8 Best Kids Water Bottles

Looking for a water bottle for your kids? They may seem simple, but there are many things to think about that you might not realize. Beyond looks and price, what else do you need to consider when shopping for a kids water bottle? 

Some water bottles are easier to use for little hands. Some are less likely to leak. Others excel at keeping your drinks ice cold. Will you be bringing the bottle along on a bike ride or hike? Need a spill-proof bottle for the classroom? 

Group shot of eight different kids water bottles that we used for out testing process.

We tested fourteen water bottles with our own kids. Based on our experiences, we discovered that bottle material and spout style are the two most important features that affect your child’s water bottle experience. So which water bottle is best for your child and how they’ll be using it?  Here are our top eight recommendations!

Best Water Bottles for Kids

Kids Water Bottle Why We Love It Price
Plastic - Non Insulated
CamelBak Eddy Bright and Playful Designs $15
Contigo Kids Unique Covered Spout $15
Stainless Steel - Insulated
Yeti Rambler Jr. Extra Durable $25
Kids Hydro Flask Keeps it Ice Cold $30
CamelBak Insulated Lightweight Insulated $23
Simple Modern Kids Bite-proof Straw on a Budget $18
Thermos Funtainer Slim design for little hands $18
Snug Flask Amazon's Choice $19

Yeti Rambler Jr.

Durable for Years of Use

Two Yeti Rambler Jr. kids water bottles. Pink and red.

MSRP: $25

Capacity: 12 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes – cap and bottle

Insulated: Yes, 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; Cold = Yes, Hot = No 

Spout Style: Flip and sip, hard spout

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

Yeti or Hydro Flask is a raging internet debate, and that debate continues with their kid-sized water bottles. We’ve used and love both, and honestly they are so incredibly similar that it doesn’t do much good to try to declare a winner!

Both Yeti and Hydro Flask keep drinks super cold, are leak resistant, dishwasher safe, strong and durable, and are some of the highest quality water bottles on the market.

So which should you get? They are both exceptional choices, so if you have a brand preference, stick with that. If you don’t, let your child choose their favorite color!

Kids Hydro Flask

Keeps it Ice Cold

Hydro Flask water bottle for kids in blue and purple

MSRP: $30

Capacity: 12 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: Yes, 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; Cold = 24 hours, Hot = No 

Spout Style: Flip and sip, hard spout

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes, but boot needs to be taken off

The Hydro Flask kids water bottle is a must have for any kid that needs their drink to be cold. Let’s face it, who likes to drink warm water that’s been sitting in the car all day long? 

Thanks to the double-wall, vacuum-insulated TempShield tech, the Kids Hydro Flask is the perfect choice if you’re looking to keep your drink cold for 24 hours. However, the double wall tech does make for a heavier bottle, an average of about 3.5 oz. more than other top bottles. If you’re planning to load up your backpack with multiple bottles for a hike, this extra weight could weigh you down on your adventure.

The flip top spout with straw makes for an easy drink, while the silicone boot keeps your bottle snug in cup holders and protects it from getting scuffed up.

Contigo Kids Water Bottle

Unique Covered Spout + Spill proof

Contigo kids water bottles in girl and boy designs

MSRP: $15

Capacity: 14 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: No, BPA-Free plastic

Spout Style: Autospout, covered

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

The Contigo Autospout Kids is the lightest-weight bottle on our list. Thanks to its Autoseal technology, the unique, covered Autospout keeps your child safe from unwanted dirt and germs. 

While this is an advantage over the exposed spout on the Camelbak Eddy, the Contigo has more parts and can be complicated to put back together after being washed. 

The carry loop makes it easy to hold for tiny fingers or hooking onto a bag. While we haven’t had any issues yet, the longevity of the bottle does have mixed reviews due to the plastic material and issues with lids cracking.

NOTE: The February 2020 recall for these bottles only applies to those with black spout covers sold in Canada and Mexico.

Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle

Budget Friendly + Spill Proof

Camelbak Eddy water bottles for kids. Unicorn and pirate designs for girls and boys

MSRP: $15

Capacity: 14 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: No, BPA, BPS and BPF free plastic

Spout Style: Flip, bite, sip

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

The Camelbak kids water bottle is a budget-friendly plastic bottle that helps your little ones’ hydration and your wallet at the same time. In 2021, the body of the Camelbak Eddy kids bottle was updated with a new eco-friendly plastic called Tritan Renew.

The flip, bite, sip spout is spill-proof when it’s open, and leak-proof when it’s closed. No need to tip the bottle to drink, just flip, bite and sip! Unfortunately the spout is exposed to the elements even when closed, unlike the Contigo Kids covered Autospout. While not a deal breaker, certainly something to consider.

Whether it’s to drink in the car, take on a bike ride, or throw in a backpack, this affordable water bottle is ideal for your child’s everyday use.

NOTE: For bottles purchased in 2020, the Echo plastic can crack if put in a high-heat dishwasher setting. Tritan Renew plastic, which all 2021 bottles and after are made from, is more durable and does not have this issue. Tritan Renew is made with 50% recycled material.

Camelbak Eddy Insulated

Lightweight Insulated Stainless Steel

Camelbak Eddy insulated water bottles. Green fox pattern and yellow rainbow pattern

MSRP: $23

Capacity: 12 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: Yes, 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; 18-24 hours cold

Spout Style: Flip, bite, sip

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

The Camelbak Eddy Insulated water bottle is an upgrade from the longtime well-loved Eddy Kids plastic bottle. If you’re looking for an affordable stainless steel bottle, look no further. 

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the bottle is $10 more than its plastic sibling. We especially love that the double-walled steel keeps your drinks super cold, but doesn’t transfer that cold to the outer layer and little hands.

Be aware that the Eddy also comes in a slightly cheaper single-wall version that does lead to cold hands and mediocre drink temperatures after a time. Make sure you’re buying the right one!

As a plus, it easily slides in a bike cage, keeping your child happy and cool on a warm summer ride.

Simple Modern Kids

Bite-Proof Straw on a Budget

Boys and girls Simple Modern Kids water bottles in 14 oz. Football and unicorn patterns.

MSRP: $18

Capacity: 14 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: Yes, 18/10 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated

Spout Style: Flip, sip (hard straw)

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

Simple Modern kids water bottles are available in so many bright and playful designs, including licensed Disney and Marvel characters. While our kids went nuts over the cute graphics, we parents were particularly excited about the hard plastic bite valve and a very affordable price point.

Many kids chew on their water bottle straws for fun, and if that straw is soft rubber… large holes eventually develop, which allows for leakage, and can also be a choking hazard.

If you know your kid is a “chewer” and you don’t want the extra expense of replacing rubber bite valves every few months, a hard plastic bite valve will be a life (and money) saver for you.

For a double-wall insulated bottle, the Simple Modern Kids is very lightweight. If you are purchasing for a toddler who will be carrying it around, this may make it a better option than the Yeti or Hydro Flask.

Thermos Funtainer

Slim Design for Little Hands and Lunchboxes

Thermos Funtainers girls and boys. My Little Pony and Star Wars.

MSRP: $18

Capacity: 12 oz.

Dishwasher Safe: No 

Insulated: Yes, stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; 12 hours cold, no hot

Spout Style: Straw with pop lid

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes, but loosely

With eighteen designs to choose from, the kids Thermos water bottle is sure to delight any child. Parents will especially appreciate the hygienic push button lid with pop-up straw that keeps the mouthpiece protected from germs, as well as the vacuum insulation that keeps liquids cold for up to 12 hours and its exterior sweat-free.

The Thermos Funtainer also earns points because it’s easy to grab out of a bike cage or lunch box thanks to the integrated carry handle. Its slim design makes this bottle ideal for the small hands of children ages 10 and under. 

