ByK E-350 Review

The ByK E350 is a solid option for kids who need a simple, yet comfortable bike. With an upright body position and high gearing, it’s a fun, fast, and affordable ride. Read the review below for all the details!

child riding a ByK 350x3i kids bike

ByK E-350 Overview

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: With a coaster brake and higher gearing, the ByK is best for kids in at least 4T pants who are already comfortable on a 12″ or 14″ bike.


SEAT HEIGHT: 18″ – 23.3″
WEIGHT: 17.6 lb.
GEARS: Single Speed
BRAKE: Coaster brake with Dual Hand Brake


  • Low center-of-gravity design for easier balancing and control
  • Larger-diameter, thinner tires result in a comfortable, fast ride
  • Lightweight for its price range


  • Quality of components could use improvement
  • Coaster brake
  • Longer wheelbase makes the bike a stretch for kids with shorter torsos

ByK E350 Review – Results of our Test Rides


Fast, lightweight and fun, the Byk E-350 is a great bike for tall preschoolers ready to roll on miles of pavement. Built with larger 18″ tires, but sized like a 16″, the ByK E-350 rolls easily and smoother on paved surfaces.

Coming in at $259, the ByK E-350 is an amazing bike for kids needing something simple, yet comfortable.  With the upright geometry similar to Islabikes and WOOM, but without the high-end components and frame to raise the price, the 350 was a fun and fast ride for our four and 5-year-old testers.


The 350 was a great fit for our 4-year-old tester in 4T clothes as well as our 5-year-old in size 5 clothes.  With a seat height of 18″ – 23″, a child in 3T would likely not be tall enough for the bike and would be a better fit on the ByK E-250. To help you find which ByK will fit your child best, check out our bike sizing guide.



The 350’s narrower tires and high gearing, make it very suitable for longer and faster riding along paved surfaces.  Compared to fifteen other 16 inch bikes, the 350 had the second highest gain ratio of 4.  The gain ratio of bike factors in the front and rear cogs as well as the length of the crank arm.  The highest gain ratio we found on a 16″ was 4.6 and the lowest was 3.2.  The higher the number, the greater the distance the bike will travel with each pedal rotation.

For faster stopping, the 350 does have dual hand brakes, but it also has a coaster brake.  Having already mastered pedaling, our testers didn’t have a problem with unexpected stopping with the coaster brake, but they did have trouble getting the pedal in the proper position to start pedaling (which is done by pedaling backward).  Unlike the ByK 250 (their 14″ pedal bike), the 350 does not come with a handlebar for the adults to help stabilize the bike.



The 350 is a great bike for kids who want a fast bike under $300.  Geared higher, like the Dimensions 16, and with narrower tires like the Islabikes CNOC 16, the ByK can’t compete with the quality in their $350+ price tags, but does offer a similar ride and position.  The 350 is also the heaviest of the three weighing in at 17.6 lb. compared to the Dimensions 16lb. and the CNOC’s 13.2 lb.


Bottom Line: The ByK E-350 is an amazing bike for kids in at least 4T who want to ride fast and comfortably on smooth surfaces.  With a coaster brake and higher gearing, it isn’t ideal for kids first learning to ride a pedal bike, but will be well loved by kids moving up from 12″ or 14″ bikes.  For those not quite ready to pedal, the E-350 does come with training wheels.

If you love the purple color and are interested in seeing more girls bikes, check out our list of favorite bikes for little girls and big girls.

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