Uvex Hero Helmet Review

Lightweight, well-ventilated, adjustable, and durable, the Uvex Hero Helmet is quite simply what the standard helmet should be. Read the review below for all the reasons we love it.

boy wearing a blue Uvex hero bike helmet

Uvex Hero Helmet

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: True non-pinch buckle makes it very suitable for kids antsy about being pinched. Shallower fit makes it less ideal for kids with tall foreheads.

SIZE: 49 – 54 cm


WEIGHT: 205 g


  • Best (and our favorite!) pinch-free buckle design
  • Durable, in-mold construction
  • Super lightweight and great ventilation
  • Dial-adjust fit system


  • It’s very shallow so it sits too high on kids with tall heads

Uvex Hero Helmet Review – Results of our Testing

Based in Germany, Uvex is a high-end helmet and sporting gear manufacturer whose products are a true testament of breaking the status quo. Through research and engineering, Uvex encourages us to reevaluate what we commonly accept as “standard”.

Compared to the typical child’s helmet, Uvex helmets offer increased durability, an upgraded, re-engineered buckle, and more precise fitting options.

Uvex Hero bike helmet on 5 year old riding a bike


The Uvex Hero is designed for older toddlers and younger kids, accommodating head circumferences ranging from 49 to 54 cm.  Over the years we’ve had testers ranging in age of 2 to 7 successfully and comfortably wear the Hero, but we would recommend the Hero primarily for ages 2 to 5. Measure your child’s head before you buy to ensure the helmet will fit properly.

side by side images of a 2 year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old wearing the Uvex Hero kid's bike helmet

The shape of the Hero makes it better suited for kids with rounder-shaped heads versus oval-shaped heads.  The Hero is wider and shorter (front to back) than the popular Giro Scamp, but is narrower and slimmer in shape than the Kali Chakra Child.

These changes may be slight, but can make all the difference in the fit of a helmet, especially considering all three of these helmets are designed to fit heads in the 49 to 53 cm size range.

Three helmets side by side, showing difference in shape of inner cage. Kali Chakra child is wider and longer. Uvex Hero is wider and shorter. Giro Scamp is narrower and longer

In addition to being rounder, the Uvex is also pretty shallow.  While not considerably more shallow than the Giro Scamp, we’ve found that the Hero tends to sit too high on the heads of kids with tall foreheads.  If your child has a longer forehead, the deeper Kali Chakra Child or the Uvex Quatro (more about this helmet below) would be a better choice. For a full selection of helmets for toddlers, please refer to our Best Toddler Bike Helmets page.

Kali Chakra Child, Uvex Hero and Giro Scamp (S)

Side shot of 5 year old wearing Kali Chakra, Uvex Hero, and giro Scamp helmets. The Kali Chakra comes lowest on her forehead,

If your child is already 4 or 5 and has a head circumference of 50 to 51 cm, the Hero’s big brother, the Quatro Junior, is likely a better choice.  With a size range of 50 to 54 cm, the Quatro Junior fits the same size heads in circumference, but with a much deeper construction.  The Quatro is also slightly more oval in shape, versus round, and is a better fit for more oval-shaped heads.

Side by side comparison of 7 year old wearing the the Uvex Quatro and the Uvex Hero. The Uvex Hero sits much higher on his head than the Quatro.

Monomatic Closure Buckle

One of Uvex helmets’ unique features is their ratcheting “monomatic” buckle.   Built with a ratcheting system, the Uvex buckle is the only buckle we’ve tried that is truly “pinch-free”.

While we’ve pinched our testers’ chins on every other type of “pinch-free” system, we have yet to do so on the Uvex!  In addition to having less moving parts, the Uvex is essentially the only buckle that can be snapped together slowly.  Most buckles quickly snap together, but the Uvex can be ratcheted into place at a pace you choose.

racheting buckle of the Uvex Quatro kid's helmet

As a result, we have found many hesitant kids to be much more willing to use Uvex helmets, versus helmets with traditional buckles.  Not only can they snap the buckle together themselves, they can also do so slowly, without the concern of being pinched.

4 year old riding the Banana Bike GT balance bike and wearing the Uvex Hero bike helmet

Construction and Additional Features

Another standout feature of the Uvex Hero is its all-around high quality of construction.  From its thick, in-mold, protective plastic outer layer to the plastics used in the buckle and head cage, the Uvex Hero’s quality of materials is undeniable.

The Hero also features a dial-adjust sizing system, a visor, and mesh-lined vents to help keep the bugs out.  With all these features, the Hero is still very lightweight at just 260g.

Components of the Uvex Hero kid's bike helmet. The side straps, dial adjust, visor, and inner padding.


The Hero’s unique buckle and high-quality construction make it a true standout, but when it comes to helmets, selecting a helmet that best suits your child’s head circumference and head shape is the most important factor.

Uvex Hero: Best for kids ages 2 to 5 with a rounder-shaped head.  Its pinch-free buckle also makes it ideal for kids who are timid about buckling their helmet.  Its shallow build makes it a poor fit for kids with taller foreheads.

Giro Scamp: Best for ages 1 to 4 with more oval-shaped heads.  The Scamp also starts fitting heads as small as 45 cm, so it’s a better fit for the youngest and smallest toddlers. Read the full review.

Kali Chakra Child: With the widest size range, the Kali is the largest child’s helmet on the list but it’s also the roundest and may not fit oval-shaped heads. Read the full review.

Uvex Quatro Junior: Best for ages 4 to 7, or younger kids with taller foreheads.   Also a great pick for kids needing a true non-pinch buckle. Read the full review.

To view a full selection of helmets for kids, check out our 10 Best Kids Bike Helmets page.

HelmetUvex HeroGiro ScampKali Chakra ChildUvex Quatro
Size49 – 54 cm45 – 53 cm48 – 57 cm50 – 55 cm
Buckle TypeMonomaticStandardStandardMonomatic
# of Vents1382113

Uvex Hero Helmet Bottom Line

The Uvex Hero is a high-quality helmet suitable for ages 2 to 5 (49 – 54 cm), especially those that have rounder-shaped heads. Featuring Uvex’s unique “monomatic” ratcheting buckle, the buckle is pinch-free and is especially good for kids who may be hesitant to buckle their helmet.

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