Adjust

Interior of Raskullz helmet has no way to adjust the size. Compared next to helmet with dial adjust system.

A properly fitted helmet should stay in place when a child shakes their head back and forth. Even with the chin straps properly adjusted, with four centimeters of play in the helmet, the helmet will always be loose on a child with a head circumference of 50 cm. This greatly limits the amount of protection it can provide.

So are Raskullz helmets unsafe?

All bike helmets sold in the US must successfully passed CPSC testing standards. Raskullz bike helmets are CPSC certified, and thus safe if worn correctly.  Due to the lack of internal adjustment system, however, far too often Raskullz helmets are not worn properly and are not able to protect a child’s head as well at they are designed to do.

The Bottom Line on Raskullz Helmets

We know the Razkullz Unicorn Helmet is adorable. We also love their Shark Attax helmet. But in the end, while we certainly commend Raskullz for getting kids to wear their helmets, we find their lack of adjustability troublesome and cannot recommend them.  

For those parents who are looking for a helmet in the $25 price range that their kids are willing to wear, take a look Crazy Safety Helmets. They have 3D designs like Raskullz, but they have an internal adjust system to ensure a proper fit.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.


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