26 Kids Bike Accessories to Make Riding More Fun!

Looking for fun and easy ways to customize your child’s next bike ride? Whether you’re looking for kids bike accessories to add to your child’s bike, or fun biking gear for your child to wear, we’ve got you covered!

Collage of different kids bike accessories including knee pads, grips, streamers, baskets, gloves, and a bell.

From bike bells and baskets to wheel lights and water bottles, there are so many fun ways to personalize your child’s bike. And of course, for the streamer lovers out there, we’ve got plenty of girl’s bike accessories as well.

And what about our littlest riders just starting out on two wheels? Balance bike accessories… of course! Whatever the age of your little rider, boy or girl, we’ve got recommendations of products we know your kids will love because we’ve actually used them with our own kids.

Kids Bike Accessories

Most of the kids bike accessories and kids riding gear below will work for pedal bikes, balance bikes, and girls bikes. Keep in mind that while bike accessories likes bells and streamers are optional, protective gear like a bike helmet is a must!

Here’s a quick summary: bike bells, decorative bike wheel lights, water bottles, hydration packs, wheel clickers, bike locks, bike light, helmets, bike gloves, and bike pads.

Bike Wheel Lights

Child inspecting the wheels of her bike that are lit up in the dark with Activ Life bike wheel lights

MSRP: $15 a wheel

Even if you’re not into night riding, wheel lights are cool during the day too! The LED lights by Activ Life fit wheels from 12″ to 29″, so everyone in the family can light up the trail. They have been a hit with all our kids ages 3 to 13!

Installation doesn’t require any tools. Silicone bands attach the battery pack to the wheel’s hub, and then you wrap the thin light wiring around the spokes of the wheel. Super easy! These lights are available in several different colors, but be aware that each set is for only one wheel, so you’ll need to buy two per bike.

Bike Basket

Three kids bike baskets lined up and attached onto kids bikes.

MSRP: $15+

Bike baskets have come a long way since the Wicked Witch of the West took Toto for a ride. And they’re definitely not just for girls! Bike baskets and bags come in a variety of colors and fun designs ranging from feminine to masculine to gender neutral.

Most bike baskets have open tops, making it easy to stash treasures along the way. We’ve also found a few with fold-over tops that are awesome for securing important items you need to bring along for the ride.

For more bike basket and bag ideas for boys and girls, checkout the list of our 11 favorite kids bike baskets!

Bike Spoke Covers

a before and after showing a kids bicycle with and without bike spoke covers

MSRP: $10+

Whether your little rider is heartbroken that their bike isn’t their favorite color, or you simply want to add a pop of color to a hand-me-down bike, bike spoke covers are the perfect solution.

These simple plastic sleeves come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to customize your child’s bike on a budget. As hollow plastic tubes, these covers don’t require a lot effort to get on, but also easily come off.

When ordering the tubes, don’t worry about your bike’s wheel size. The tubes come long enough to fit most adult bikes and are designed to be cut to fit any size of child’s bike.

Bike Bell

Kids bike bells by Incredibell and Electra

MSRP: $11 (Jellibel), $15 (Electra Bell)

Bike bells are one of the simplest, but most effective ways to make a child’s bike more enjoyable. Not only do they look cool, but there’s just something about the ding ding ding that kids go nuts over!

While there are many bike bells out there on the market, we like the Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell and the Electra Bike Bells best. For more fun designs and colors for kids, check out our full list of favorite kids bike bells!

Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

A child riding a red bike with the Turbospoke exhaust system attached

MSRP: $19

Fire up your engine and get ready for action! The Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust system is a fun and playful addition to any kid’s bike that will have your child begging to go riding.

The Turbospoke is the modern version of the old “playing card in the wheel” trick, but adds a plastic exhaust pipe that helps to amplify the sound. The sound is also more robust and better mimics a real car or motorcycle.

Attached with two zipties, the Turbospoke is very easy to install or remove. The sound “card” can also be removed for longer rides when the noise isn’t as appreciated :-).

Hornit Mini Bike Horn and Light

A bike showing the hornit mini horn for bikes and scooters attached.  The horn and the remote start unit are circled in yellow

MSRP: $19

The Mini Hornit is an LED light as well as an electronic horn with over 25 different sounds (from a traditional bike bell to a car horn, train horn, and UFO sounds). It really has something for everyone – from toddlers to tweens.

