Qeridoo Sportrex 2 – Bike Trailer Review

The Qeridoo Sportrex is Qeridoo’s mid-range, multi-sport bike trailer. But while it is mid-range in price, it’s quite high-end in features. The Sportrex offers impressive performance, comfort, and ease-of-use for a pretty manageable price tag.

With adjustable suspension, an air-filled single stroller wheel, plush seats, and a car-seat-style harness, you’ll be wondering why this bike trailer doesn’t cost more!

Crossing the crosswalk while riding with the Sportrex 2

In the end, we were blown away with what the Qeridoo Sportrex offers for the price point. While there are very few trailers even competing in the mid-range price tier, the Sportrex is our top choice in the $500 – $650 price range. It’s also the only mid-range trailer offered in double and single capacity. (The Thule Chariot Cheetah XT has been discontinued.) Read our review below to see if the Sportrex is the right choice for your family.

Qeridoo Sportrex 2 Overview


RATING: Exceptional

MSRP: $609 (single), $629 (double)

BEST FOR: Families who will be using their bike trailer for strolling or jogging frequently.


TRAILER CAPACITY: Single or Double
STROLLER KIT: Single swivel wheel included, but can lock for straight tracking
KIT UPGRADES: Jogging, ski/hike
WEIGHT: 35.3 lb. (single), 37.5 lb. (double)
SUSPENSION: Yes, adjustable


  • Stroller mode is exceptionally smooth and manueverable
  • Single, pneumatic stroller wheel can swivel or lock to track straight
  • Quickly and easily switch between stroller and trailer mode
  • Trailer tow arm can be stored underneath the trailer
  • Adjustable height handlebar in stroller mode
  • Adjustable suspension is one of the smoothest we’ve tested!
  • Head protectors prevent side of trailer from coming into contact with the ground if the trailer were to flip
  • Plush, comfortable seats
  • Car-seat-style harness
  • Chest buckle – only trailer to have one!
  • Middle position seat in double trailer
  • Rain cover and sunshade are easy to use
  • Snack pockets are easy to access


  • Heavy compared to other trailers, noticeable in trailer mode (but not in stroller mode)
  • No viewing window for stroller mode
  • Shoulder straps can’t be adjusted as high as other brands
  • More narrow interior – a bit tight for two large toddlers (40 lbs +)
  • Hitch can squeak (easy fix, see below!)
  • Seat bottom padding can’t be removed to clean

Qeridoo Sportrex 1 and Qeridoo Sportrex 2

The Qeridoo Sportrex comes in single or double capacity, called the Sportrex 1 and Sportrex 2. The only difference between the two models is that the double capacity has two seats and harnesses for two passengers, while the single capacity has just one. They are both compatible with the jogging and ski/hike kits.

Throughout this review, we will make comparisons with the more expensive Qeridoo Kidgoo to help you understand what paying more will get you with a Qeridoo trailer. We’ll also make comparisons between the Qeridoo Sportrex and the Burley Encore X, which is Burley’s mid-range quality and price trailer. (Thule recently discontinued the Cheetah XT and no longer offers a mid-range bike trailer.)

Qeridoo Sportrex Performance

We tested the Qeridoo Sportrex 2 while biking, walking, and running. We were impressed with its performance in all activities, but were particularly impressed with its stroller function.

mom running with child in Qeridoo Sportrex 2 trailer stroller

We’ll start with the stroller performance because this is where the Sportrex truly shines. If you’re more interested in its performance in trailer mode, you can skip foward to the Trailer Performance section by clicking here.

Performance as a Stroller and Jogger

Sportrex 2 in stroller mode by a lake

Like its more expensive sibling the Kidgoo, the Sportrex is a phenomenal stroller and jogger. While Burley and Thule also make excellent trailer strollers, Qeridoo takes the cake for its exceptional smoothness and maneuverability. Every Qeridoo trailer (at every price point!) comes standard with the same style of stroller wheel, which is unique for three reasons:

  1. It’s an air tire
  2. It’s a single wheel tucked under the trailer
  3. It can swivel, or be locked to track straight
Single pneumatic air tire on the Sportrex 2

Because it’s just one wheel tucked under the trailer, turning tight corners is effortless. The air tire smooths out more of the bumps in the road. And because you can choose for the wheel to swivel or lock to track straight, it works great for walking slowly or running at faster speeds.

