14 Best Kids Bike Gloves

Kids bike gloves serve different purposes depending on a child’s age and riding environment. From helping to maintain grip, providing comfortable padding on the palms, as well as being the first line of defense during a fall, no matter what your child’s age, bike gloves can improve their riding experience.

Cycling gloves also come in a wide range of designs and styles. Which pair of gloves is best for your child will be determined by their riding ability and how they will be using them. Is your child just getting started on a balance bike? Are they an experienced pedal bike rider? Are they tackling mountain trails? We’ve tested gloves for all these scenarios!

collage of different brands of kids bike gloves including woom, zippyrooz and giro.

The Best Biking Gloves for Kids

Kids' Cycling Gloves: Top Picks MSRP Why We Love Them
Everyday Riding: Half-Finger Gloves
Zippyrooz $17 Easy on and off finger loops
Louis Garneau $17 Top notch construction
Simply Kids Gloves $14 Cute designs & matching knee pads
Giro Bravo Jr. $20 Soft and durable palm
woom TENS $20 Lightweight and breathable FULL finger
Trail Riding: Full-Finger Gloves
Zippyrooz Full Finger $22 Wide opening for easy on and offs
Tasco Ridgeline Youth $30 Extra ventilation on finger sides
Giro DND Jr $20 Soft and durable palm
Giro La DND/Giro DND $24 4-way stretch, larger size options
Troy Lee Air Youth $27 Silicon tips for grippy braking
Cool Weather Riding: Full-Finger Gloves
woom Warm TENS $22 Extra warm for fall and spring riding
100% Brisker Cold Weather $35 Wide range of sizes

Half-finger or full-finger kids bike gloves?

For little toddler and preschool fingers, we almost always prefer half-finger because they’re easier to get on and tend to be less sweaty!  Since little ones often fall on the palms of their hands, half-finger gloves still offer much-needed protection during a fall. During colder months, however, the added warmth of full-fingered gloves is worth the hassle of getting all those wiggly fingers into the right finger holes.

For older riders, half-finger or full-finger is usually a personal preference.  Half fingers are easier to get on and off, but full fingers offer additional grip for the entire hand as well as added finger-tip grip for pulling brake levers.

How Does Glove Sizing Work?

In our experience, each brand sizes their gloves differently. Our stated age ranges are to provide a general idea of sizing ranges, but you should always check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before purchase.

Gloves are sized based on two measurements – the length of the hand at the tip of the middle finger, and the circumference of the hand around the knuckles. Those measurements may mean an XS in one brand, but a Medium in another.

Our Favorite Bike Gloves for Kids of All Ages

Zippyrooz Kids Bike Gloves

Easy on and off finger loops

Zippyrooz kids' cycling gloves - unicorn and green monster

MSRP: $14

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4 sizes, small (age 1 -2), medium (3 -4), large (5 -6) and x-large (7 -8)

FULL REVIEWZippyrooz Gloves

With ample padding along the base of the palm, a soft and absorbent nose wipe, and super-easy pull loops at the end of fingers, Zippyrooz gloves are perfect for the smallest riders! The half-finger kids bike gloves feature more padding than the full-finger gloves, making them ideal for balance bike riders who tend to fall (often!) hands first.

Half-finger gloves are also much easier to get on, which is a huge win for fidgety kids. And as far as getting them off? With sewn in finger-loops on the palm of each glove, our testers quickly, easily, and independently were able to remove their gloves. Top it off with a nose wipe pad for snotty noses, and we’re officially in love with Zippyrooz.


  • With sewn-in finger-loops on the palm of each glove, kids can easily remove gloves on their own
  • Top fabric is breathable and stretchy
  • Pad palms are soft and pliable
  • Nose wipe pad!
  • Available in full-finger or half-finger
  • Adorable designs for boys and girls
  • Great price


  • None!

Strider Bike Gloves

Stretchy Material for Growth

strider kids' bike gloves

MSRP: $25

SIZES AVAILABLE: Small (ages 1 to 3), Large (ages 4 to 6)

For those littlest groms who want the look of big-kid gloves, Strider’s gloves are the perfect match. Skipping on the colorful cuteness factor, Strider’s gloves are the only gloves to offer a “big-kid” look in gloves small enough to fit the tiniest of toddlers.  In addition to a great fit, Strider’s gloves feature a wide Velcro opening for easy on and off’s.

