15 Practical Bike Storage Ideas for Your Garage or Home

Whether you have a pile of bikes in your garage or a single bike in your apartment, we’ve tracked down and tested the best bike storage solutions for any bike storage problem. As professional bike testers with tons of bikes to keep organized, we’ve gone through many iterations of bike rack set ups and tried just about every option out there. At this point, we know what truly works for the long haul.

Before you dive into our list of favorites, keep in mind how many bikes you want to store. Solutions that work great for one or two bikes usually don’t work as well for large groups of bikes.

woman loading bike onto saris cycle glide ceiling bike rack

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve broken our favorite bike storage ideas down into 5 groups based on how they store the bike. More detailed information about each storage type, as well as a brief review of our favorites in that category, are provided down below.

Best Bike Storage Ideas

Bike Storage Rack Capacity Price
Floor Bike Stands
RAD Cycles 2 Bike Stand 2 $25
Simple Housewares 5 $60
RAD Cycles 6 Bike Stand 3 or 6 $85
Ceiling Bike Racks
Racor Bike Pulley 1 $30
Saris Cycle Glide 4 or 6 $249
Stashed Products SpaceRail 1 - 20+ $220+
Wall Bike Racks - Vertical
Delta Cycle Bike Hook 1 $20
Steadyrack 1 $99
Rubbermaid FastTrack Varies $80+
Store Your Board Wall Rack 5 $70
Stashed Products SpaceRail 1 - 20+ $439+
Wall Bike Racks - Horizontal
Feedback Sports Velo 2D 1 $50
Delta Michelangelo 2 $70
Indoor Bike Storage - Freestanding
Topeak Dual Touch 2 $199

Bike Storage Ideas Video Summary

Check out our video to see some of our favorite bike storage ideas in action. From ceiling bike racks to kid-friendly floor racks, we’ll walk you through nine clever bike storage ideas.

Bike Floor Stands

Best For: Organization with Accessibility

garage bike racks - 5 bike floor stand and woom balance bike stand

While most home bike storage systems aim to save floor space, bike parking racks use it right up! Floor bike racks are commonly used for the bikes that get the most use and need the easiest access.  They’re often part of a larger system of garage bike storage where some bikes are stored up and away to save space, leaving just enough room for a few bikes on the ground.


  • Best access for bikes that get used often
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Can be used in the garage or in playrooms to store balance bikes


  • Many don’t fit kids’ bikes under 20″
  • Take up precious floor space
  • Some are not disc brake compatible

Simple Housewares 5 Bike Floor Parking Rack

SImple Housewares 4 bike garage bike rack on garage floor. Five bikes loaded, smallest is a balance bike, largest is an adult bike

MSRP: $60
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Bike Capacity: 5 Bikes
Read Full Review: Simple Housewares 5 Bike Floor Parking Stand

Call it “old school” but floor bike racks have stood the test of time for a reason. They’re so simple!  And with the Simple Housewares floor bike rack, you can store a family of bikes for a very affordable price tag.

This is another bike storage option that’s gained a permanent spot in our garage. No more bikes in a tangled heap on the garage floor. Your kids can take responsibility for getting their own bikes out of the garage, and hopefully you can train them to put them away as well. It’s super easy, so they have no excuses!

RAD Cycle Six Bike Garage Bike Stand

RAD cycles bike floor stand with 4 bikes parked and helmets hanging

MSRP: $105
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger (with some modifications)
Bike Capacity: 6 Bikes

The RAD Cycle six bike floor stand is unique for two reasons. First, you can store bikes in two different directions – three on each side, facing each other. If you don’t have enough room in your garage for that, it can be used as a 3-bike stand with bikes in just one direction.

The second unique feature is that it has hooks for helmet storage. Ever have helmets strewn all over the floor? Or can’t find your kid’s helmet because it doesn’t have its own “spot”? This is a simple solution to that problem.

While this floor bike stand isn’t the best for storing 12″ and 16″ bikes, it can be done. For small bikes, we added a 2×4 block on the floor of the rack to make the tire fit more snuggly in its parking spot.

