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40 Clever Bike Storage Ideas

Bike Storage Solutions: From vertical garage storage racks to indoor horizontal ones, we have a solution for you!

There isn’t one bike storage solution that works for everyone. With thousands of bikes on the market and millions of homes across America, finding the right garage bicycle storage solution for you can be challenging. Indoor bike storage can be even more difficult! Depending on how many bikes you need to store, how easy it needs to be to access them, and how much space you have for bike storage, you need a custom bicycle storage solution that works for your unique circumstances.

saris bike rack ceiling mount

Here are the most common types of bike storage solutions, with a highlight of products we’ve tried ourselves and a few others we’ve heard good things about.

Our Favorite Bike Storage Ideas

Bike Storage Top Picks

Storage Type


Fits Bikes 12"+


On-Wall Vertical


No, 20"+
Omni Bike Wall RackOn-Wall Vertical$70Yes

Rubbermaid FastTrack

On-Wall Vertical or Horizontal$40 - $100Yes

Feedback Velo 2D Wall Rack

On-wall Horizontal



Simple Housewares 5 Bike Floor Parking

Floor Stand



Delta Leonardo Bike Hook

Vertical Wall Hook



Delta Michelangelo 2 Bike Gravity Stand

Horizontal Stand


No, 20"+

Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling Hoist



Saris CycleGlide

Ceiling Track



On-Wall Vertical

Collage showing different types of vertical bike storage - SteadyRack, Delta Leonardo Hook, Hornug, and MonkeyBars track system

Best for: Roomy Garages, Storing More than Two Bikes, Small Kids’ Bikes

On-wall vertical bike storage allows you to store the most bikes while taking up the least amount of wall space. Bikes are hung vertically (obviously!), so you need to have enough floor-to-ceiling space for the length of the bikes. But you also need to have enough space for those bikes to stick off of the wall and into whatever room you’re storing them in.

If you have a tight 2-car garage and are trying to park both your cars inside, this is not for you. It’s probably also not your best bet for in-the-house storage either, unless you don’t mind bumping into those bikes sticking off of the wall!

While kids can’t usually remove their own bikes from vertical storage, this style of storage is a great fit for balance bikes as well as any size kid’s pedal bike.

Steadyrack is an exception to the traditional vertical rack. It pivots to the side, doesn’t come into contact with the bike’s rim, and kids with 24″ bikes can load and unload their bikes by themselves!


  • Store the most bikes in the least amount of wall space
  • Very common storage style, so many options available
  • Generally fit any wheel size – from balance bikes to adult bikes


  • Stick off the wall
  • Difficult (if not impossible) for kids to hang and un-hang their bikes by themselves



Ceiling Storage – Bike Hoists and Ceiling Tracks

Racor ceiling bike hoist and Saris Cycle glide - two examples of ceiling bike storage

Best For: The tightest spaces – bikes don’t take up any wall or floor space!

If you have a tight garage, no wall space, and no floor space, you better look up! Ceiling bike racks store bikes up and out of the way so that they only use that pesky extra air space above your head. Most of these systems are for single bikes, but the Saris system holds up to six bikes!

Through all of our testing on every style rack, the Saris Cycle Glide impressed us the most. Cleverly designed and incredibly easy to use, we especially love it for families because it can easily accommodate an entire family of bikes – from a toddler’s balance bike to mom and dad’s mountain or road bikes.


  • Don’t take up any wall or floor space
  • Easy to access, lift and lower
  • Some models fit any wheel size – from balance bikes to adult bikes


  • Out of sight, out of mind? 🙂
  • Kids can’t access bikes by themselves
  • Ceiling installation is more difficult
  • Bike hoists are better for only large kids’ and adult bikes



Floor Racks

Collage of Floor Stand Bike Storage - 5 bike floor stand and woom balance stand

Best For: Organizing vs. saving space, larger garages, easy access

While most home bike storage systems aim to save floor space, floor stands use it right up! Floor stands are commonly used for the bikes that get the most use and need the easiest access.  They’re often part of a larger system of home bike storage where some bikes are stored up and away to save space, leaving just enough room for a few bikes on the ground.


  • Best access for bikes that get used often
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Can be used in the garage or in playrooms to store balance bikes


  • Many don’t fit kids’ bikes under 20″
  • Take up precious floor space
  • Some are not disc brake compatible



Horizontal – On-Wall and Stands

Collage of different styles of horizontal bike storage - DaHanger sprocket hood, Delta Michelangelo two bike gravity stand, Velo 2D wall rack, Rubbermaid FastTrack system

Best For: In-home storage, tight garages, or displaying bikes as art

On-wall horizontal bike storage secures a bike flat against a wall, taking up significant wall space, but very little space in the actual room. Because it takes up so much wall space, it’s not common for more than two bikes to be stored this way in the same room.

There are two different styles of horizontal bike storage – (1) a free-standing horizontal wall stand that leans against the wall, and (2) a wall-mounting version that’s installed on the wall itself. Horizontal bike storage is very common for storing bikes indoors.


  • Can fit in most rooms in your house – great for apartment dwellers
  • Generally easier to lift up and down than vertical storage
  • Come in free-standing or wall-mounting options
  • Great for “displaying” bikes
  • Some options can fit the smallest bikes – even balance bikes


  • Take up a ton of wall space
  • Generally can’t store too many bikes this way
  • Most only fit larger kids bikes (24″ and sometimes 20″)
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own



Floor to Ceiling Column Rack

Collage showing examples of floor-to-ceiling telescopic racks - Topeak Dual Touch, RAD Cycle Woody Bike Stand, and Feedback Sports Velo Column

Best For: Rooms with walls you don’t want to damage, or are difficult to attach hardware to

If you have two or more bikes to store and you don’t want to attach any hardware to the wall, a bike storage column or telescoping rack is our favorite indoor bike storage solution. Pressure set between floor and ceiling, bike storage columns take up the same amount of space as horizontal wall storage but are constrained to areas of the home where the ceiling is low enough to accommodate the column.


  • Doesn’t require you to put any hardware on the wall
  • Can be used indoors as well as the garage
  • Can be moved from one area to another


  • Limited to rooms within the column’s height range
  • Generally can’t store too many bikes this way
  • Usually only fit larger kids bikes (24″ and sometimes 20″)
  • Can be difficult for kids to raise and lower bikes on their own



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