On the cons side, if your child turns the Funtainer upside down when the lid is popped open, the water will leak and spill. Also, if your child loves to chew on their straws, this bottle will not work for you. While we didn’t experience this, many parent reviewers complain about holes in the straw of this Thermos kids water bottle, causing more leaks and a wet kid.

Snug Flask

Amazon’s Choice

Snug flask water bottles in blue camo and pink llamas

MSRP: $19

Capacity: 12 oz. or 17 oz

Dishwasher Safe: No

Insulated: Yes, insulated stainless steel

Spout Style: Flip top cap with straw

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes, but loosely and 17 oz. is top heavy

The Snug Flask is Amazon’s choice for a kids water bottle. The price is hard to beat, especially the 17 oz. version which offers 5 oz. more space than other leading water bottles. With over twenty designs, it will be hard for your child to only pick one Snug Flask bottle for their collection!

The taller and slim style is pleasing to the eye, but is not ideal for your bike. The longer 17 oz. bottle is top heavy and results in a loose and bumpy ride in a bike cage.

Other Kids Water Bottles to Consider

Not every water bottle designed for kids can make our top list, but here are a few more we’ve tested that are worthy of your consideration.

Klean Kanteen Kid

Best for Older Kids

Klean Kanteen kids water bottles. Heart and origami designs

MSRP: $29

Capacity: 12 oz

Dishwasher Safe: No

Insulated: Yes, 18/8 stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated; 40 hours cold, 12 hours hot

Spout Style: Sport top

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes

The Klean Kanteen insulated bottle is a solid choice for an older child. It keeps liquids cold for up to 40 hours and hot for up to 12 hours! The Climate Lock Vacuum Insulated bottle does come at a cost, since the vessel of the bottle is not dishwasher friendly. With a higher price point than other bottles on our list, the Klean Kanteen brand stands by its product with a lifetime warranty.  

We found the sport/pull top spout didn’t work well with toddlers and young kids. It’s a bit difficult to pull up and push down, leading kids to just leave it in “open” mode. As a result, if the bottle tips over, it ends up leaking everywhere. Kleen Kanteen did debut a recent upgrade to the lid (image on left above), but we haven’t yet tested that style.

woom Glug

Quickest Chug for Fast Hydration

woom Glug kids water bottle for biking

MSRP: $19

Capacity: 17 oz

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Insulated: No, toxin-free 18/8 single wall stainless steel

Spout Style: Pour Spout

Fits in Bike Cage: Yes, comes with custom side load cage

The Woom Glug kids water bottle is unique with its pour spout style that offers the quickest hydration of any bottle on this list. When you’re out of breath, it’s nice not to have to suck water from a straw! The cap is also easy for little hands to twist on and off. 

The custom side load cage for your bike is one of the most unique and best perks of the bottle. No need to worry about the bottle slipping around in the cage, it’s simple enough for kids to pull it out and put it back in. 

Having a single wall insulation is a drawback if you’re looking for temperature control in your child’s drink. Also, if you’re buying this for a young child, be aware that this bottle spills easily because of the pour spout style cap.

Kids Bike Water Bottle Holders

If you’re going on a family bike ride and using a water bottle for hydration, you’re going to need a kids bike water bottle holder. These holders can be water bottle cages that mount to your bike’s frame, or fabric bags that attach via velcro to the bike’s handlebars.

Fabric Water Bottle Bags

Water bottle bags, like those from Po Campo, are easy to take on and off as needed. They often have long straps to carry over your shoulder, and may even have small pockets for a little snack.

Kids bike water bottle holder by PoCampo. Hanging off handlebars of child's bike.

However, because they hang from Velcro straps, they tend to move around a lot. A full bottle will especially be annoying for little riders.

Those Velcro straps can also be tricky to mount to the bike, depending on the style of your child’s handlebars. (Dual handbrake cables are also quite problematic!) We greatly prefer water bottle cages if one can attach to your bike.

