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Stunningly built from top to bottom, the OFF is an amazing choice for any young grom ready for a steady, sturdy and lightweight steed to lead them on grand adventures.

RATING: Exceptional

BEST FOR: Beginning to intermediate mountain bikers who need a confidence-building, lightweight riding machine.


20" OFF 4: 23.9" - 29.5", 17.2 lb.

24" OFF 5: 28.2" - 32.3", 18.9 lb.

26" OFF 6: 30.9" - 38.4", 20.5 lb.

GEARS: 9-speed



Geared Bike




Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Tire Size

20", 24", 26"

Geared Bike Type

Beg. Cross

Brake Type

Hydraulic Disc




9 SRAM/Trigger

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Rigid carbon fork with through-axle for added stability
  • Wide Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires for maximum grip and cushioning
  • Trigger shifters for rapid shifting
  • Adjustable stem and handlebars
  • Promax hydraulic disc-brakes
  • Studded pedals to prevent foot slipping

Mini Review

woom recently released their OFF edition mountain bike and our kids are in love!  Having just completed another summer of mountain biking classes, they were eager to head back out on the trails and the woom OFF didn’t disappoint.

Built for the beginning to intermediate rider, the OFF is extremely lightweight and nimble and is well equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a SRAM 9-speed X5 derailleur with trigger shifters. It’s an amazing choice for young groms who are just getting started in the sport as well as intermediate riders looking for a solid pony willing and able to lead the way.

The woom OFF is available in 20″, 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes.

7 year old riding a trail on the woom OFF mountain bike

We tested out the 20″ woom OFF 4 and the 26″ woom OFF 6 with our 7 and 10-year-old testers. As advanced beginner mountain bikers the OFF was the perfect bike for them – not too much (no suspension to save on weight), but not too little (plenty of gears and powerful hydraulic disc brakes).

To put the OFF to the test by more advanced riders as well, the OFFs are currently being tested by our resident mountain biking dad and his more advanced groms.  As an avid mountain biker and father of 5, he will add his thoughts about the OFF after he’s had a chance to take his kids out on more difficult trails.

Performance, Weight and Fork

When it comes to riding trails, having a bike that is technically proficient is essential.  From the drivetrain to the brakes, a mountain bike must be capable of shifting and stopping on a dime.  And don’t forget the tires.  Rough terrain needs wide, knobby tires to provide necessary traction while flying through loose dirt and rocks.

10 year old riding a trail on the woom OFF mountain bike

The woom OFF excels at all the essentials and then kicks it up a notch.  First and foremost, it has an ultralight aluminum frame paired with a rigid fork.  Yes, a rigid fork on a mountain bike!  Why?  Because forks often add a lot of unnecessary weight to the bike.

In addition, most suspension forks simply can’t provide sufficient dampening for lightweight kids.  Yes, they provide some, but for most riders, the additional weight the suspension forks adds (about 2 to 5 lbs.) does not compensate for the small gains in cushioning.

woom off mountain bike ridden on a pump track

To compensate for the lack of a shock, the woom OFF comes with cushioning 2.35″ wide Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires.  Having ridden his 24 lb. Islabike Creig with an RST adjustable air fork for two years now, our 10-year-old tester had no complaints about the lack of air fork on his 20.5 lb. woom OFF 6.  The OFF bike rode equally smooth on its rigid carbon fork with wide tires as did the Islabike with an air fork and 2.1″ wide tires.

More aggressive or advanced riders, however, may prefer the additional weight of a shock for the benefit of a front suspension fork.  For those groms, the OFF will be available in 202o with an air shock for an additional $200.



Handlebars and Stem

From top to bottom, the woom OFF has significant trail-worthy upgrades as compared to their traditional bikes.  Designed specifically for trail riding, the OFF shares very little, if any, components with woom’s traditional bike line up.

Starting at the top, the OFF features an aluminum handlebar that is designed to rotate forward or back 10 degrees.  Due to the low rise (20mm) of the handlebars, this rotation allows riders to dial-in their comfort level by slightly tilting the handlebars away or closer to the body.

The stem itself can also be flipped to add an additional slight rise to the handlebars.

handlebar of the woom OFF mountain bike for kids

Tires and Rims

As mentioned previously, the OFF features 2.35″ wide Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires with ADDIX SPEED rubber compound for additional traction.  The tires offer low-rolling resistance along with great grip and durability.

The tires are wrapped around woom’s superlight OFF DISCO TEC double-chambered aluminum rims with aluminum nipples.
tire tread on woom OFF mountain bike for kids

Fork and Frame

Lightweight and beautiful, the OFF features a high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum frame with butted and hydroformed tubes.   The frame design itself has a low tube for easy access and a longer wheelbase for additional stability.  The OFF 20″ weighs a mere 17.2 lbs., the 24″ weighs in at 18.9 lbs. and the 26″ at 20.5 lbs.

Moving down to the fork, its carbon construction keeps it ultra light while the larger through-axle helps keep the fork rigid.

Carbon fork on woom OFF mountain bike for kids

Shifters & Drivetrain

All three sizes of the OFF feature 9-speeds with SRAM trigger shifters and an X5 derailleur.  While learning to use the double thumb shifter on the SRAM took a few neighborhood rides to master, our testers soon picked it up without any issues.
Trigger shifter on woom OFF mountain bike for kids


Equipped with Promax hydraulic disc brakes, the OFF stops on a dime.  In addition to the increased stopping power, the brake levers are ultra-responsive and can be modulated to your child’s preference.
Hydraulic disc brakes on woom OFF mountain bike for kids

Bottom Line

Stunningly built from top to bottom, the woom OFF mountain bike is a killer choice for any young grom ready for a steady, sturdy and lightweight steed to lead them on grand adventures.  Loaded with the essentials without being weighed down by a suspension fork, the OFF will dominate those cross country trails.


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