Topeak LineUp Bike Stand Review

The Topeak LineUp Bike Stand is a modern take on floor bike parking that’s super easy to use and accommodates wheels from 20″ to 29″. Read the review below to see if it’s a good option for your bike!

road bike being held up by the topeak lineup stand up bike rack


Topeak LineUp Stand Review

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Cyclists who appreciate beautiful and clever designs, as well as areas that are not highly trafficked by kids

CAPACITY: 44 lbs, wheels 20″ to 29″ up to 2.25″ wide


  • Sleek, compact, modern design
  • Versatile – a great fit for 20″ kids’ bikes +
  • Easy for kids to use – no lifting required
  • Comes fully assembled!
  • Available in silver or black
  • Takes up minimal floor space
  • Portable


  • Can’t accommodate 16″ bikes and smaller
  • Stable, but not so stable that you’d want kids playing in the area
  • No fat bikes (or tires wider than 2.5″)

Topeak LineUp Bike Stand Review – Results of our Testing

Topeak’s LineUp Stand is a sleek, modern take on floor bike parking that’s incredibly easy to use, takes up minimal floor space, and accommodates mountain and road wheels from 20″ to 29″.

Topeak LineUp Bike Stand with adult road bike

How it Works

The LineUp Stand is simple in concept and beautifully executed. To use, simply roll the front or rear tire (rear is best though) into the base, where the tire is then cradled at the bottom between two parallel bars. The tire is then pushed against a spring-loaded stabilizer arm that engages forward as the tire rests against a black v-shaped roller. Unlike most other bike storage racks out there, no lifting required!  

Two support legs extend perpendicular to the base so that the base of the stand is 14″ wide.  These support legs are actually four easily collapsible parts, making the stand a breeze to move around, or even carry with you if need be. The support legs have rubber bases which keep the stand from sliding across the floor.

Topeak Lineup Floor Stand open and collapsed

If you do want to store the stand out of the way or take it anywhere, the stabilizer arm collapses down by pulling back and pressing the release button (the yellow button at the top of the stand in the picture on the left).

While the LineUp Stand is stable, its minimalist footprint makes it less stable that other floor stands we’ve seen with wider bases. We’d recommend using the stand indoors or in the garage where kids are not going to be playing and accidentally running into it.

In our testing, the bikes remained upright when pushed lightly or moderately, but if the bike is pushed with great force, it will fall over.

Capacity and Fit

With a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs, the LineUp Stand is built to store most bikes with tires up to 2.25″.  From mountain bike tires to road tires and 20″ kid’s bikes to adult bikes, the Topeak LineUp stand was a great fit for our bike fleet! We did try a 16″ kid’s bike just to see, and it definitely did not work with a bike that small. Fenders could also be a problem, but we didn’t have any bikes with fenders to test.

Either the front or rear wheel can be used to park the bike, and we particularly love that there are no obtrusive side arms that could come into contact with derailleurs, disc brakes, etc.

Topeak LineUp stand with a 20" kids bike and an adult road bike. Shows that stabilizing arm doesn't come anywhere near the road bikes derailleur


Comes fully assembled. As in you take it out of the box and use it immediately. Two thumbs up on that!!

Bottom Line

A beautiful but functional floor parking option, the Topeak LineUp Stand is a solid option for indoor (hard floor) or garage use. Easy to use and easy to store, we loved how simple it was to park our bikes and walk away. Best for use in areas that won’t be highly trafficked by crazy kids!

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