woom Helmet Review

** woom helmets have been pulled from the US market and Canadian markets.  Due to a potential safety concern with their size small helmets, they have pulled all helmets from the market and are in the process of reengineering them.**

With the most coverage of any kid’s bike helmet we’ve seen, the woom Helmet offers superior protection and a precise, consistent fit. Read the review below for more reasons parents and kids love this helmet!

woom Helmet Review – Results of our Testing

Mom and two kids wearing WOOM helmets in green, yellow, and blue

For as simple as helmets should be, there are some pretty common complaints from kids and parents.

From kids:

1) My head is so sweaty!

2) These side straps are all twisted!

3) This buckle keeps pinching me!

From parents (and ourselves!):

4) How do I adjust this thing?

5) Why don’t these helmets just stay put on my kid’s head??

Girl on WOOM 5 bike in WOOM helmet, head shot of boy wearing WOOM helmet, girl on Micro scooter wearing WOOM helmet.

This last parent complaint is usually because the helmet was either never adjusted correctly in the first place or because over time, straps become loose as kids tug, pull, and yank the helmet off. (For help on adjusting helmets for a proper fit, check out our guide on Kids Helmets Size and Fit.)

But the woom helmet addresses all of these frustrations. Just like woom has done with bikes, they’ve paid attention to the small details and as a result, produced an exemplary helmet. The woom helmet is, quite simply, BEST IN CLASS. Best in class fit. Best in class coverage. Best in class comfort. Even best in class sweat prevention!

Coverage and Size

Extended Coverage

The more coverage a helmet has, the more it can protect your child’s head in the event of a crash.  Full coverage also improves fit. The woom helmet has the most coverage of any helmet we’ve ever seen. And because of that extended coverage, it’s really hard to wear it wrong or have it move out of place, which in turn means that your child is more likely to be protected.

What’s a helmet for after all? It’s certainly not a fashion accessory. woom has designed a helmet that will fit right every time, despite how many times your child takes it on or off, or if you’re supervising them or not. We see soooo many kids wearing helmets that are tilted too far back, or are perched on top of their heads instead of surrounding them in protection. With the woom, your child’s head will fit snuggly and comfortably inside this little noggin’ protector. 🙂

Helmet Coverage – woom vs. Skater-Style vs. Cycling Helmets

11 year old boy wearing WOOM helmet, a skater-style helmet, and a cycling-style helmet, showing coverage from the front
11 year old boy wearing WOOM helmet, a skater-style helmet, and a cycling-style helmet, showing coverage from the side
11 year old boy wearing WOOM helmet, a skater-style helmet, and a cycling-style helmet, showing coverage from the back


The visor is also part of the extended coverage system. It’s made of a “non-toxic elastomer with a progressive, honeycomb structure”, which (for non-scientists like me) is just a firm, durable, yet soft rubber that absorbs and dampens the force of any impact. In addition to shielding a child’s eyes and face from the sun, rain, and the elements, it prevents facial injuries in the event of a face plant. The visor is NOT removable.

woom partnered with a university specializing in sports equipment technology, putting significant resources into designing and testing this proprietary visor. Trying to improve upon the standard helmets in the marketplace, woom wanted to offer a helmet that offered more protection than anything else available. While the visor helps prevent facial injuries at any age, it was implemented specifically with small children in mind, given that their reflexes have not yet fully developed and they are less likely to raise their hands to protect their face during a fall.

As parents and bike professionals, we’ve seen plenty of times where a visor prevented a scraped face or even a broken nose, and we’ve also seen times where a visor would have prevented a cut to the forehead if the helmet had had one.  While a visor may not seem like a big deal, what woom is offering here is, in our opinion, pretty epic.

woom Helmet’s Impact-Absorbing Visor

WOOM helmet's rubber visor. Also shown from underneath with its honeycomb structure.


The woom helmet was at first only available in the U.S. in a size Medium, which is for heads with a circumference of 52-56 cm. A small (48 – 53 cm) and large (55 – 60 cm)  helmet are now available as well! While the Large is still technically a kid’s helmet, it also fits on many adult heads, including mine and my husband’s. (We’re lucky and got a sneak peek!) In the picture below, the Green is a Small, Blue is a Medium, and Yellow is a Large.

Mom and two kids laughing and wearing WOOM helmets in green, yellow, and blue

woom designed their helmet so that each different size has been adapted to have a slightly different shape which corresponds with the changes in head proportions as children grow. The purpose is that each helmet will provide the most ideal and precise protection based on the physical development stage of your child.  woom thinks of everything!

One detail to be aware of – always measure your child’s head to ensure a proper fit! Perhaps the only drawback (if you can even call it that) of the woom helmet is that the extended coverage makes it appear to fit on heads that are technically too small. We had two testers with size 50.5 cm and 51 cm that I initially thought were a good fit for the helmet because the helmet covers so much of the head. However, the fit wasn’t actually snug enough which is critical for proper protection in the case of a crash.