The Hamax Traveller as a similar set up, but the tire is plastic and can’t lock to track straight.

Walking and Jogging with the Stroller

Depending on the brand, stroller and jogging wheels come in many sizes and designs. Of all the brands, we prefer the single, 8.5″ air tire of the Qeridoo. In the image below you can see the most common stroller wheel styles. The Qeridoo Sportrex is farthest on the left.

Four different trailer strollers showing four different types of stroller wheels

Single Swivel Wheel on Tow Arm: Burley trailer strollers come standard with a single plastic wheel on the end of the tow arm. The single wheels sticks out quite far in front of the trailer and swivels. It cannot lock in place.

Double Wheels: Thule Chariot trailer strollers come standard with two foam wheels tucked under the body of the trailer. These wheels swivel. Burley trailers have a two-wheel option as an upgrade.

Jogging Wheels: While not technically a stroller wheel, Qeridoo, Burley, and Thule offer 14″ air tire jogging wheels as upgrades. These wheels are stationary and stick out in front of the trailer stroller. Qeridoo’s jogging kit costs $85 extra.

We’ve used all of these styles extensively, and there are certainly pros and cons to each. The Qeridoo’s single, swivel/locking, pneumatic wheel is the most maneuverable and most versatile of them all.

How it Works

The front stroller wheel clicks into the chassis of trailer from underneath. To remove the wheel, simply lift the trailer front and push the small blue button at the top.

Inserting the Sportrex stroller wheel from underneath

Switching between swivel wheel and tracking straight is even easier. Push the larger blue button down to track straight, pull up to make it swivel.

Locking the swivel wheel on the Sportrex 2

No Viewing Window

One feature we wish the Sportrex had is a viewing window. When you can’t see your child through the top of the trailer stroller, communication can be frustrating. This is also a problem on the Kidgoo.

While there is a ventilation window on the back of the Sportrex, it’s not a viewing window. The thick black mesh is very hard to see through. Additionally, the only thing on the other side of that mesh is the seat back.

Rear ventilation window of the Qeridoo Sportrex

The Burley Encore X does have a large viewing window on the back. It’s still not the easiest to see your kids through it, but the back of the trailer can really easily be lifted up for easier communication or to hand your child a snack or drink.

Parking Brake activated by the hand

Qeridoo Sportrex trailers feature a parking brake for use in stroller or jogging mode. While most parking brakes are activated by your foot, the Sportrex’s parking brake is activated by your hand.

To engage the brake, push down on the blue lever until you hear two clicks. To dis-engage the brake, push the red button. This design is unique to the Sportrex, but is neither better nor worse than more traditional foot-engaged parking brakes.

Activating the parking brake on the Qeridoo Sportrex 2

Handlebar is adjustable

The Sportrex’ handlebar can be rotated up or down to accommodate taller and shorter parents. There are five different height settings.

Rotating handlebars are now a standard feature on all mid-range and high-end trailer strollers. The Kidgoo’s handlebar attaches to the trailer differently but functions the same once attached.

The handlebar on the Sportrex stroller can be rotated high or low depending on parent height

Performance as a Trailer

The Sportrex is certainly one of the best bike trailers on the market, and its suspension system provides the smoothest ride of any trailer brand we’ve tested. The drawback of the Sportrex as a trailer is that it is much heavier than similarly-priced trailers.

Mom pulling toddler in Qeridoo Sportrex double bike trailer

The Sportrex 2 ($650) weighs in at 37.5 pounds, while the double Burley Encore X ($600) weighs just 24.7 pounds. And while you don’t feel this weight in stroller mode, you do feel it in trailer mode when you’re pulling it uphill.

If you’ll be doing a lot of uphill, be prepared for a workout! If you’ll be primarily sticking to flat roads, the extra weight won’t matter much.

No helmet recess, flat-back helmet your best bet

The seat back of the Sportrex is generally upright, and solid fabric. Some trailers (mainly Allen and Burley) have the upper portion of the seat made from loose mesh. That loose mesh provides space for the back of a child’s helmet to recess so that their head doesn’t get pushed forward uncomfortably.