We particularly love that the Hornit comes with a remote start button that allows kids to trigger the horn without releasing their grip on the handlebars! So whether your little toddler is cruising the neighborhood while making train sounds, or your tween is sending out a warning sound as they fly around a singletrack trail, the Hornit Mini is fun and functional.

Spokester Wheel Clicker

Spokester bike noise maker, and uno card taped to bike to make noise in spoke of wheel, showing kids bike accessories don't have to cost a lot.

MSRP: $12

One interesting thing we’ve found in all our years of bike testing is that hesitant riders are often incentivized to move forward by the sound of a card in the spokes! So whether you’ve got a timid kid that needs a little extra encouragement, or you have a speed demon that wants to ride like the wind, the click click click of a simple card in the spokes is some pretty cheap magic!

Kid’s bike accessories like Spokester are great for pedal bikes, but generally do not fit balance bikes.

Water Bottle

Camelbak Eddy Kids water bottle loaded into a kids bike water bottle holder

MSRP: $13 – $23

Motivate your kids to stay hydrated with the Camelbak Eddy water bottle for kids. Available it tons of fun girl and boy designs, these water bottles are sized smaller to be more manageable for little hands. They fit in a standard bike water bottle cage, which is sold separately. The insulated bottles are a $10 upgrade.

Want more options? Check out our list of Best Kids Water Bottles.

Hydration Pack

Boy on mountain bike wearing a kids hydration pack

MSRP: $50

After testing over a dozen hydration packs for kids, the Camelbak Mini MULE came out on top! Not only are they available in a variety of cool colors and designs, but they fit a wide range of ages. We’ve successfully used the Mini MULE with our 2-year-old and our 12-year-old, which makes them a great investment. We particularly appreciate the Camelbak’s bite valve, which is easier for kids to use than other brands.

For other hydration pack options, read our Best Kids Hydration packs article.

Bike Lock

boy holding woom bike lock for kids bikes. Showing kids bike accessories are for fun, but safety too.

MSRP: $29

If your child will be riding their bike to school, a bike lock is a must. Too often we see bike racks in front of our schools full of bikes with no locks! We prefer not to tempt fate, and for under $30, you can keep that bike safely parked in public. The woom bike lock is easy for kids to use (8+), is small enough to fit in their backpack, and doesn’t need a key which they would end up losing anyways!

Kids Bike Clothes and Protective Gear

Gloves, helmets, and pads with fun designs can be a huge motivator for kids to get out and ride.

Biking Gloves

zippyrooz biking gloves for kids. Unicorn and monster designs

MSRP: $14

FULL REVIEW: 5 Best Biking Gloves for Kids

Biking gloves are an adorable accessory, but can also be the first line of defense for young riders who often fall hands first. A protective layer and a bit of padding on those little palms can help prevent minor injuries and a lot of tears.

Elbow/Knee Pads

Simply Kids knee and elbow pad set in pink camo, and toddler wearing the set.

MSRP: $28 (Simply Kids Knee and Elbow Pad Set)

FULL REVIEW: 5 Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Kids

Knee and elbow pads are a pretty essential kids bike accessory for aggressive and adventurous kids. But they’re also ideal for timid or average riders who gain a bit of confidence when they put on their bike riding “armor”!

Simply Kids knee and elbow pads come in a variety of sizes for young and older kids, as well as fun patterns for boys and girls. While there are many cheap pads sets on Amazon that fit poorly, Simply Kids pads actually fit quite well and are comfortable to wear.

Kids Bike Jersey

Little girl wearing orange and black Little Rider Co biking jersey

MSRP: $35

Kids bike jerseys are both fun and functional. Our little riders get so excited to put on their special biking “uniform”, which makes them feel like they’re a part of something special, like a soccer or baseball team.

We love the technical material that keeps their skin covered for safety, but is breathable enough to keep them cool on warmer rides. Little Rider offers the best quality kids bike jerseys we’ve found, with sizes small enough for balance bikers!