Delta Cycle Shop Rack

Side by side images of the Delta Cycle Shop garage bike stand in the garage. Each with different sized kids bikes

MSRP: $39
Fits Wheels: 20″ and larger
Capacity: 1 bike
Read Full Review: Delta The Shop Bike Stand

This floor bike rack was made to take a beating on your garage floor. Delta’s The Shop bike stand is super sturdy and durable, with rubber feet to help keep that stand in place while getting your bike in and out.

The Shop’s standout feature is that the rack arms are adjustable in width. Make that spacing more narrow for tiny kids’ bikes, or widen them for mountain bikes with plus size tires.


MSRP: $80
Fits Wheels: Standard model fits 24″ and larger up to 2.4″ wide, Fat-bike version fits tires up to 5″ wide
Capacity: 1 bike

Quick and easy to use, the BIKEHAND floor stand cradles the rear tire via three contact points to securely keep bikes upright without any frame contact. Compared to similarly-designed bike stands that we have tested, BIKEHAND’s unique swiveling wheel cage provides an extra point of contact that greatly increases the overall stability of the bike while sitting in the rack.

The rack is available in two models. The standard model accommodates bikes with wheel sizes 24″+ with tires up to 2.4″ wide, while the fat bike version can hold tires up to 5″ wide.

Both models are not compatible with 16″ and smaller kids’ bikes (the rotating arm hits the rear triangle of the bike). Geared 20″ bikes are also problematic as the rotating arm interferes with the chain, but single speed 20″ bikes don’t appear to be a problem.

RAD Cycle Might Rack 2 Bike Stand

MSRP: $24
Fits Wheels: 20″ and larger
Capacity: 2 bikes

RAD Cycle’s 2-bike floor bike stand is a stable and sturdy option for storing two bikes on the garage floor. RA design allows you to store two bikes in the same direction, or facing one another. One drawback we’ve had in our own garage is that the rack can easily slide when trying to load your bikes in, so you may want to add some rubber grip on the bottom.

Garage Ceiling Bike Rack

Best For: Getting Bikes off the Floor

Racor ceiling bike hoist and Saris Cycle glide - two examples of ceiling bike storage

If you have a tight garage, no wall space, and no floor space, you better look up! Ceiling bike racks store bikes up and out of the way so that they only use that pesky extra air space above your head. Most of these systems are for single bikes, but the Saris system holds up to six bikes, and the Stashed vertical system can hold 20+!

When selecting a rack, be sure to keep in mind the height of your garage ceiling. If you have a shorter 7 to 9 foot garage ceiling height, you’ll have less options that if you have a 10 to 12 ft. ceiling.


  • Don’t take up any wall or floor space
  • Easy to access, lift, and lower
  • Some models fit any wheel size – from balance bikes to adult bikes


  • Out of sight, out of mind? 🙂
  • Kids can’t access bikes by themselves
  • Ceiling installation is more difficult
  • Bike hoists are better for only large kids’ and adult bikes

Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Bike Rack

Saris cycle glide ceiling bike rack with four bikes hanging upside down

MSRP: $249
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 4 bikes, or 6 with add-on kit
Read Full Review: Saris Cycle Glide

We’ve tested a lot of different bike storage solutions, and the Saris Cycle Glide wins the prize for initial wow factor. It’s so cleverly designed and incredibly easy to use, it has earned a permanent spot in garage with a tall 12 ft. ceiling.

With sliding rails and sliding hooks, the Saris Cycle Glide effortlessly accommodates any size bike. Which bikes you store can be changed at any time by simply sliding the hooks along the rails to match the wheelbase of your bike. Basically, this ceiling bike rack is the ultimate choice for flexibility!

Because the four bike rails can move horizontally across the base, it’s easy to access and remove a single bike by simply moving the other bikes out of the way. If you have a taller garage ceiling (12 ft.+), the Saris Cycle Glide also allows you to park underneath your stored bikes.

Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist or Racor Bike Lift Pulley System

ceiling bike rack in a garage using the racor bike pulley

MSRP: $40
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 1 bike
Read Full Review: Bike Pulley System Comparison: Delta vs Racor

For families with no room for standard garage bike racks, ceiling bike storage is the only way to go. While we certainly love and prefer the simplicity and flexibility of the Saris Cycle Glide, if you only have a few bikes to store, bike pulley systems are a more affordable option.