Perfectly proportioned to fit the smallest hands, Strider’s toddler and kids bike gloves are available in two different sizes (SM and LG) and styles (full and half-fingered). The small is only available in half-fingered and best fit ages 1 to 3.  The large is available in full and half-fingered styles and is suitable for ages 4 to 6.

For additional protection, Strider also offers a quality pad set that is designed specifically to fit toddlers and pre-schoolers. A small and a large set of pads can be used as elbow and knee pads for pre-schoolers. For toddlers and smaller kids, the smaller set of pads can actually be used as knee pads first, and then as elbow pads as children grow bigger.


  • Comfortably fit the smallest riders (a rare feature!)
  • Velcro opening for easy on and off
  • Available in half-finger or full-finger
  • Big-kid styling


  • Only available in white
  • Palm doesn’t have much padding to cushion falls

Louis Garneau Kids Gloves

Top Notch Construction

Louis Garneau kids biking gloves in fun designs for boys and girls

MSRP: $17

SIZES AVAILABLE: Ages are approximations, be sure to measure your child’s hand and check it against their sizing chart in listing.

A true mini-size version of adult biking gloves, the Louis Garneau kids bike gloves are built with soft and durable materials that are sure to last through years of use. With multiple padding pockets throughout the palm, a lightweight and breathable stretchy layer up top, and a thick nose wipe area around the thumb, the gloves are functional and practical for the littlest of riders.

The gloves are available in two different styles – the child sizes are offered in several different fun patterns (some shown above), while the youth sizes are only available in solid colors. Both the child and youth gloves are available in multiple sizes, so be sure to measure your child’s hand to ensure a proper fit. Sizing charts are available on Louis Garneau’s direct listings (child gloves, youth gloves). Their gloves also tend to run a bit small, so when in doubt, be sure to order up a size.


  • Made with durable soft material
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Thick nose wipe pad on thumb
  • Several padded sections along the palm


  • Sizing can be confusing

Simply Kids Gloves

Cute Designs and Matching Knee Pads

Simply kids bike gloves in blue camo and pink bunny

MSRP: $14

SIZES AVAILABLE: Small (ages 1 to 3), Medium (ages 4 to 8), Large (ages 8 to 11)

The Simply Kids bike gloves are very similar to our favorite Zippyrooz gloves, but aren’t quite as durably constructed. That said, they’ve held up well for our testers, and we found them almost as easy to get on and off.

If you’re trying to decided between Zippyrooz and Simply Kids, it will probably come down to which fun graphics your little one prefers. A unique benefit to Simply Kids is that most of their glove designs have matching elbow and knee pads. If you’re all about the matchy-matchy, Simply Kids delivers!


  • Comfortably fit small riders
  • Velcro opening and super stretchy spandex makes getting them on and off easier than most
  • Some designs available with matching knee pads


  • Only available in half finger
  • No finger loops like competitors

Giro Bravo Jr.

Soft and Durable Palm

Giro Bravo Jr kids cycling gloves for boys and girls

MSRP: $20

SIZES AVAILABLE: XS, S, M, L; approximately ages 4 – 9

For serious little cyclists who want high-quality, half-finger gloves, the Giro Bravo Jr. is a soft, durable, and comfortable choice. With extended padding on the palm as well as the base of the thumb, the Bravo Jr. helps to reduce impact without being too bulky to compromise grip.

The Bravo Jr. also features a wide Velcro opening to help get the smallest of fingers into place. So whether your little one’s bike has rough grips or they are complaining about sore hands, the Bravo is a great choice.


  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and pliable
  • Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh upper is comfortable and more durable than other brands
  • Velcro closure for easy on and offs
  • Absorbent terry cloth wipe on the thumb for runny noses
  • Tab on bottom of palm to help pull gloves down


  • Thicker inner seams can be “itchy” for some kids

woom TENS Cycling Gloves

Lightweight and breathable FULL finger

woom TENS kids biking gloves

MSRP: $22

SIZES AVAILABLE: 3 sizes – 5, 6 and 7 (see woom’s size chart)

As the least bulky gloves on our list, our testers loved how light WOOM gloves felt. The gloves feature minimal padding for better hand dexterity, but extra padding where kids need it most – between the thumb and first finger, and on the outer edge of the palm that rests most heavily on the handlebar grip.

The perfect gloves for daily use, the woom TENS provide just enough padding and grip to prevent hand fatigue, without being too hot and bulky, and are available in 5 different colors.