Because the Sportrex doesn’t have a helmet recess, you need to make sure that your child’s helmet has a flat back. The best helmet option, which you see on the left, is the Giro Scamp. With the helmet’s flat back sitting flush with the seat back, our toddler tester had no issues.

Side shot of toddler wearing helmet in Qeridoo Sportrex. Shows that a helmet with a point in the back is problematic against the back of the seat.

On the right, the pointed back of the Joovy Noodle pushes against the seat back. This can either push the child’s head forward causing strain on their neck, or the helmet can shift forward on the child’s head to accommodate. Both situations are unsafe and uncomfortable for the child rider.

Head Protectors for Added Safety

You may have noticed two little ears sticking off the top of the Sportrex. These little “ears” are actually head protectors. In the event that the Sportrex were to tip over on its side, the head protector will hit the ground first, preventing the side of the trailer from coming into contact with the ground.

Qeridoo Sportrex lying on its side, showing how head protectors work

Can a trailer tip over? Yes! It’s happened to us several times. These head protectors are a very small but appreciated safety feature. Qeridoo is the only trailer brand to offer this feature.

Suspension is Adjustable

The Qeridoo Sportrex is the only mid-range trailer to offer adjustable suspension. With a price tag of just $649 for the double, this is seriously impressive! Burley’s cheapest trailer with adjustable suspension is the Burley D’Lite X ($849), and Thule’s is the Chariot Cross ($1,199)!

Qeridoo’s suspension system is unique because its design includes extra shock absorption. The large red rubber piece you see on the left (in the image below) absorbs impact so the trailer doesn’t rock up. We’re not engineers, so we can’t quantify how helpful this is, but we can say that the Sportrex rides impressively smoothly over bumpy terrain.

suspension mechanism underneath the Sportrex

If adjustable suspension is important to you, but you don’t want to fork out a ton of cash, the Sportrex is an incredible option. The Kidgoo offers the same suspension system.

Adjustable systems allow you to adjust the suspension based on the weight of the load in the trailer. As a result, you can optimize your suspension level as your child grows, or as you switch between one or two passengers.

To adjust the suspension, you simply turn and loosen the blue knob seen in the picture above, and slide the silver bracket along the red metal slats. It takes just a few seconds!

Wheels and Tires

The Sportrex features 20 inch air tires on metal rims. The mildly aggressive tread rides smooth on pavement, but provides enough traction on packed dirt trails as well.

Tire tread on Qeridoo Sportrex

Trailer Arm and Hitch

The Sportrex we tested had quite a squeaky hitch connection. Your hitch should not squeak. We discovered that simply wiping down the hitch on your axle, as well as the head of the tow arm, eliminated the squeak. It appears that the clean surfaces made a huge difference!

Attaching the Sportrex trailer to your bike is a very simple process. The first time can be a little bit intimidating, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. There are three main steps:

  1. Attach the hitch to your bike
  2. Attach the tow arm to the trailer
  3. Connect the hitch on your bike to the tow arm of the trailer

To see these steps in action, check out Qeridoo’s official video.

STEP 1: How you attach the hitch to your bike will depend on what type of axle you have. Be sure to consult the instruction manual that came with your Sportrex. Once the hitch is secured to your bike, it’s best just to leave it there. Because it’s so small, it won’t affect your riding when you aren’t pulling a trailer.

Hitch coupler for Qeridoo trailer

STEP 2: Insert the tow arm into the tow arm receiver. Pull the blue knob and push the smaller of the two silver buttons at the same time. Continue to push the tow bar into the receiver until the larger silver button engages into the black hole. The red line on the tow bar will line up with the front of the tow bar receiver.

Inserting the tow arm into the Qeridoo Sportrex 2

STEP 3: The last step is to attach the tow arm to the hitch on your rear axle. Insert the black end of the tow bar into the hitch receiver. Line up the holes. Put the silver pin through the aligned holes and secure the rubber lock onto the end of the pin.

As a safety back-up, wrap the nylon strap around the frame of your bike and cinch it down tightly.

Qeridoo trailer attached to the axle of the bike

Qeridoo Sportrex – Interior Highlights

Weight and Height Capacity – Sportrex 1 or Sportrex 2

Do you need a single trailer or a double trailer? And if you need a double trailer, is the Sportrex 2 big enough to fit both your littles?

