WeeRide Kangaroo Review

The WeeRide Kangaroo is a great child seat for bikes with limited space on the headset for mounting, but the seat tends to get sweaty and the low-mounting shoulder straps fall down on taller kids. Read the full review for all the details on this front-mounted seat!


WeeRide Kangaroo

RATING: Recommended


BEST FOR: Ages 1 to 3 in cooler environments as seat tends to get sweaty. Low-mounting shoulder straps not ideal for kids with longer torsos.

MOUNT TYPE: Front frame

AGE RANGE: 1 year to 40 lbs.


  • Super stable seat aids balance of adult rider
  • Padded safety/hand (or head!) rest, which also keeps kids’ hands away from gears and handlebars
  • Reasonable price


  • Low back can cause shoulder straps to fall down

WeeRide Kangaroo Review – Results of our Test Rides

Submitted by Laura as an entry to our Win a Weehoo Contest, December 2013

I absolutely love my WeeRide Kangaroo bike seat for use with my son. It easily attached to my mountain bike and can be easily removed for those (rare) bike rides when I go on my own. The stability of the center-mounted bike seat is probably the best feature as you really don’t feel your balance being affected at all.

Wee Ride 1

In addition, I like being able to see what my son is doing and our ability to have a conversation about what we are seeing along the way. Since he is close to me, I feel he is very secure as well, especially with the padded safety/hand rest, which has actually acted as a sort of pillow during those sleepy rides.

Wee Ride Back

The only drawback is that he will probably only be able to fit on the seat for another year or so as he grows taller. I began using it with him when he was approximately seven months old, and he is now an average size 2 and a half-year-old. It may not be the best option for tall toddlers, but by the time he is too tall he will likely want to be on his own bike anyway.

WeeRide Front

I have tried the handlebar mounted (iBert Safety Seat) and rear-mounted bike seats (Bell Sports Cocoon), but I must say the center mount of the Wee Ride Kangaroo is my favorite by far. I found the iBert to make steering a little cumbersome and gave my son way too easy access to the gears. On the other hand, the rear mounted bike seat did not allow me to see what my son was doing, and he could not hear me talking.

WeeRIde Mount

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