Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

The Razor E100 electric scooter is a good electric scooter for kids to get started on. It won’t last generations, but your kids will have a blast while it lasts. Designed for kids, the E100 offers a smooth kick-start motor with a front air tire for an overall smoother ride.

With a max speed of 10 mph, the razor E100 offers just enough speed to keep older kids engaged without being too fast for younger riders. Read the review below to find out how it compares to other electric scooters by Razor.

boy riding a pink Razor E100 electric scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Overview

  • RATING: Recommended
  • MSRP$160
  • BEST FOR: Kids 8+ just starting out on an electric scooter.
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 120 lbs.
  • MAX MPH: 10
  • TIRES: Front air


  • Kick-start motor for smoother starting
  • Fast enough for fun, but not too fast for young riders
  • Front air tire for a smoother ride
  • Well-known brand


  • Motor cover catches and scratches on ground with sharp right turns
  • Motor and batteries require special care and potential maintenance

What’s the Difference Between the Razor E90, E100, and E200 Scooters?

Before you read any further, let us clear up any confusion you have about the Razor electric scooter models.  Razor sells several different electric scooters and even sells the same scooters under different names for different retailers. In general, the larger the model number, the faster the scooter will go, the more weight capacity it has, and the better tires it rolls on.

Boy riding Razor E100 electric scooter in the street.

Razor’s newer models – the Power Core – have a different motor (in-hub vs. chain) that allows the scooters to get more ride time with each charge. (Short ride times are probably the biggest complaint parents and kids have about electric scooters!) While this is certainly a welcome change, many parents do complain that the Power Core models start with more of a “jolt” and can throw less confident riders off the scooter.

The Razor Power A2 is Razor’s newest model, and has some pretty sweet features. You can read the full review of the Power A2 here.

Razor Electric Scooter Comparison

Model Power Core E90 E100 Power Core E100 Power A2 E200 E300
Also Sold As E95 E125, E150, E175
MSRP $130 $160 $160 $199 $230 $430
Rec. Age 8+ 8+ 8+ 8+ 13+ 13+
Max MPH 10 10 11 10 12 15
Max Ride Time 70 min 40 min 60 min 40 min 45 min 40 min
Max Weight 120 lbs. 120 lbs. 120 lbs. 143 lbs. 154 lbs. 220 lbs.
Throttle Push button Twist Grip Twist Grip Push button Twist Grip Twist Grip
Motor Kick start, in wheel hub Kick start, chain Kick start, in wheel hub Kick start, in wheel hub Chain Chain
Brake Front hand brake Front hand brake Front hand brake Foot brake Rear hand brake Rear hand brake
Front Wheel 140 mm PU 8" air 8" air Urethane 8" air Extra wide 10" air
Rear Wheel 125 mm PU PU Flat free rubber Airless rubber 8" air Extra wide 10" air

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Performance

The Razor E100 is a pretty sweet, smooth ride for younger kids that are jumping at the chance to ride an electric scooter. With a front air tire, it rolls more smoothly than the E90 which has a polyurethane front wheel, but not as smooth as the E200 which has a front and rear air tire. We do love the added safety of the kick-start motor that requires a child to push off and be moving at 3 mph before the motor kicks in. This allows for a smooth start.

Boy riding his Razor E100 electric scooter with his brother on a traditional kick scooter.

Electric scooters are more expensive than traditional scooters because they have motors and large batteries. Be aware, however, that they are still basically toys and Razor is not a luxury brand. We’ve had our own issues with our E100 (keep reading!) and we’ve heard lots of stories of scooters that just stop working or never work out of the box.

One thing we did notice with some riders, especially with younger riders, is that they can easily get distracted. Because they aren’t doing any physical work to move the scooter, they don’t always seem to fully grasp that they’re moving at high speeds. We witnessed a few crashes as a result.

Additionally, sharp right turns are not recommended as the motor cover catches and scrapes on the sidewalk.

How fast is the Razor E100 scooter go?

With a maximum speed of just 10 mph and a maximum ride time of 40 minutes, the E100 is a fun and safer intro into the electric scooter world. It’s definitely fast enough to make a parent nervous and to give young kids a thrill, but a kid on a traditional kick scooter like the Razor A5 Lux can actually ride faster than a kid on an E100 electric scooter! In fact, the kids in our neighborhood have races all the time and get quite a kick out of sweating it out to beat a machine. 🙂

More aggressive riders could get bored quickly as they watch other neighborhood kids speed by on an E200 (12 mph) or E300 (15 mph), but as a parent, you’re the guardian of what max speed is safe for your child.

Traditional Kick-Scooters Can Beat the Razor E100

Boy racing his Razor E100 electric scooter against his friend on a traditional kick scooter.