Once you have the right size helmet with the impressive coverage of woom, you still need to make sure that the helmet is properly adjusted to snuggly fit your child’s head.  If the fit isn’t snug enough, a helmet can shift during a crash and fail to provide proper protection. Be aware that if your child has an extra wide head, the woom helmet may actually be too snug. This was the case with one of our testers that can only fit in skater-style helmets that are rounder and thus wider. If your child’s head is too wide for kids’ hats, they likely need a skater helmet.

Dial Adjust

A dial adjust system allows you to “dial in” the fit for your child. The dial adjust system on the woom is super easy to use because of the large dial knob in the back. Other dial adjust systems have flat wheels you have to turn – it’s often difficult to get your fingers around the wheel when the helmet in on the head. The woom’s knob removes that frustration! 

Pads of Various Thickness

In addition to the dial adjust (which adjusts for size front to back), woom also comes with two sets of pads to create the most precise fit (and increase the comfort factor!) for different head shapes or for the same head as it grows. One set is 3mm thick while the other is 6mm.  There are 4 pads in each set – front, top, and two sides – which can be used in any combination together.

The woom’s pads are high quality, soft, and have sealed edges that absorb sweat and keep it locked in rather than running down your child’s face. You can see the sealed edge in the collage below, compared to an “open” style which is very common on cheaper helmets.

A High-Quality Dial Adjust and Internal Padding Allow for More Precise Fit

Large knob of the WOOM helmet's dial-adjust system, WOOM's sealed pads vs. cheap helmet's open pads.

Side Cords

The woom helmet’s side cords are genius because they are un-twistable! When I asked our 11-year-old tester what he liked about the helmet, the first thing he said was, “I love that the side straps don’t get all twisted!” When kids can point out features without being prompted, you know they’re legit.

Normally, how well a helmet stays put is highly affected by whether or not the sliding adjustors on the side straps are adjusted correctly and stay in place because they’re used to keep a helmet centered on a child’s head. So the side straps, along with a dial-adjust system and any interchangeable pads all play a factor in having a helmet with a superior fit. Getting all three elements just right can be daunting, even for us professionals. 🙂

woom, once again paying attention to the pain points of parents and kids, wanted to make the entire process of adjusting for a proper fit easier. Because they designed the shape of the helmet to be virtually impossible to put on wrong (it can’t really shift out of place), they removed the need for the side straps be a part of the adjustment system. This removes the major annoyance of constantly having to check, readjust, and untangle your child’s side straps!

Round Side Cord Doesn’t Need to be Adjusted and Can’t Get Twisted

Round side cord of WOOM helmet vs traditional, adjustable side strap

Magnetic “Pinch-Free” Buckle

The woom helmet features the magnetic, pinch-free Fidlock buckle. It does take a little getting used to because kids (and parents) are usually more acquainted with cheap, standard buckles.  However, once you “get” it, the buckle is soooo superior, is a cinch to use, and obviously, prevents most (but not all) pinching. It can also be done or undone with just one hand!

The chin strap features a super soft pad for added comfort.

Unclose shots of the Fidlock magnetic buckle of the WOOM helmet

Weight and Construction


At 315 grams, the woom helmet weighs about as much as a standard style helmet, and is still much lighter than most skater-style helmets. And for having so much coverage, its lightweight is very impressive. The lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it will be for your child to wear for long periods of time.


The woom helmet keeps its weight down but its durability high by way of its in-mold construction, in which the outer shell is fused with the inner foam core so the helmet is one solid piece. woom took its durability one step further by extending the coverage of the shell over the traditionally exposed edges of the foam core. You can see in the collage below – on the left is a high-end helmet with the gray foam core exposed for potential damage. While it’s harder to see on the woom because the shell and the foam are both white, the plastic shell covers the entire inside edge of the foam core.

woom’s In-Mold Construction Offers Extended Durability Coverage

WOOM helmet's in-mold plastic covers the inside edge of the helmet, vs even high end helmets only cover the outer edge

Outer Shell

The shell is a scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic that comes in five colors that match all the woom bikes – blue, red, green, yellow and purple.

Venting and Airflow

With 24 vents and 4 internal air channels that run from front to back, the woom helmet is certainly focused on sweaty head prevention! When asked what he liked or didn’t like about the woom helmet, our 11-year-old tester quickly responded that this helmet wasn’t nearly as sweaty as his other helmets.

woom’s 24 Vents and 4 Air Channels Provide Great Ventilation

Back of WOOM helmet, showing many vents. Inside of WOOM helmet, showing 4 air channels.

Bottom Line

From the woom helmet’s extended coverage, dial-adjust system, and rubber visor that provide better protection and a more precise fit every time, to its “un-twistable” side cords, pinch-free buckle, and superior ventilation, woom’s attention to the small details make the sum whole of this helmet a superior choice.

To view a full selection of helmets, check out our Kids’ Helmets Comparison Chart and Ratings and Best Kids Bike Helmets page.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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