SHREDLY Riding Clothes and Accessories

Young girl sitting on her bike dressed in SHREDLY pink top, dinosaur shorts, and dinosaur socks.

If you’ve got a little shredder on your hands, your options for biking clothes are pretty slim, and even slimmer if your shredder is a girl. Thank goodness for SHREDLY!

Originally designed for adult women, the SHREDLY Littles collection expands their designs and sizing for kids as young as 3 years old. Our baby ripper above is sporting the super soft and breathable Littles Raglan Top, Littles Short, and matching dino-riffic youth socks.

Bike Light

woom kids bike light. Shows front white light and rear red light.

MSRP: $10 (Malker), $39 (woom CYCLOPE)

Riding bikes before the sun comes up or at night certainly has its risks, so we caution you to use bike lights carefully. If you are riding with your kids in safe areas and simply need a little illumination to light your way, we’ve got two options for you.

The very affordable Malker lights are small enough to fit on a balance bike, and come in sets of four lights. The woom CYCLOPE light is a better fit for pedal bikes, and is USB rechargable. Both are super easy to attach or take off, wrapping around the handlebars or seat post with a silicone strap.

Bike Helmet

Two toddlers wearing bike helmets. One is wearing a pink Giro Scamp. The other is wearing a Strawberry Nutcase Baby Nutty.

MSRP: $69 (Giro Scamp with MIPS), $29 (Joovy Noodle)

FULL REVIEW: 10 Best Helmets for Babies and Toddlers or for older children, 10 Best Helmets for Kids.

No matter how young your little rider is or how slow they’re moving, get in the helmet habit from day ONE! Helmets fall under the category of kids bike accessories, but in reality, they are necessary protective gear!

We have lots of favorite helmets, which can be found on our lists of best helmets, but pictured here is the Nutcase Little Nutty and the Giro Scamp. Two of the very best for kids of all ages.

Girls Bike Accessories

So your little girl wants a “girly” bike. Blinged out with a basket, bell, streamers, the works!  Amazon is full of this stuff, but are they any good? Do they even work? Well, to answer that question we went out and bought this stuff to test it out for you.  Here are our favorite girls bike accessories to bling out your little girl’s bike.

Haba Doll Basket

Haba doll bike basket is a kids bike accessory that easily attaches to the headset of a bike with velcro straps

MSRP: $19

The Haba doll basket is quite possibly the best $20 we’ve ever spent. Clearly it’s adorable, but it’s also great quality and incredibly easy to put on a bike. Three velcro straps secure it to the handlebars and the bike’s frame for game time “I NEED TO BRING MY DOLLY” decisions.


Two different girls bike streamers you can use to accessories your girls bike. One has spinning flowers on the end. The other has stationary pinwheels.

MSRP: $10

Streamers are basically the #1 required girls bike accessory. But the problem with streamers is that most of them are very cheaply made and they fall apart pretty quickly.

That said, we did find a set of adorable streamers with pinwheels on the end that are much better quality than standard streamers. The pinwheels didn’t turn when riding, but were still adorable and a big hit with our testers.  These streamers are likely to stay in the handlebar grips much better than the others we tested because they have a spiky end that will catch on the grip on the way out.  

If your bike’s grips don’t have a hole at the end for streamers, we recommend these flower streamers instead. (The flowers actually spin as you ride!) We were easily able to use grip tape to secure the streamers to the end of the handlebars because the little flat piece of plastic at the end could be taped flat below the grip.  

Wheel Spoke Beads

Wheel spoke beads for girls bikes.

MSRP: $10 – $15

We tested two different styles of wheel spoke beads and both were easy to use and a hit with our kid riders. Bike Wheel Flower Spokies by Ride Along Dolly snap on pretty securely but might come off if they are bumped.  Unlike wheel spoke beads, they stay in place on the spokes and don’t make any noise. Overall, they provide a big bang for the price and do wonders for really transforming your girl’s bike into a girly dream bike.

Wheel Spoke Luminous Beads are your more traditional style straight out of the 80s. The bag comes with enough to cover at least 2 bikes!  The beads move up and down and make noise when the bike is going at slow speeds, but when riding full speed they stay on the outer edge and don’t make any noise.  These are removable, but it would be a pain to take them off, which also means, they probably won’t fall off! 🙂 They also come in various colors, so this kids bike accessory can great for girls or boys.