Water Bottle Cages – Side-Loading is Best

For a kids bike, we prefer water bottle cages that load from the side, rather than the top. Side-loading cages are easier to get the bottle in and out of, which is a bonus for kids. Additionally, top loading bike water bottle holders often don’t work well with the small frames of kids bikes. There’s just not enough room to pull the bottles out!

Camelbak Eddy Kids water bottle loaded into a kids bike water bottle holder

What Size Cage Do I Need for a Kids Bike?

There’s nothing special about a kids bike water bottle holder – they’re the same size for kids and adults.

Can I Mount a Water Bottle Holder Onto the Bike?

Not every bike is equipped to hold a water bottle. In order to mount a water bottle cage, the bike’s frame needs to have two small, threaded eyelets, which indicate that there are pre-drilled holes in the frame.

Frame of kids bike, showing eyelets needed to mount the water bottle

To attach the water bottle holder, you unscrew the eyelets that are already in the bike’s frame. Line up the holes in the water bottle holder to the holes on the frame. Then secure it to your bike’s frame using either the eyelets you removed, or screws that were included with purchase of the holder.

Kids bike water bottle holder mounted on bike.

How to Choose the Best Kids Water Bottle

Before you decide on a water bottle based just on looks or price, you should consider these three features:

Child sitting on a bench surrounded by water bottles

Spout Style

The type of spout you choose will determine how easy it is to drink, as well as how easily the liquids can spill or leak. Your child’s age can determine what kind of spout you think will be best for them. 

Four image collage showing the different style of spouts on kids water bottles

Exposed Straw – The straw flips back from the top of the lid and is not covered. This straw is easy for kids of all ages to use, just flip and sip! Only real drawback is that the straw is not covered and is exposed to germs. (Camelbak, Hydroflask)

Pop top lid with straw – Another spout with a straw, but this one is covered to keep dirt and germs away. After a simple push of the button, the straw pops out, making it an easy drink for your child. While a younger child can use this bottle, it may take them a little bit to get the hang of opening and closing the lid.  (Snug flask, Thermos Funtainer, Contigo)

Sport top – This exposed lid has a pull spout top for quick swigs. Just make sure the top is pushed all the way closed, otherwise it will leak when tipped over. This style of spout could be ideal for an older child. (Kleen Kanteen)

Pour spout – Classic tip and drink spout. Great for a fast drink, but can spill quickly when open if you aren’t careful! (Woom Glug)

Bottle Material

There are three primary materials that a bottle could be made from. Each has its own pros and cons.

three image collage showing the three different vessel material types of kids water bottles

Stainless Steel Single Wall (Non-Insulated): The drinks will stay cold, but will not keep the chill temperature for long periods of time. These are environmentally friendly, durable (do not rust) and easy to clean. Thin layers also result in cold temperature to the touch.

Stainless Steel Double Wall (Insulated): Vacuum sealed to maintain temperature over longer periods, insulated stainless steel doesn’t transfer cold or heat to the outside layer of the bottle. But, these bottles also tend to be heavier and thicker.

Plastic: This least expensive choice is also light weight. The plastic material means no dents in the bottle. They are BPA-free which means no chemicals. Final plus is you can see how much liquid is left in your bottle.

Purpose of Use

Biking – Making sure your child’s drink easily fits into their water bottle cage is a must to keep your rider happy and hydrated! Most of our bottles do fit into a cage, but some fit more securely than others.

Hiking – When going on a hike with your child, it’s important to consider the weight of the bottle. Fill it with ice/water and add it to your backpack to get a feel for what you will carry during your hike. 

Everyday use – From the car to your child’s backpack, there are many choices on our list. We recommend a lightweight option, which will make it easier for your child to carry around.

22 Fun and Easy Kids Bike Accessory Ideas: Want more than a kids water bottle to accent that bike? Check out baskets, wheel lights, knee pads, bike helmets, and more!

Best Hydration Packs for Kids: Need to carry more water? Hydration packs are a great alternative to water bottles.

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