Yedoo Too Too Review

Quick, nimble, and with a handbrake, air tires, and over 10 fun designs to choose from, the Yedoo Too Too is a cute and quality buy.

Truly a hybrid between a high-end bike and a budget bike, the Yedoo TooToo is built on a standard and sturdy steel frame but features upgraded components like a Tektro v-brake and Kenda Kontact tires.

All this while keeping the weight respectively low and at a price more manageable for many parents. Read our full review for all the reasons we love it!

young toddler riding pink Yedoo Too Too balance bike

Yedoo Too Too Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Kids in at least 2T pants. Well-suited for everyday neighborhood riders to mildly adventurous go-getters.

SEAT HEIGHT: 12.5″ – 16.5″ (optional extended seat post for max height of 19.5″)

WEIGHT: 8.3 lb

BRAKE: Hand Brake
FRAME:  Steel
TURNING LIMITER: Yes, not removeable
BOLTS: Rounded


  • A lightweight balance bike with air tires and a hand brake (just 8.3 lbs!)
  • High-quality Kenda tires
  • Tektro easy-reach hand brake
  • Optional extended seat posts extends height of seat to 19.5″ max
  • Tons of 16 adorable designs to choose from
  • Padded, narrow saddle


  • Exposed bolts can potentially scratch legs
  • Steering limiter is built into the headset, it’s not possible to disable it

Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike Review

toddler running on the Yedoo Too Too balance bike

Our kids have been riding and testing Yedoo Too Too balance bikes for the last six years. And for everyone of those six years, the Yedoo has been our favorite mid-priced balance bike.

Besides being a great-quality bike at a great price, the Yedoo TooToo’s adorable colors and designs have us moms all googly-eyed and matching our kids’ outfits with their bikes because they are so stinkin’ cute! Cute won’t get you far if it’s just a pretty face, but these Yedoos also have the performance capabilities for true street cred.

Different Models – TooToo and YooToo

While the Yedoo balance bikes are fantastic in form and function, they truly stand out from the pack with their delightfully colorful and kid-friendly designs.

While the bikes are mostly the same beyond colors, there are a few slight differences between the collections, especially with the newest addition of the aluminum-framed YooToo model. Yep, there’s a TooToo and a YooToo. Keep that straight!

4 toddlers on Yedoo Too Too balance bikes
Seat Height12.5″ – 16.5″12″ – 17.25″
Weight8.3 lb.7.9 lb.

Performance – Rocks Everything from Neighborhood to Bike Park

Over the years our kids have run the Yedoo TooToo through the gamut – paved trails, dirt trails, the bikepark, the skatepark… and wherever we’ve taken the TooToo, our kids have had a blast. The TooToo is just a solid-quality bike that kids love to ride, partially because its design makes it fun and easy to master, but also because kids really do get a kick out of the brightly colored frames (just like us parents).

4 toddlers riding Yedoo Too Too balance bikes in the bowl at the skatepark

The TooToo’s high-quality air tires have a mildly aggressive tread that allows the bike to grip well on almost any terrain, keeping your kids cushioned and safe. For true all-terrain riding, TooToos are easily upgraded to Black Jack knobby tires.

The easy-reach Tektro handbrake is responsive and easy to engage, which balance bike riders learn to love and depend on as they get older and more aggressive. Riding fast and tackling hills is an exhilarating, rather than terrifying, experience for kids and parents when you have a dependable handbrake to help maintain control at high speeds.

Over all these years and with lots of different kids riding the TooToos, we’ve never had a kid not love a TooToo. And as parents, we love to recommend the TooToo because of its durable yet lightweight build, great components, and reasonable price.

19-month-old girl riding pink Yedoo Too Too balance bike

Sizing offers plenty of room for growth

With a seat height range of 12.5″ to 16.5″, the TooToo is an ideal size for toddlers in 24-month to transitioning to 4T pants. A 4″ seat height range is standard for higher-end balance bikes. While many entry-level bikes may offer anywhere from 5″ to even 8″ of seat height adjustability, realistically there is no way to create a bike where a child can grow 8″ in inseam height and still be truly comfortable.

Our petite 2-year-old tester in 24-month pants and our solid 19-month-old tester in 2T pants both fit on the TooToo at its lowest seat height setting.

toddlers and preschoolers riding Yedoo Too Too balance bikes at the skatepark

The newest addition to the Yedoo family, the YooToo, does have a clever design to extend the life of the bike as a child grows. The rear wheel has two dropouts. When repositioned to the lower dropout, the bike frame is raised higher on the wheel, which effectively raises the seat height 0.75″ at its max.

As a result, the Yedoo YooToo has a seat height range of 12″ to 17.25″. If you do raise the seat that high, you may also want to raise the handlebars slightly so your taller rider doesn’t have to lean in so far like the rider on the right below. The Yedoos’ (TooToo and YooToo) handlebars can be raised about 2″ if needed.

With 5.25″ of adjustable seat height, the YooToo is a better option than the TooToo for young toddlers who are more timid and may need extra time on a balance bike before they are ready to transition to a pedal bike.

For the TooToo or YooToo bikes, you can purchase an optional extended seat post with extends the maximum seat height to 19.5″. This seat post will also work with Strider Balance Bikes.

Yedoo Yoo Too has a higher maximum seat height if you use the lower dropout for the rear wheel. Side by side shot of 4 year old on the bike showing less kneebend with the lower dropout.

We do wish that the Yedoo had a quick release for easy seat height adjustments, but it has many other great features so the lack of the quick release should not deter you from purchase!

