9 Adorable Kids Bike Bells – Ring Ding Ding!

Ding ding ding! Sometimes it’s the littlest details that make that most magic. Adults may never understand how the ring of an tiny bell can transform an ordinary bike ride into pure joy, but it does. Kids love making noise, and bike bells are a fun and whimsical way to do it.

After testing a bunch of kids bike bells with our own kids and neighbors, we narrowed down our list of favorites to nine bells and horns that are kid and parent approved!

Child on bike with a bike bell on the left hand and the right hand

Best Bike Bells for Kids

Kids Bike Bell Why We Love It MSRP
Incredibell Jellibell See-through ringing dial $12
Ding Dong Bell Comes in 18 colors $15
Paliston Flower Bell 4 flower color options $8
Super Hero Bells Superhero logos $12
Nutcase Bells Adorable designs $15
Flower Horn Fun squeeze horn! $10
woom Vienna Crystal clear sound $12
Electra Domed Funny designs! $13
Bugle Horn Great sound, funny horn $13

Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell

Unique, see-through dial

Incredibell Jellibell for kids bikes - blue and pink

MSRP: $12

With a see-through cover, you can watch the inner workings of the Incredibell Jellibell as it rings! It’s oddly fascinating for kids and parents, and we love the sweet little sound of the ring.

Younger riders generally grip the entire circle to turn and ring the bell, which means they have to remove their hand from the bike’s grip to ring it. As kids get older and their coordination gets better, they can ring the Jellibell with just their thumb.

Because the Jellibell can be turned in either direction, it can be mounted the left or right grip of the handlebar.

Beach Cruiser Ding Dong Bell

Available in 18 colors

beach cruiser style bike bells in red and purple

MSRP: $15

These beach cruiser bells are exactly what you’d expect from a bike bell. Nothing special, but solid quality and easy to use. We love these bells because they come in such a wide variety of colors so it’s easy to find a bell to match your child’s bike.

The paint covering does scratch pretty easily, so encourage your child to lay their bike down nicely!

Paliston Flower Bell

Four flower color options

flower bike bell for girls bike - pink and turquoise

MSRP: $8

If you’re looking for a traditional girls bike bell, the Paliston Flower Bell will deliver. While the flower is plastic, the bell enclosure is metal, feels solid, and is surprisingly durable. Don’t forget to pair this one with an adorable girly bike basket!

Super Hero Bike Bells

Superhero logos for boys and girls

Superhero bike bells for boys and girls - batman and wonder woman

MSRP: $12

Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman… super hero bells for your little super hero! Make sure to check out our list of other kids bike accessories to bling out a true super hero bike for your rider.

Nutcase Bike Bells

Adorable designs that match their helmets

Nutcase kids bike bells - LOL emoji and sock hop girls bell

MSRP: $15

Nutcase bells come in a wide variety of fun and wacky designs for a bell that’s as unique as your kid. But the coolest part about these chimes are that they are designed to match Nutcase helmets. That’s right… your child’s bike helmet can match their bike bell!

The timbre is crystal clear and not-annoying, which is a win for parents. The metal bracket does have the potential to scratch your handlebars. To prevent this, we covered the inside edges with masking tape before we attached it to the handlebar.

Childhood Flower Horn

Kids love to squeeze the horn!

Flower gem pink bike horn for kids

MSRP: $10

A giant pink flower with a giant pink gem in the middle? Our girl bike testers went nuts over this flower bike horn! Be aware that with any horn, the child will have to take their hand off the handelbar grip to use it, so younger kids will most likely only use it while at a standstill.

In full disclosure, as insanely adorable as this horn is, it has a seriously squeaky pitch that you’ll definitely want to keep out of the house.

woom Vienna Bell

Crystal Clear Sound

woom vienna brass bike bell for kids

MSRP: $12

Small but mighty, the woom Vienna bell has a crystal clear, beautiful ring. Smaller than most bells, the Vienna bell is particularly manageable for young riders to ring. Our own toddler used this as her everyday balance bike bell and could ring it happily at age 2.

Electra Domed Bell

Funny designs older kids will appreciate

Electra bike bells - donut and pink cat

MSRP: $13

From a functional standpoint, the Electra bike bells work like many other bells on this list. While we haven’t tested these bells personally, we wanted to include them here because their clever designs make us laugh.

Coolrunner Bike Bugle

Funny honk that doesn’t get old

kids bike bugle horn in royal blue and pink

MSRP: $13

This bike horn was definitely the funniest bell we tested. The honking sound of the horn makes us laugh every time we use it! Basically, it spreads joy.

This horn is on the larger size, and is a better bet for kids on 20 inch bikes and larger. Be aware that the metal pieces that attaches to your handlebar is cheap metal that can scratch the handlebar. If this concerns you, make sure to put a thin strip of rubber around your handlebar first!

How to Choose the Best Kids Bike Bell

One quick search on Amazon, and you’ll discover that there are a ton of options for kids bike bells. But besides “cuteness factor”, what else should you consider?

Will the bike bell fit on your child’s bike?

Bike bells will generally fit most bikes. We were successfully able to fit every bike bell we tested on our kids’ bikes. As long as you have a screwdriver to tighten the mounting clamp around the bike’s handlebar, you should be in good shape!

For smaller kids bikes with narrow handlebars, the bell’s mounting clamp may not cinch down tightly enough. It’s an easy solve though – simply insert a strip of rubber (an old bike tire tube works great) between the handlebar and the mounting bracket, as seen in the picture on the right.

underside of two kids bike bells, showing how they attach to the handlebars. One has a piece of rubber under the clamp because the handlebar is too narrow

How easy is it to ring?

We tested all of these kid bike bells with our barely 3-year-old tester and she was able to easily ring all of them. Be aware that honking a bike horn requires a child to remove their hand from the handlebar grip. As a result, most young riders will only be able to use a horn while at a standstill.

toddler using her hand to ring a bike horn and a bike bell

Where do you put the bike bell? Left hand or right hand?

Many bike bells are directional, meaning they are meant for the right or left hand. In the picture below, the pink flower bell is meant for the right hand. To ring it, the child pushes the purple lever forward with her right thumb. This type of bell must be installed near the right grip.

The purple Jellibell below is engaged by turning the round top in either direction. As a result, it can be placed on the left or right.

Child on bike with a bike bell on the left hand and the right hand

Most bike bells are directional, and usually made to go on the right hand. However, if given a choice, we prefer to install bells next to the left grip.

This allows a child to continue to focus on braking with the right hand as their primary braking hand. It’s also easier when a child gets old enough to have a bike with gears – the grip shift is on the right hand. Shifting, braking, and dinging a bell with the same hand can get complicated!

What does the bell sound like?

All of the bells on this list have a solid quality ring, with the exception of the squawking pink horn! Really cheap bells often sound tinny and weak.

22 Fun and Easy Kids Bike Accessory Ideas: Want more than a kids bike bell? Check out baskets, wheel lights, knee pads, water bottles and more!

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