Feedback Sports Velo 2D Review

The Feedback Velo 2D wall-mounting bike rack takes up minimal wall space while its 2-dimensional moving arms maximize its customizability for your bike frame. With a smooth black or silver finish, it’s a perfectly clean and modern display piece.

blue woom 5 mounted to the wall on a feedback sports velo 2d bike wall mount


Feedback Sports Velo 2D

RATING: Highly Recommended


BEST FOR: Those who need to store bikes flat against the wall, or want a sleek display system.

CAPACITY: 1 bike, up to 50 lbs.


  • Incredibly versatile – can store bikes will almost any top tube configuration
  • Minimalist, sleek, and modern design
  • Available in black or silver
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality and durable
  • Can store balance bikes, kids bikes, adult bikes


  • Arms have sharp edges that can scuff frames if you’re not careful

Feedback Sports Velo 2D Review – Results of our Testing

Feedback Velo 2D Rack with woom 5 bike


With a maximum load capacity of 50 lbs, the Velo 2D really works with almost any bike! Kids bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes – the versatile 2D will work with them all.

The rubber “hands” at the end of the arms were able to hold every bike we tried – from fat round balance bike top tubes to square adult road bike top tubes. Because the rack arms move independently and horizontally, even the most smallest and most unique frame designs were able to work.

From Balance Bikes to Adult Bikes – Everything Fits!

Feedback Velo 2D Bike Rack being used with woom 1 balance bike, Trek 16" bike, and Raleigh Rowdy 20" bike

How it Works

The Feedback Velo 2D Wall Rack is mounted to a wall stud and holds a single bike. It has a vertical center base that houses two independent metal arms. The arms have v-shaped soft rubber ends that cradle the frame of the bike.

Feedback Velo 2D bike rack close-up holding 24 inch kids bike

The arms move independently both vertically and horizontally. The up and down adjustments accommodate both flat or sloping top tubes, with 7″ of adjustability. The in and out movement allows you to extend or retract the length of the arms to store the bike farther from or closer to the wall to accommodate wider handlebars. They adjust 8″ – 12″ from the wall.

Rack Arms Adjust Horizontally and Vertically

Feedback Velo 2D rack on the wall with arrows showing how arms mover vertically and horizontally.

Because of these unique moving arms, the Velo 2D can accommodate anything from a balance bike to an adult bike. The Velo Wall Rack is also available in a slightly cheaper version that only adjusts vertically, not horizontally.

The arms are secured in their horizontal and vertical settings by turning screws and bolts with an Allen key. Once the base of the rack is installed on the wall, it’s a little difficult (but definitely possible!) to move the arms vertically.

It may be easier to try to adjust the arms before you attach the rack to the wall, but once you get your bike up there, you may end up needing to make additional adjustments anyways.

Most of the kids’ bikes we used, as well as the women’s bike, were able to sit on the bike rack at the same arm settings. Two bikes with particularly unique frames had to have their own adjustment settings. (The woom 1 balance bike with a u-shaped frame and the Trek 16″ bike with a particularly steep top tube.) And of course, the flat top tube bike had its own setting as well.

That said, it is possible that you could use the Velo 2D with several different bikes without having to make any setting adjustments. Just depends on your fleet of bikes!

Vertical Adjustments Accommodate Slanting and Flat Top Tubes

Feedback Velo 2D wall rack adjusts to accommodate sloping and flat top tubes

One note of caution we did want to mention, although we did not experience this for ourselves, several reviews on Amazon mentioned the issue. The metal edge of the arms is not rounded – they ‘re actually pretty sharp.

If you were to hastily put your bike up and lift it past the soft rubber ends of the arms and onto that metal edge, it would definitely scratch your bike’s frame. That said, this didn’t happen to us, but I’m also glad we were aware of the potential problem ahead of time so that we were cautious when lifting the bike onto the arms.

Edge of Rack Arm is Sharp – Be Careful!

Feedback Velo 2D bike rack arm with sharp edge


Installation is easy, but only if you’re paying attention! The base of the rack mounts easily enough on a wall stud. You then have to attach a mounting clip to the end of each of the arms. This clip is what allows you to slide the arms up and down to position and then tighten them perfectly for your bike’s frame.

We initially installed the clips backwards and were quite frustrated when we couldn’t get them to slide into the rack base. Once we figured that out and screwed them onto the arms in the right direction, we also discovered that to get the arms to slide into the base, those screws can’t be too tight. So we loosened the screws about half way, were able to slide the arms onto the base, and then re-tightened the screws once we had determined their appropriate and final vertical location.

Collage shows side of Feedback Velo 2D where arms slide into the base. Shows space between clip and arm of the Velo 2D to show that you shouldn't tighten down screws too tightly until after the arms are set in position on the base.

Bottom Line

Feedback’s Velo 2D Wall Rack¬†takes a simple wall-mounting concept and upgrades it with bi-directional moving arms that allow for complete customizability for your bike’s frame. We especially love that it easily accommodates any size bike a family might have – from balance bikes to mom’s and dad’s. For other ideas on how to store your bikes indoors or in the garage, check out our list of 40 Clever Bike Storage Ideas.

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