Air Tires Provide Great Traction and Cushioning

Kenda Kontact tires are about as good as it gets when it comes to balance bike tires. With a mildly aggressive tread (for a balance bike), your little one can happily tackle anything from paved roads to packed dirt trails with these Kenda tires. The Yedoo’s version is unique in that they feature six reflective dots for added safety.

Kenda Kontact tires on Yedoo Too Too balance bike

These tires also feature angled tube valves which are a minor but seriously awesome upgrade. 12″ bike tires are notoriously difficult to fill with air because your bike pump might not even fit between the spokes. The angled tube valve allows you to easily access the valve because it’s pointed away from the interior of the wheel.

Tires on Yedoo Too Too have angled air tubes to make it easier to attach an tire pump

While all Yedoo TooToo balance bikes come standard with Kenda Contact tires, they can be upgraded to more knobby tires if ordered directly through WeeBikeShop or TikesBikes. These tires (like the Black Jack tires shown below) are especially great for gravel or true off-road performance.

Black Jack knobby tires on the Yedoo TooToo Rescue series

Steel or Aluminum Frame Depending on Model

Built on a high-tensile steel frame with a weight capacity of over 100 lb., the TooToo is built to last and is ready to take on whatever your little ones can dish out. Although it’s steel, it only weighs 8.3 lbs!

toddler girl walking the Yedoo Too Too at at skate park

The YooToo features an upgraded aluminum frame with a slightly different shape and weighs a bit less at 7.9 lbs.

preschooler on Yedoo YooToo with aluminum frame

Geometry Provides a Natural Riding Position

The Yedoo TooToo and YooToo are easy and natural to ride. With a frame design and handlebar height that allows riders to remain relatively upright but also lean slightly forward if they want to get a bit more aggressive, these balance bikes are comfortable for both beginning and adventurous riders.

From the skatepark to neighborhood trails and grassy all-terrain and dirt trails, over the years our testers have dominated every terrain they’ve tried.

preschoolers riding Yedoo Too Too balance bikes

Handlebars are Wider for Better Control

New for 2020, all Yedoo TooToo and YooToo models come standard with wide 16.5″ handlebars. As seen below, previous models had much more narrow handlebars. Actually, 3 whole inches more narrow than the current version!

Wider handlebars provide more stability for any rider, but especially for young riders who are still learning to maneuver a bike. With wider handlebars, steering will be less twitchy as children’s small, jerky movements will have less effect.

Old 13.5″ Handlebars vs. New 2020 16.5″ Handlebars

Side by side comparison of handlebar width of new 2020 Yedoo Too Too compared to previous model.

Tektro Handbrake Better Prepares Kids for a Pedal Bike

Small and mighty, the Tektro V-pull brakes on the TooToo were easy for our testers’ small hands to activate.  To prevent scratched legs, the braking mechanism does not protrude beyond the width of the seat and the excess brake cable is easily tucked under the provided tab.

Additionally, as you can see in the image below, the braking mechanism is placed above the frame. This is very rare, and usually not even found on high-end bikes. The advantage of this higher placement is that it is much less likely for little legs to get scratched as they pump their legs to run.

We also love Yedoo’s attention to the small details with the added pop of color on their bright brake cables on every bike. (See in next section.)

Yedoo Too Too brake lever and rear brake pads

Headset and Turning Limiter to Prevent Jackknifing

Most balance bikes don’t have a true headset, rather a simple clamp that holds the handlebar tube in place. That style of “headset” often gets out of alignment with the frequent falls balance bike riders are prone to.

The Yedoo TooToo does have a true headset which keeps the handlebars firmly in place and requires much less regular tweaking. Compared to high-end headsets on balance bikes like the woom 1 and Pello Ripple, the TooToo’s headset is not as smooth, but is still a significant upgrade from cheaper bikes.

As a fun and whimsical detail, all Yedoo balance bikes come with an adorable protective headset pad to help prevent injuries during stumbles. Our 19-month-old tester was particularly mesmerized by the eyeball designs which she thought were Elmo. Every time she sees the Yedoo she squeals,”Melmo, Melmo!” 🙂

Colorful grips, brake cables and forks on Yedoo Too Too balance bikes

To prevent oversteering and the brake cable from being twisted, the Yedoo TooToo is built with a turning limiter.  While some turning limiters are too restrictive, the TooToo’s did not interfere with the handling of the bike.  The limiter is also not removable, but we’ve never found a need to remove it.

Toddler Sized Narrow Saddle and Exposed Bolts

The padded, narrow saddle is toddler-sized to prevent fatigue and is non-porous (which comes in handy during potty-training accidents).  While exposed, the bolts of the Yedoo Too Too are rounded to prevent scratches.

Child-sized saddle and rounded axle bolts on Yedoo Too Too balance bike

Comparison with other Balance Bikes

When choosing a balance bike for your child, size is hands-down the most important feature to get right. The Strider Sport and Pello Ripple are a budget bike and a high-end bike that fall in the same general size category as the TooToo.

With the Strider Sport you’ll save $40, but you also miss out on a handbrake and cushioning air tires. The Pello Ripple is more expensive than the Yedoo, but has an overall higher-quality feel and features uniquely rotating handlebars to dial in the most accurate fit as your child grows.

Yedoo Too Too Balance Bike Bottom Line

Adorable, nimble, and lightweight considering all its features, the Yedoo TooToo and YooToo are a fantastic buy for toddlers in 24 mo+ clothes.  With a high-quality Tektro handbrake, Kenda Kontact tires, and an optional upgrade to Black Jack all-terrain tires, Yedoo balance bikes are built to tackle any terrain your little nugget might dream of.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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