Also keep in mind that if your bike has hydraulic disc brakes, you shouldn’t be storing your bike upside down. That makes the Racor and Delta bike pulley system particularly suited for high-end bikes.

Bike pulleys can accommodate any size bike (12″ to 29″), but they must be installed according to the length of the bike’s wheelbase. If you install the system to fit a 12″ bike, you’ll need to adjust the system as your child graduates to larger bikes.

Stashed Products SpaceRail Ceiling Rack

stashed storage vertical ceiling bike rack loaded with lots of bikes

MSRP: $185 – $1,000 ($388 for 4 capacity)
Fits Wheels: 12″ and up (no fat bikes)
Capacity: 1 – 20+ bikes (purchase kit according to capacity)
Read Full Review: Stashed Products SpaceRail

**Ships from UK. Use code “STASHED10TWT ” to get 10% off with a minimum spend of £250**

For families (or individuals) with a lot of bikes, but very little room, the Stashed Products system is the solution you’ve been hoping for. The Stashed system is simple in concept, but brilliantly executed to bring additional functionality to the basic bike hook. Bike hooks are given new life as they can slide left to right, twist 360°, and lock into place along a sturdy aluminum rail.

Like moving library shelves, the Stashed system lets you store more bikes in a smaller space by allowing you to shift bikes to the right or left to access any bike in the middle of the fleet. With the ability to hang bikes via the rear or front wheel, as well as rotate bikes so that the handlebars can face the wall, nesting bikes together has never been easier.

To help make the loading process even easier, the Stashed hooks lock into place along the rail when empty, so they won’t run away from you if you accidentally hit the hook with your bike’s tire when loading it up. For extra room, Stashed also sells a double hook to allow you to vertically “stack” one bike on top of another, allowing two shorter bikes to share one hook!

If your ceilings are too tall to reach the hooks, Stashed Products SpaceRail is also available as a wall mount.

Wall Bike Racks – Vertical

Best for Multiple Bikes in the Garage or Single Bikes Anywhere

Collage showing different types of vertical bike rack storage - SteadyRack, Delta Leonardo Hook, Hornug, and MonkeyBars track system

Vertical wall-mounted bike racks allow you to store the most bikes while taking up the least amount of wall space. Bikes are hung straight up and down, so you need to have enough floor-to-ceiling space for the length of the bikes. When storing multiple bikes, vertical solutions are ideal as bikes can nest close together to maximize space.

These wall bike racks are highly versatile because they aren’t dependent on the frame shape of the bike. Essentially any style and any size and shape of bike will fit!

If you are extra tight on interior space (but not wall space), a pivoting vertical bike rack can be a game changer. These racks (Steadyrack and Stashed Storage) allow you to hang your bike and then pivot the bike so it lays nearly flat against the wall. Pivoting the bikes does take up more wall space, but it moves the bike about a foot closer to the wall, leaving more space in your garage or in your room.


  • Store the most bikes in the least amount of wall space (unless pivoted)
  • Very common storage style, so many options available
  • Generally fit any wheel size – from balance bikes to adult bikes


  • With non-pivoting racks, bikes stick out off the wall, affecting interior room space
  • Difficult (if not impossible) for younger kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves

Pivoting Vertical Bike Racks


Best for a Couple of Bikes of all Sizes

Boy putting his bike onto the Steadyrack wall bike rack

MSRP: $99 per rack, discounts for 2 and 4 packs
Fits Wheels: 20″ and larger
Capacity: 1 bike
Read Full Review: Steadyrack Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Steadyrack is one of our favorite garage bike racks. Consisting of wall-mounted pivoting arms that nestle the bike’s front wheel, customizing a storage set-up to fit your fleet of bikes is a breeze. Different Steadyrack models are available to accommodate a wide range of bike styles – standard bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, fat bikes, and even bikes with fenders.

While storing a vertical bike flat against the wall can be beneficial for a single bike, the pivot feature is even more handy when it comes to multiple bikes. Pivoting arms allow you to store bikes closer together, while still being able to easily access and move any bike you want.