  • Comfortable, stretchy lycra material
  • Faux leather interior has no stitching for best comfort
  • Stretchy material provides a snug fit without the need for velcro
  • Silicon print on palms provides extra grip
  • Soft, thicker thumb area can be used to wipe dripping noses or sweaty foreheads
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Only available in full-finger
  • Small opening can make getting them on and off more difficult for the smallest riders

Zippyrooz Full Finger

Wide opening for easy on and off

Zippyrooz full finger gloves in space and flowers designs

MSRP: $19

SIZES AVAILABLE: 4 sizes, small (age 1 -2), medium (3 -4), large (5 -6) and x-large (7 -8)

FULL REVIEWZippyrooz Gloves

Everything we love about the Zippyrooz half-finger, but with the added protection of full-finger! If you have a tiny grom on your hands, Zippyrooz is your best full-finger option for breathable trail riding gloves.

There are very few full-finger kids bike gloves made for 2 to 4-year-olds. While most kids that young don’t need full-finger gloves, advanced and aggressive riders who are already tackling trails will certainly benefit from full-finger protection.


  • Top fabric is breathable and stretchy
  • Easier to get on and off than most full-finger gloves for toddler and young kids
  • Pad palms are soft and pliable
  • Nose wipe pad!
  • Fun and funky prints for boys and girls


  • Light padding on palm doesn’t offer a lot of cushioning

Mac Ride Kids Gloves

Durable and Grippy

Mac Ride kids bike gloves, blue

MSRP: $23

SIZES AVAILABLE: S (age 1-2), M (2-3), L (4-6)

It’s hard to find really well-designed gloves for tiny riders – but Mac Ride has hit the jackpot. With soft, high-quality fabrics and stitching, these tiny gloves ooze quality. Designed to flex and stretch as needed, our little testers loved wearing these gloves.

While their excellent quality certainly helps these gloves stand out from the pack, we especially love the gel-like cushioned palm. It’s fun to push, but more importantly, it provides superior grip and shock absorption. 🙂

The Mac Ride gloves are lined for warmth, but are still breathable. While they would be less ideal for long rides in summer, they are a perfect choice for fall through spring.



  • High-quality, durable fabric and construction
  • 4-way stretchy fabric is soft and won’t restrict movement
  • Uber padded and grippy palm for best shock absorption and grip
  • Cloth thumb for wiping snotty noses!
  • Lined for keeping hands warm on cool rides
  • Available in tiny sizes!
  • Only available in one color
  • Pretty hard to get on toddlers who can’t help you find the right finger holes

Tasco Ridgeline Youth

Extra Ventilation on Finger Sides

Boy wearing tie dye Tasco Ridgeline youth gloves

MSRP: $30

SIZES AVAILABLE: XSS, XS S, M, L; approximately ages 2 – 9

If you have a budding little mountain biker on your hands, Tasco Ridgeline Youth gloves are some of the smallest and most functional full-finger gloves on the market. Like other favorites on this list, the upper is stretchy, the thumb has a nose/sweat wipe, and the thumb and forefinger have added grip for safe braking.

So what makes the Tasco Ridgeline gloves stand out? The sides of the fingers are made of stretchy mesh, allowing for superior finger ventilation. While the palms don’t offer any padding, we often prefer this for small riders who may have difficulty grabbing the grips with bulky gloves.


  • Mesh venting on finger sides
  • Comfortable, stretchy upper
  • Micro-fiber nose/sweat wipe on thumb
  • Added grip on thumb and forefinger for safe braking
  • Mountain-bike styling


  • Doesn’t have a Velcro opening which makes it easier to get gloves on and off small kids

Giro DND Jr. Kids Bike Gloves

Soft and Durable Palm

Giro DND Jr and Youth Bravo kids biking gloves

MSRP: $20

SIZES AVAILABLE: XS, S, M, L; approximately ages 4 – 9

For experienced riders who want a miniature version of an adult glove, look no further than the Giro DND Jr. The DND gloves are designed for the more aggressive rider who needs extra gripping power and protection while shifting, braking, or simply holding on! 

The DND gloves are breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking for increased comfort that our young testers really appreciated. There’s also a small pad at the base of the palm beneath the pinky, which is a common impact point for falls.


