12 Kid-Friendly Bike Parks for your Family Bucket List

Bike Parks and Pump Tracks Are For Kids Too!

Bike parks and pump tracks are no longer just for hard-core BMXers and mountain bikers. Kid-friendly versions are popping up across the country at an alarmingly awesome rate!

We’ve enjoyed taking our own kids to local bike parks in Colorado and Utah, and want to help spread the word to the parents of America – bike parks are a super-fun alternative playground for your little ones!

We love bike parks so much, we decided we needed to create a bucket list. Here are a few of the absolute coolest that also happen to be kid-friendly for your ultimate #bikeparkbucketlist.

Our Local Bike Parkskid-friendly bike parks in Draper, UT, Park City, UT, and Boulder, CO

For a more comprehensive list of bike parks across the country, check out our Kid-Friendly Bike Park or Pump Track Directory. Need a way to get your bikes to the bike park? Be sure to check out our Best Hitch Bike Racks for Families article.

12. Kanab Pump Track and Skate Park

Kanab, UT

Arial view of Kanab Bike Park and Skate Park
Kanab Bike and Skate park runs and jumps, boy riding BMX bike on pump track
Images courtesy: Velosolutions


FEATURES: Velosolutions asphalt pump track and Skate Park

EXTRAS: Jacob Hamblin Park and children’s play area is right next door


Kanab is a tiny Southern Utah town you might happen to drive through on your way to Zion National Park or the exclusive Wave hiking area. If you do find yourself in the area, hopefully you brought along a few bikes because although this town may just be a pit stop, it boasts a pretty sweet asphalt pump track and skate park combo. And with a red rock backdrop as an added bonus, this remote town is a whole lot cooler than you’d think.

11. George Poston Park Pump Track

Gastonia, NC

Robert Poston Park Pump Track in Gaston, NC
Image courtesy: Velosolutions


FEATURES: Velosolutions asphalt pump track

EXTRAS: Sports complex and kids’ playground


Pump track surrounded by forest? Yes please! The town of Gastonia, NC is nestled on the South Fork River and has about 75,000 residents. But it’s one of very few American cities to have a legitimate asphalt pump track. Now if only the rest of America can get on board!!

10. 9th Street BMX Park

Austin, TX

4-year-old riding woom 2 in 9th St. BMX park in Austin, TX
9th Street BMX park in Austin. 8-year-old boy riding in the bowl, older rider executing a dirt jump.
Photos courtesy: woom and 9th Street Bike Park


FEATURES: Hundreds of dirt mounds, pump track


In true “Keep Austin Weird” fashion, the 9th Street Bike Park has been built from the ground up by BMXers themselves, without any assistance from the city. Smack dab in the middle of bustling downtown, 9th Street BMX Park is one of those Austin gems that just feels Austin-y to the core. Maintained by locals, it’s frequented by serious BMXers and balance bikers alike. A true community bike park, everyone is welcome.

9. Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park

Cleveland, OH

Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park scenic mountain trail
Ray's indoor mountain bike park wood slat floor
Images courtesy: Rays MTB


FEATURES: 3 or 4 rooms for beginners, including a novice section with a small pump track for kids, 11 rooms total


AGE REQUIREMENT: Under 8 must have an adult with them at all times

Ray’s gets the award for coolest indoor scenery! A lot of indoor bike parks are strictly industrial, and honestly pretty ugly. Ray’s has nature murals just about everywhere (even some ceilings!) that make you feel as outside as possible.  Several novice trails are perfect for young riders, but note that while kid riders are encouraged to come to Ray’s, balance bikes are NOT allowed.

8. Runway Bike Park

Springdale, AR

Runway Bike Park PUmp track in Springdale, AR
Two features of the Child Bicycle Playground at Runway Bike Park and a child riding a balance bike on the pump track
Images courtesy: VeloSolutions and Runway Bike Park


FEATURES: Velosolutions pump track (largest asphalt track in North America), Skills Course, and Bicycle Playground

EXTRAS: Located at the Jones Center, there are also an ice rink, fitness center, gymnasium, and swimming pools


While the Championship Track pump track hosts Red Bull events for young and old riders, Runway Bike Park is hands-down the most kid-friendly park on our list. Little ones can rock the pump track and the skills area just like teenagers and adults, but they also have an entire section of the park set aside just for toddlers and kids.

The Bicycle Playground is an adorable little area with kid-focused features that the youngest ones will especially enjoy.  They also host the Santa Pump Track Classic each December for balance bike riders and kids up to 15 years old.

7. Riversport OKC Pump Track

Oklahoma City, OK

Child riding down blue pump track at OKC Riversport Pump Track
OKC Riversport Fiberglass blue pump track
Images courtesy: Velosolutions and OKC Riversport

ADMISSION FEE:  $29+ for day passes

FEATURES:  1 fiberglass modular pump track, 2 asphalt pump tracks, all made by Velosolutions

EXTRAS: Located at the RiverSport OKC Boathouse District, there are a TON of water and land activities included in admission or for additional purchase


Who knew OKC was a water sport mecca?? The pump tracks at RiverSport OKC are just one of a bazillion activities to enjoy with your entrance fee. Kayaking, white water rafting, SUP, dragon boating, water slides, zip lining, rock wall climbing… RiverSport is seriously a one-stop-shop. We especially love the added touch of the blue  track to keep with the RiverSport water theme! And in case you need added proof that this place is legit, it hosted a Red Bull Pump Track World Championship!

