Micro Rocket Scooter Review

A cream-of-the-crop scooter designed for an extra stable ride and smooth cruising. The Micro Rocket scooter is perfect for fun-loving kids that want a scooter that’s easy to balance. Read the review below for all the details!

young boy and his dad riding on the micro rocket scooter

Micro Rocket

RATING: Exceptional


BEST FOR: Kids who want a more stable ride to give them confidence and better balance.

SCOOTER TYPE: Kick scooter

WEIGHT LIMIT: 220 lbs.

HANDLEBAR HEIGHT: 23.25″ – 34.5″


  • Fat wheels make for a stable ride and much easier balancing
  • Precise design and construction with top-quality components
  • Fast, but not too fast for fun-loving, but non-aggressive riders
  • Rubber handlebar ends are durable against kids leaving scooters on the ground
  • Beautiful, anodized aluminum stem


  • Folding mechanism can be tricky for smaller riders

Micro Rocket Scooter Review – Results of our Test Rides

The Micro Rocket is a cream-of-the-crop Swiss kick scooter designed for an extra stable ride and smooth cruising. Not meant for jumping or tricks, it’s the perfect scooter for fun-loving kids that feel more comfortable on a scooter that’s easier to balance.

7-year-old and 9-year-old standing and smiling with the Micro Rocket Scooter. Three kids riding scooters - Razor A2, Micro Rocket, and Micro Sprite.


“This new Micro, it’s so easy for me to use. Because you know the skinny wheel on the other one? It’s harder for me to balance. Cause watch me glide… see????  I feel more steady and I can make sharp turns easier.” The words of our 9-year-old tester sum it up pretty well!

The Rocket is designed for smooth and confident cruising. Rolling on two extra fat wheels, the Rocket is almost as stable as the 3-wheeled Micro Maxi scooter. Our adventurous but non-aggressive testers found a new friend in the Rocket. It doesn’t go quite as fast as a traditional kick scooter like the Micro Sprite (which they liked!) and is significantly easier to balance.

3 images of the Micro Rocket in action, gliding down neighborhood streets.

As a result, for this type of rider, it’s more enjoyable and easier to maneuver. And it has the added advantage of looking pretty hard-core – so even though a Rocket rider may not be doing the cool tricks or winning any races against someone on a Sprite, they look just as cool. (Or maybe even cooler??)

That said, our aggressive testers that are constantly racing, jumping, and doing simple tricks off the curb also enjoyed riding the Rocket and would frequently switch off between the two.

More actions shots of the Micro Rocket kick scooter in action, and also the Micro Sprite.

Like the other scooters in the Micro line, the Rocket boasts superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, a durable build, and a stunning anodized aluminum finish. Micro scooters are impressive in the way that a BMW is more enjoyable than a Nissan.  There’s nothing wrong with a Nissan, but a BMW will almost always be more fun to drive or even just look at. So much more than a pretty face, Micro scooters are beautiful but are performance scooters at heart.


Rocket is a Great Fit for Everyone from Kids to Crazy Dads 

7-year-old and his dad both riding the Rocket.

Handlebar Height: The Rocket’s adjustable handlebars allow a wide range of ages and heights to ride. With an almost 12″ range from min to max (they adjust from 23.25″ to 34.5″ from the deck) the Rocket was a great fit and enjoyable ride for both our kid, teen, and adult testers.

Micro does have scooters with taller handlebars that are specifically designed for adults. If you’re a grown-up looking for a scooter for yourself, check out the Micro Flex or Micro Black.

Weight: At 9.5 lbs., the Rocket is heavier than your standard kick scooter (the Sprite is 6.4 lbs.), but is still lightweight enough and easy to maneuver for anyone 8+. It’s not meant for jumps and tricks, so the extra weight isn’t really an issue.

Weight Capacity: 220 lb weight capacity – enough for a tall, grown man. 🙂

Age: 8+



The Rocket’s wheels are its truly distinguishing feature. Made from a high-quality, bump-dampening polyurethane like the Sprite,  the front and rear 120 mm wheels are 2 5/8″ wide – almost 3x the width of a standard kick scooter. These fat wheels are the primary reason the Rocket is so stable, and also why it doesn’t reach the same high speeds as the Sprite.

Foot platform

The Rocket’s foot deck is roomy without being bulky. With 13.5″ of usable foot space (a full inch longer than our Razor A5), 4.75″ at its widest point (the Micro Sprite is 4″ wide), and a non-grip overlay that covers more surface area than other kick scooters, the Rocket’s foot deck adds to the comfort, ease, and stability this scooter is designed for.

In addition to its high-quality functionality, the deck’s anodized aluminum colored finish matches the scooter’s stem, completing the Rocket’s polished look.

Collage of high-quality components of Micro Rocket Scooter - 1) Fat front wheel, 2) Rear brake, 3) Anodized aluminum stem, 4) T handlebars, 5) Rubber grip ends


The handlebars are a standard t-bar with soft foam hand grips. We especially love that the ends have upgraded soft rubber bumpers because despite the fact that the Rocket has a kickstand, the number of times your kids will just throw the scooter on the ground will probably far exceed the numbers of times they’ll actually use the kickstand. The rubber bumpers will hold up better than traditional foam after being dropped or laid on the sidewalk.


The stem of the Sprite is a classy, smooth anodized aluminum that comes in 2 different colors – black and sky blue.


The Rocket’s standard scooter brake is upgraded with a texturized rubber for better grip and less slippage.

Ease of Assembly, Transport, and Storage

Assembly: The Rocket comes completely assembled! I hate assembling things, so that’s a win in my book.

Kickstand: The two-way kickstand can be kicked up forward or backwards to keep it out of the way while riding. If you kick it forward, it’s easier to grab it with your toe to pull it down for parking. And while our kids just generally toss their scooters all over the sidewalk, it is nice to have the option of upright storage in the garage.

Rocket Folds for Easy Carrying and Storage

Child pushing the two buttons to fold the Micro Rocket. Same child standing with the Micro Rocket folded.

Folding the Frame: The scooter is super easy to fold for carrying or compact storage. The frame is folded in 3 simple steps. (1) Pull up on the lever, (2) Push the buttons on either side, and (3) Fold down. Voila!

Pushing the buttons the first few times can be a little tricky, but it’s easy to get the hang of. It’s also a little harder for small hands to manage, but our 11-year-old tester found that propping the scooter on his leg to stabilize it made it easier to grab and push the buttons.

Folding the Handlebars: The handlebars also fold down for even more compact storage. (1) Push the button to disengage the locked handlebar, (2) Pull the handlebar out of the stem, and (3) Fold down and place in the handlebar holder.

Collage showing the process for folding the handlebars of the Micro Sprite scooter.

The Rocket is a bit more bulky than the Sprite, so if you’re going to be carrying it any significant distance, we recommend purchasing one of Micro’s carrying straps.

Bottom Line

The Micro Rocket is a wicked little scooter than allows less aggressive kids, tweens, and teens to confidently ride a kick scooter without the stress of losing control and falling over constantly on their mind.  With its beautiful anodized aluminum finish and steady ride, the Rocket gets an A+ grade for style and performance. While it comes with a larger price tag, its quality and durability make it a solid investment.

If your child is aggressive and you think they’ll advance to trick scootering, check out our review on Fuzion Scooters.


Micro Sprite

Razor A2 & A5 Kick Scooters

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