Handlebar Pinwheel

Handlebar pinwheel girls bike accessory

MSRP: $12

The Spinning Flower Pinwheel by Ride Along Dolly was a surprise winner and crowd favorite with our testers.  Honestly, it should probably be the first thing you buy – even before streamers.  It was that popular with our riders! Even the boys loved it. 🙂

The pinwheel is made of durable plastic and will likely last a while. It easily snaps on to any handlebar, whether straight or curved. And for just $12, it more than delivers on your mission to surprise and delight!

Customizable Name Plate

Customizable name plate to accessorize your girls bike. Showing sticker sheets with numbers and letters.

MSRP: $12

This cute little add-on attaches to the front of a bike and is a great alternative for bikes that won’t take a basket. While the stickers are pretty thin, we didn’t experience any issues and we were able to customize our name plate without any ripping. A simple and affordable girls bike accessory!

Balance Bike Accessories

Balance bikes are adorable and fun on their own. But why not create a little more magic? Here are a few super fun accessories for balance bikes to help you and your little one have a memorable balance bike experience.

Wild Child Upgrades

Collage of Wild Child balance bike accessories on upgraded Strider balance bike - pink wheels, pink handlebar and rainbow grips.

These aftermarket balance bike upgrades are LEGIT. From high-end wheels and tires to colorful grips and quill stems, Wild Child Bikes offers everything you need for a one-of-a-kind, personalized bike for your little nugget. Pink, green, orange, gold, purple, blue… all the colors of the rainbow and then some to pimp out your kid’s bike! While most of their upgrades are meant as Strider balance bike accessories, they’re actually compatible with several different brands.

Read our full review: Wild Child Balance Bike Upgrades

Balance Bike Graphics

Balance bike racing graphics on Strider balance bike are a colorful way to accessorize a balance bike

MSRP: $35

Balance Bike Graphics take personalization one step further than Wild Child Bikes. We love these customizable stickers for completing your Wild Child upgrades. You choose the number and name you want for your little balance bike racer and then use templates with tons of colors and designs to make them your own!

These stickers fit perfectly with Strider Bikes. For other bikes, contact Balance Bike Graphics to make sure they’ll be a good fit before you purchase.

Balance Bike Bell

three different bells for balance bikes accessories

MSRP: $10 (Flower), $12 (woom), $13 (Jellibell)

Bells are the kids bike accessories that every kid seems to go nuts over. But bells on balance bikes can be tricky. Because balance bike handlebars are often smaller than a regular kid’s bike, a standard bell will be too big.

If you have a balance bike under $100 (including the Classic Strider), the handlebars are usually as big as a normal kid’s bike and any bell will fit just fine. If you have a higher-end balance bike like woom or even the Strider Sport, you’ll be safer getting the woom bell because it comes with an adapter to accommodate smaller handlebars.

Balance Bike Basket/Bag

Electra velcro handlebar bags for kids. Rainbow and cloud design for girls, robot design for boys.

MSRP: $25

Baskets can be a challenge with balance bikes because the bikes themselves are so small that the baskets are just too big! We’ve found success with these smaller handlebar bar bags by Electra.

Bike Cones

toddlers riding WOOM 1 balance bikes through woom cones

MSRP: $15 – $20

FULL REVIEW: woom Cones

Once a child masters the basics of a balance bike, they’re ready to take their balance bike game to the next level. While little cones may seem simple, you’d be surprised how much our young testers loved the “challenge courses” we set up for them to swerve and race and run! While not technically a kids bike accessory, it’s always fun to accessorize your bike and your riding zone.

Balance Bike Strap or Bag

woom balance bike bag and woman carrying a woom 1 balance bike with a balance bike strap

MSRP: $19

FULL REVIEW: woom Strap and Bag

Who said all these kids bike accessories have to be for the kids? This one is for YOU. Kids don’t care if you have to carry their balance bike all over Timbuktu, but as parents, we can testify that it can get pretty annoying! So for your own sake, consider a balance bike strap. Or if you want to carry along snacks, water bottles, etc., a balance bike bag is even better!

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