Delta Shop Rack Review

Need to store bikes on the floor for easy access? The Delta Shop Rack is a sturdy, easy-to-use option that fits everything from road to fat tires! Read the review below for all the details!


Delta Shop Rack

RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP: $40

BEST FOR: Organizing a few heavy-use bikes while the walls do the bulk of storage.

CAPACITY: 16″+ wheel size


  • Adjustable wheel support arms can accommodate any tire width (road to fat!)
  • Can accommodate kids and adult bikes 16″+
  • Easy ins and outs – even for the kids
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Takes up valuable floor space
  • Need to crank down the screws to ensure the arms stay snuggly in place
  • Can’t use with 12″ or 14″ tires, 16″ aren’t ideal but can be done

Delta Shop Rack Review – Results of our Testing

Delta’s The Shop Rack is a stable floor parking bike rack that can fit any width tire with easy adjustments. It’s also incredibly sturdy and can easily take the beating of living in the garage. Because it does take up floor space (which is usually at a premium!), it’s a great solution for parking a few everyday-use or kids’ bikes while you store adult or extra bikes on the wall or ceiling.

Delta The Shop Rack floor parking rack - shown with hybrid adult bike and 24" mountain bike - fits all width tires


How it Works

Two arms extend from a wide and stable base to cradle your bike’s wheels securely in place. The arms slide independently along the base’s tubes and can be placed as close together or far apart as needed to secure the wheel, based on tire width. So whether you have a road bike or a fat bike, the Shop Rack can accommodate you!

Once you’ve determined your optimal width setting, you tighten down the black knobs as seen below. The other end of the screw is clamping down against the base’s metal tube, and not entering any specific sizing hole. This allows the rack to be 100% customizable to your bike, but it also requires you to really bear down hard when tightening so that it doesn’t come loose.

The Shop Rack floor parking bike rack can be adjusted as narrow or as wide as you want for different width tires

Made from sturdy, powder-coated steel, the Shop Rack is built to last and take a regular beating. The ends of the steel base tubes are capped with rubberized feet to protect floors and to keep the rack firmly in place while you’re moving bikes in and out.

The rack is incredibly easy to use and we had no trouble getting our bikes in and out. This style of rack is particularly kid-friendly as it doesn’t require any lifting, and without any moving parts, there’s really nothing you have to figure out. 

Capacity and Bike Fit

While each Shop Rack obviously only holds one bike, if you have a family of bikes and want to connect two to five racks together, the rubber feet are easily removed and replaced with Shop Rack Connectors. From our testing, adult and 24″ kids bikes are what The Shop Rack is really meant for. However, 20″ bikes are also a great fit and 16″ bikes also fit pretty well. We don’t recommend trying to use the Shop Rack with 14″ or 12″ wheels as the tire has barely (if any) contact with the rack’s arms and its hold is very unsteady.

The Shop Rack Fits Kids’ Bikes 16″+

Collage showing how the Delta Shop Rack fits with kids bicycles - 14", 16", 20", and 24" wheel sizes shown



The rack comes as six main parts – two base legs and two arms that come in two pieces.  You connect the arm pieces together, slide each arm onto the base legs, cap them with the feet, and insert and tighten the wheel adjustment bolts. Easy peasy.

Bottom Line

Delta’s Shop Rack is everything a floor parking bike rack should be. Simple, sturdy, and easy-to-use, parents should have no problem convincing their kids to park their bikes upright instead of sprawled all over the floor! And with a unique adjustment system that allows any width tire to fit the rack, the Shop Rack is a winner for everything from road bikes to fat bikes.

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