With each Steadyrack bike tray being fixed to the wall, however, changing the configuration or combination of bikes requires you to remove and remount each tray or even purchase a new style of tray. As a result, if you are storing lots of different bikes that may change over time, the very adaptable Stashed Storage pivoting rack is a better solution.

Stashed Products Garage Wall Bike Rack

Best for 4+ Bikes of all Sizes

stashed storage vertical bike rack with 16 bikes loaded

MSRP: $220 – $1,000 ($608 for 4 capacity)
Fits Wheels: 12″ and up
Capacity: 1 – 20+ bikes (purchase kit according to capacity)
Mounting System: Available with a wall or a ceiling mount
Read Full Review: Stashed Products SpaceRail

**Ships from UK. Use code “STASHED10TWT ” to get 10% off with a minimum spend of £250**

Whether you need store a lot of bikes in a small space or have a wide variety of bikes to store, you can’t go wrong with Stashed Products SpaceRail vertical sliding rack. Customizable to fit as many bikes as you need, the Stashed Products rack allows you to slide bikes back and forth across the rail for easy access to any bike. Each hook also holds any style or size of bike, making it easy to switch up your bike storage configuration over time.

Stationary Vertical Wall Racks

Rubbermaid FastTrack

Rubbermaid FastTrack wall bike rack filled with bikes and scooters in a garage

MSRP: $80 – $120, depending on size of system
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: Completely customizable
Read Full Review: Rubbermaid FastTrack System

Storing more than just bikes? From ladders to hoses, cords, shovels, and shelving, Rubbermaid FastTrack can hang everything! On our FastTrack, we hang child bike seats, scooters, and bikes, but it can be customized to hold just about anything you can think of.

The Rubbermaid system can be purchased in two different lengths, 48″ or 84″. Once this wall mounted rail has been installed on the garage wall, you have a vast array of bike hook styles that can be interchanged as needed. They easily snap on and off and slide across the rails for quick changes to your chosen configuration. All hooks are purchased a la carte, so you only pay for exactly what you need.

Store Your Board Garage Wall Rack

Omni wall mounted bike rack on the garage wall and loaded with five bikes

MSRP: $69
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 5 bikes
Read Full Review: Omni Bike Wall Rack (Store Your Board)

Easy to install and easy to use, the Store Your Board garage bike rack’s simplicity is what makes it great. With hooks that can move to adjust the spacing between bikes, as well as optional hanging attachments for tools, etc., it’s similar to Rubbermaid’s FastTrack, just not quite as customizable.

If you’ll just be hanging bikes, the more budget-friendly Store Your Board wall mounted bike rack is a solid choice. If you think you’ll need to store a variety of garage treasures, we recommend the more easily-customizable Rubbermaid FastTrack instead.

Delta Cycle Leonardo Single Bike Hook

delta leonardo bike hook on garage wall with a kids bike hanging on it

MSRP: $20
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 1 bike
Read Full Review: Delta Cycle Leonardo Single Hook

Bike storage hooks are about as simple as it gets. We love bike hooks because they allow us to hang bikes wherever there happens to be just enough space on the garage wall. No need to find enough room for wall rails to accommodate five bikes or more – you just need the space to fit one bike!

While all bike hooks are pretty similar, we appreciate the red rubber sleeve on the Delta hook that protects the bike’s spokes and wheel from potential damage. These bike hooks can also be purchased with a rear wheel tray that prevents messy tire marks on the garage wall.

Hornit CLUG PRO Wall Mount Bike Rack

hornit club pro small bike rack

MSRP: $29+
Fits Wheels: Comes in various sizes (based on tire width) to fit all size bikes
Capacity: 1 bike

Small and mighty, the CLUG PRO is a tiny bike rack that allows you to quickly store your bike vertically – without having to pick up your bike! The CLUG is a deceptively simple “cup” that holds your bike’s front wheel snugly against the wall.

The new PRO model has a security cord that wraps around the bike’s rim to prevent the bike from falling down, even if the tire goes flat or the bike gets bumped.

Mounting your bike to the CLUG PRO is super simple: (1) Tilt your bike back onto its rear tire; (2) While holding the bike’s handlebars, push the front wheel into the CLUG until it locks into place; (3) Wrap the security cord around your bike rim and attach it to the CLUG via its FIDLOCK magnet system.