How fast does the E100 accelerate?

The E100 twist grip accelerator must be held in place to maintain speed and then released to stop. When a rider needs actual stopping power, they can engage the hand brake. There are no true variable speeds on the E100, it’s pretty much just accelerate to maximum speed, maintain, and decelerate to zero.

What type of motor does the E100 scooter have?

The E100 (and E200 and E300) features a 100W chain driven motor running on a 24V battery, while the Power Core models feature an upgraded in-hub motor that has less potential problems and requires less maintenance. Chain motors can come off track, and after about 4 months of ownership, this did happen to us.

Suddenly the scooter just wouldn’t work. It would charge, the On/Off button would turn on, but the throttle wouldn’t engage the motor. Based on troubleshooting via Razor’s website, we thought we were going to have to buy a new throttle and power center, but when we took the scooter apart, the chain had just come off track. It was a bit difficult to get back on track, but doable and this fixed our problem.

How long does the battery take to charge?

The initial battery charge takes 12 hours while subsequent re-charges take 8 hours. This is a pain, and one of our major annoyances with electric scooters at this price point. (This is for all of the Razor electric scooters.) The batteries in general can be an annoyance because you have to treat them just right or they might die on you. Don’t charge them too long, don’t leave the power switch on when you’re not using the scooter, don’t go a month without using or charging your battery… If you fail to comply, you might end up with a scooter than won’t go. 🙁

Unfortunately, with the age of kids using these scooters, the likelihood that the battery rules will be obeyed on their own isn’t very high, so parents, be prepared to monitor battery charging.

What size child fits on the Razor E100?

Handlebar Height: The E100’s handlebars are stationary in height, extending 30″ from the deck. Because the maximum weight is 120 lbs., this height should be fine for anyone old enough (8+) but light enough to ride the scooter.

Weight: Ours weighed in at 25.4 lbs. Electric scooters are heavy! Make sure and find a good parking spot with a clear path in the garage because even as an adult, it’s a bit hefty to lug around past lawn mowers and bikes.

Weight Capacity: 120 lb. weight capacity

Age: Razor recommends the E100 for kids 8+. Only you know your child, though! Our very athletic 7-year-old tester rides the E100 on a regular basis. But I know timid 9-year-olds that I wouldn’t put on an electric scooter. Use your judgment!!

Quality of Construction of the Razor E100 Scooter

Scooter Wheels – Air and Polyurethane

The front wheel is an 8″ air tire while the rear wheel is a smaller polyurethane wheel. The air tire absorbs bumps in the road and produces a smoother rider than traditional scooter wheels. If you want an electric scooter with two air tires, you can try the Razor E200, but be prepared for a higher maximum speed and a higher price.

Razor E100 electric scooter front air tire and rear plastic tire.

Scooter Foot Platform

The foot deck of the E100 is 7.75″ wide, which is plenty of space for riders maxing out at 120 lbs.  The E200 and E300 both have fuller decks for larger riders.

Razor E100 electric scooter foot platform

Handlebars and Electric Throttle

The handlebars are a standard, non-adjustable t-bar with rubber hand grips with rubber bumper ends that will protect hands from falls and also will hold up better than traditional foam.

The twist grip throttle controls the speed and is on the right hand. It must be held in place with a firm grip to maintain speed and doesn’t allow for variable speeds – if you’re interested in varying speeds, you’ll need to upgrade to the E300.

Brakes on the E100 Scooter

The E100 features a single handbrake on the left hand that engages a caliper brake on the front air tire. As bike people, we’re not big fans of a single left-handed brake. On a bike, if you brake with your left hand only, you’re braking the front tire which could send you flying over the front handlebars if you’re riding fast enough. So while a scooter is not a bike, if your child gets used to braking solely with their left hand, this could present a problem on a bike.

The throttle is on the right hand though, so a left-hand brake is a bit inevitable here so kids aren’t trying to do too much with a single hand.

In addition to the brake, a rider can slow down simply be letting up on the twist grip throttle.

Hand Brake on the Left, Throttle on the Right

Child pulling brake on Razor E100 electric scooter and throttle on Razor E100.

Ease of Transport and Storage

The Razor E100 is not foldable. The kickstand helps with space-saving upright storage.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Bottom Line

The Razor E100 is a good choice for a starter electric scooter for kids 8+. It probably won’t last generations, but your kids will have a blast while it lasts. As a parent, be prepared to monitor charging and perform basic maintenance – an electric ride-on toy brings all sorts of potential complications into the mix. Check out the Razor Power A2 Electric Scooter for a lighter weight option that works even without the power!

For a look at more electric scooter brands, click here for our 10 Best Kids Electrics Scooters, where we tested 10 different electric scooters head to head.

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