  • Synthetic leather palm is soft and pliable
  • Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch, breathable mesh upper is comfortable and more durable than other brands
  • Velcro closure for easy on and offs
  • Absorbent terry cloth wipe on the thumb for runny noses
  • Tab on bottom of palm to help pull gloves down


  • Thicker inner seams can be “itchy” for some kids

Troy Lee Air Youth Gloves

Silicon Tips for Grippy Braking

Kids wearing Troy Lee Air Youth Mountain Biking Gloves

MSRP: $27

SIZES AVAILABLE: 5 sizes (XS to XL) 

With 5 different youth sizes available, it’s easy to get a great fit with the Troy Lee Youth Air mountain bike gloves. 2-way stretch spandex on top and a perforated synthetic leather palm allows these Air gloves to flex effortlessly with your kids’ hands and also provide plenty of ventilation. The velcro wrist enclosure makes getting gloves on and off easier.

The Troy Lee Youth Air gloves are also very durable! Our tester took some pretty nasty crashes with these gloves and his hands came out unscathed.


  • Six sizes for a great fit
  • 2-way stretch fabric for comfort and maneuverability
  • Perforated synthetic leather palm adds great ventilation
  • Leather thumb guard for added grip and durability
  • Velcro closure for easy on and offs
  • Thin fabric layer less bulky than other gloves
  • Plenty of colors to choose from


  • No padding on palm

Giro La DND/Giro DND

Best for Tweens

Giro La DND biking gloves in polka dot and midnight blue

MSRP: $24

SIZES AVAILABLE: A total of 10 different sizes of the La DND (women’s) and the DND (men’s). The men’s XS is the smallest size available and can fit most 9 or 10-year-olds.

The adult version of the Giro DND Jr. that we love for kids, these gloves are a great option for tweens who have outgrown traditional kids sizing. Our tall 11-year-old is already rocking the size women large in these gloves! Between the women’s and men’s versions, there are plenty of colors and patterns available for girls and boys.

Our tween tester loves the soft suede palm, and the large terry cloth area to wipe sweat (and snot!) off her face. The open flex points on the knuckles are a nice touch for extra comfort, and the pull tab at the bottom makes them extra easy to pull on.

At just $24, these gloves are great quality and a serious bang for your buck.


  • Soft suede palm, 4-way flex, and knuckle flex points for overall comfort
  • Large terry cloth area for wiping sweat and snot
  • Unique sizing perfect for tweens
  • Great quality for a great price
  • Tab on bottom of palm to help pull gloves down


  • Inner seams can be irritating (but not overly so!)

woom warm TENS Winter Cycling Gloves

Extra warmth for fall and spring riding

woom Winter biking gloves for kids

MSRP: $19

SIZES AVAILABLE: 3 sizes – 5, 6 and 7 (see woom’s size chart)

If you live in Alaska, Alberta, or Nebraska, you probably have bike mitts to get you through your fat bike snow adventures. But if you live in a place with a bit more mild winters, woom’s winter gloves are top notch.

Breathable, but with protection against wind, rain/snow, and cold, these gloves are also a great option for those cold fall rides. Our testers loved how they kept their hands warm, but not sweaty. They especially appreciated how easy it still was to shift and brake because the gloves are padded for warmth, but not too bulky. They also look so cool our kids wanted to wear them to school. Really!


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Better wind resistance than 100% Brisker gloves
  • Keep hands warm without being too bulky
  • Long elastic wrist band to keep wind out and leather pull strap for easy on and off
  • Added padding between thumb and forefinger for extra support where hand fatigue is worst
  • Thumb and forefinger pads are touchscreen-friendly
  • Reflective woom logo on back of hands for better visibility


  • Only available in black

100% Brisker Cold Weather Gloves

Wide range of sizes available

100% Brisker cold weather kids bike gloves

MSRP: $35

SIZES AVAILABLE: 8 sizes, Youth Small to Adult XXL – sizes tend to run small

Not too thin and not too thick, the 100% Brisker gloves are the perfect option for cooler rides where added warmth is much appreciated. While not as wind resistant as woom’s gloves, the 100% Brisker gloves are offered in more color options and in a wider range of sizes. They do tend to run a bit small, so be sure to size up. Our young tester with a 5 1/2″ long palm barely fits in the youth small.

Made with an insulated top shell and a moisture-wicking microfiber interior, they offer great protection without inhibiting mobility. Silicon graphics line the palm and the top of the forefinger for extra grip, even during wet conditions. As an added bonus, the thumb features a soft and absorbent nose wipe pad.


  • Nose and absorbant nose wipe pad on thumb
  • Keep hands warm without being too bulky
  • Silicon tipped forefinger for easy braking
  • Hook and loop opening for easier access
  • Silicon printed palm for grip in wet conditions
  • Reflective graphics on top of the glove
  • Thumb and forefinger are touch screen friendly


  • Short cuff can allow wind up the sleeve
  • Tend to run small

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