To release, simply release the security cord, grab your handlebars, and then pull your bike away from the wall.

Wall Bike Rack – Horizontal

Best For: In-home storage and tight garages

Collage of different styles of horizontal bike storage - DaHanger sprocket hood, Delta Michelangelo two bike gravity stand, Velo 2D wall rack, Rubbermaid FastTrack system

On-wall horizontal bicycle storage secures a bike flat against a wall, taking up significant wall space, but very little space in the actual room. Because it takes up so much wall space, it’s not common for more than two bikes to be stored this way in the same room.

There are two different styles of horizontal wall bike racks – (1) a free standing wall stand that leans against the wall, and (2) a wall-mounting version that’s installed on the wall itself. Horizontal bike storage is very common for storing bikes indoors.


  • Can fit in most rooms in your house – great for apartment dwellers
  • Generally easier to lift up and down than vertical storage
  • Come in free-standing or wall-mounting options
  • Great for “displaying” bikes
  • Some options can fit the smallest bikes – even balance bikes


  • Take up a ton of wall space
  • Generally can’t store too many bikes this way
  • Most only fit larger kids bikes (24″ and sometimes 20″)
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own
  • Bikes with wider handlebars are more problematic

Feedback Sports Velo 2D Wall Rack

Feedback Sports Velo 2D bike rack mounted on the wall of the garage. Holding a kids bike.

MSRP: $50
Fits Wheels: 20″ and larger
Capacity: 1 bike
Read Full Review: Feedback Sports Velo 2D Wall Rack

The Feedback Velo 2D wall mounted bike rack takes up minimal wall space while its 2-dimensional moving arms maximize its customizability for your bike frame.

Each arm can move independently up or down the small column base, making the 2D customizable for almost any bike frame design. For bikes with flat top tubes, this feature is unnecessary. But for kids’ bikes or bikes with sloping top tubes, it’s a big win. From balance bikes to road bikes, we’ve been able to fit every bike we tried on the Velo 2D.

Remember – bikes with wider handlebars are a harder fit because the bike sits so close to the wall.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Free Standing Bike Rack

Delta Cycle freestanding bike rack in a home office, holding two bikes

MSRP: $70
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 2 bikes
Read Full Review: Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Rack

Delta’s freestanding bike rack has several advantages. (1) It can store two bikes horizontally, without any damage to the walls. (2) It can easily be moved at any time.

(3) The frame cradles can be adjusted up or down, and angled in or out to accommodate virtually any frame design. We were able to store everything from balance bikes to kids bikes and adult bikes.

While this standing bike rack can be used indoors or in the garage, we prefer it for indoor bike storage, so it could easily be included in the section below as well.

Indoor Bike Storage – Freestanding

Best Temporary or “Hardware-free” Solution

Collage showing examples of indoor bike rack telescopic racks - Topeak Dual Touch, RAD Cycle Woody Bike Stand, and Feedback Sports Velo Column

If you have two or more bikes to store and you don’t want to attach any hardware to the wall, a bike storage column or telescoping rack is our favorite indoor bike storage idea. Pressure-set between floor and ceiling, bike storage columns take up the same amount of space as horizontal wall storage, but are constrained to areas of the home where the ceiling is low enough to accommodate the column.


  • Doesn’t require you to put any hardware on the wall – great for renters
  • Can be used indoors as well as the garage
  • Can be moved from one area to another


  • Limited to rooms within the column’s height range
  • Generally can’t store too many bikes this way
  • Usually only fit larger kids bikes (24″ and sometimes 20″)
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own

Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

Topeak Dual Touch bike stand installed in a home office for indoor bike rack. Four images, each holding a different sized bike.

MSRP: $219
Fits Wheels: 12″ and larger
Capacity: 2 bikes
Read Full Review: Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand

Topeak’s Dual-Touch Bike Stand is a sleek, minimalist design that keeps the focus on your bikes, not on a clunky rack. The concept is interesting, and quite simple: it’s a black, anodized aluminum pole that is pressure-set between the floor and ceiling (dual contact points). No mounting hardware, and no damage to any walls required!

The Dual Touch’s rack arms are highly adjustable to fit flat and sloping top tubes, and bikes sizes from kids to adults.

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