6. Leavenworth Pump Track

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth, WA pump track with gorgeous mountains in the background
Kids riding on the pump track in Leavenworth, WA, teenage rider jumping a berm
Images courtesy: Velosolutions


FEATURES: Velosolutions asphalt pump track

EXTRAS: Biking trails


Asphalt pump track + insanely gorgeous mountain backdrop on the Wenatchee River = WE LOVE LEAVENWORTH!!! What else can we say? These pictures are worth a thousand words.

5. Griffin Bike Park

Terre Haute, IN

8-year-old boy riding mountain trail at Griffin Bike Park
Child riding balance bike at the Griffin Bike Park pro pump track, and aerial shot of skills trails for Griffin Bike Park
Photos courtesy: Griffin Bike Park


FEATURES: Trail System, Basic Training Skills Park, Terrain Park (with kids trails and pump track), Water Skills Park (with a lake jump!!)


This is definitely not just your neighborhood bike park. This award-winning park is a destination and worth driving hours to get to! The park has soooo many trails, loops and tracks with a ton more still under construction. With 25 miles of trails already groomed, there are 11 trails specifically designed for beginners as well as seven acres of “Landing Zone” Terrain Park.

At the Basic Training Skills Park, there are four different loop trails, three of which are beginner level! Several more kid-friendly trails are in the works, and they also have a pump track just for kids! To top it off, Griffin Park hosts lots of kid-friendly events like “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” and “Sundance Bike Rodeo”.

4. Valmont Bike Park

Boulder, CO

Valmont bike park in Boulder, CO with kids riding wood plank trail
Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO - dad riding over wooden bridge with daughter, a child breaking through the red ribbon of a race
Photos courtesy: Valmont Bike Park


FEATURES: Miles of trails, Pump Tracks, Skillz Loop, Steps, Sand Pits, SlopeStyle, kiddy playground


Of course Boulder is going to have a gorgeous bike park – that’s a no-brainer. Covering 42 acres, Valmont Bike Park attracts the serious mountain bikers and BMXers with miles of trails, sand pits, dual slaloms and dirt jumps, but equally caters to the littlest riders.

There are three kid-friendly pump tracks, with one specifically for toddlers. There’s also a track just for tots and baby dirt jumps… and a playground for when they get tired of two wheels. Valmont sets the standard for true bike parks, and in fact, Chicago’s new bike park used Valmont as inspiration!

3. SkyPark at Santa’s Village

Lake Arrowhead, CA

two boys on pump track at SkyPark bike park at Santa's Village Lake Arrowhead
Sky Park at Santa's Village - girl zip lining, three boys on balance bikes, and family biking on trails
Images Courtesy: SkyPark


SPECIAL FEATURES: Strider Balance Bike Trail, SkyPark Mountain Bike Trail System has trails with levels from very beginner to black diamond

EXTRAS: Hiking, skating pond, meet Santa, North Pole Express, zip line, shopping, food (essentially this place in an outdoorsy amusement park!)


Santa’s a regular at the bike park – year round! I mean, what kid doesn’t want to ride with Santa??? In addition to the kid-focused Strider balance bike trail, slightly more confident kids can explore the vast mountain bike trail system on the green runs, all within an alpine forest near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains. The entry fee is steep, but SkyPark offers tons of other outdoor adventure-based activities besides the bike park, like hiking trails, fly fishing, zip lining… all in a place where you can celebrate Christmas any day of the year!

2. Brooklyn Bike Park

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn pump track with kids and adult riding
Arial shot of Brooklyn Pump Track with Brooklyn Bridge in the background
Images courtesy: Velosolutions

ADMISSION FEE: $5 to $10

FEATURES: Asphalt pump track, beginner track that connects to main track


AGE REQUIREMENT: None, but be careful what time you go to avoid large, older crowds

Who says you can’t have a bike park in the middle one of the biggest cities in the WORLD?? And with a backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge, I mean, WE LOVE NYC, am I right?? The pump track is a super legit asphalt track by Velosolutions and also boasts urban-cool artwork. Just a little urban oasis for families and BMX junkies alike.

1. Louisville MEGA Cavern

Louisville, KY

Group of young boys about to ride area 3 in Louisville Mega Cavern Bike Park
Louisville Mega Cavern Bike Park - many people riding down dirt hills in underground bike park
Photos courtesy: Radittude.com

ADMISSION FEE: $25(for bike park only)

FEATURES: 320,000 square feet, 45+ trails, jump lines, pump tracks, dual slalom, BMX, cross country and single track

EXTRAS: Zip lining, ropes challenge course, tram ride, electric bike tour


You guys. This place is literally UNDERGROUND. Converted from a former limestone quarry that opened in the 1930’s, the Mega Cavern is 100 feet beneath the surface. Random and slightly creepy fact – it’s actually a natural bomb shelter. So in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was designated by the state to house 50,000 people in the event of a nuclear attack…?? But with that ominous history now behind them, it’s legit the coolest place you could possibly ride your bike.


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