Interior space of Qeridoo Sportrex 2 child bike trailer, with one toddler inside

In both the Sportrex 1 and Sportrex 2 no single child can weigh over 48.5 pounds. In the Sportrex 2 , the maximum total weight of both children is 95 pounds. There is also a height limitation of 46 inches.

While this sounds like a lot, realistically, you’re not going to comfortably fit 95 pounds of kids in this trailer (or any trailer!). Thule Chariot double trailers have a similar maximum weight capacity, while Burley double trailers max out at 80 pounds.

Interior Space with Two Older Toddlers

If you plan on taking two older toddlers in the trailer, the following visual will be helpful. Take a look at our toddler testers in the Qeridoo Sportrex vs. Burley Encore X double trailers. The 4-year-old in the white shirt is 43″ tall and 45 pounds. The 3-year-old in the pink shirt is 41″ tall and 41 pounds. That’s a weight total of 86 pounds.

Interior space of Qeridoo Sportrex 2 child bike trailer, with a 3 year old and a 4 year old inside

These cute friends are quite snug in both trailers, but also still decently comfortable. Compared to other double trailers (like the Encore X seen here), the seat bottom of the Sportrex 2 is slightly more narrow. If you look closely above, you can see that in the Sportrex, the girls’ shoulders are a bit more squished in the middle, while they have shoulder space on the side of the trailer.

Interior Space with Toddler and Baby

The Qeridoo Sportrex can be used in stroller mode with an infant. A baby should not be pulled in a trailer until they are 12 months old.

While there is slightly more room in the Burley trailer stroller for two larger toddlers, the Qeridoo Sportrex has more room if one of the children you’re carrying is an infant. This can be attributed to the clever design of the Qeridoo baby inserts, seen here.

Interior space of Qeridoo Sportrex 2 child bike trailer, with one toddler inside and one infant

Because the hammock hangs above the seat, the larger child’s shoulder can fit behind it. They also have plenty of room on the seat bottom next to them to bring along books, a blanket, or a stuffed friend. (This works with the Qeridoo Baby Hammock and Baby Shell.)

Burley’s Baby Snuggler sits on the seat, placing the baby and the toddler’s bodies directly next to each other. We’ve tested these cute siblings in both the Qeridoo Sportrex 2 and Burley D’Lite X double, and they (and their mama!) prefer the Qeridoo for the extra space it provides the older and larger child.

In our experience, we’ve used baby inserts until about 7 or 8 months old. At that point, a child is generally large enough to sit upright and fit snuggly in the stroller’s harness.

Seats are Plush and Comfortable

When it comes to trailer seats, the Qeridoo Sportrex easily has some of the best. Aesthetically they are sleek, modern, and in our opinion, the prettiest seats on the market.

But like everything they do, Qeridoo goes far beyond a pretty face. The Sportrex seats are also quite comfortable and easy to use.

What we love

The seat bottom and sides are padded for comfort. The padded headrest is thick and cushy, and lined with breathable mesh. It’s attached via velcro so that it can easily be attached or removed. Our 3-year-old toddler preferred to ride without it.

The padding on the straps and crotch have breathable mesh on the back, and they stay in place very well. Some shoulder strap pads move or twist around a lot, which can make loading kids in the trailer a bigger pain than it needs to be.

Sportrex Seats with and without Headrests

Seats with and without headrests in the Sportrex

The seat bottom of the Sportrex is a bench-style seat. This type of seat is standard in high-end trailers, providing plenty of support for little bums. Cheaper trailers have hammock seats which sag under a child’s weight.

Bench seats are more comfortable for little ones, and prevent two passengers from sagging into the middle of the trailer together. From a parent perspective, a supportive seat makes it easier to load and buckle kids.

Bench-Style Seat in Sportrex

Bench style seat provides support in Qeridoo Sportrex

Room for improvement

There is no padding on the back of the seat, but out toddler tester didn’t seem to mind.

5-Point Harness System is Impressive

While the Sportrex has many impressive features, the 5-point harness is one of the most noteworthy. Qeridoo’s harness looks and functions like a car-seat.

The harness is tightened by pulling down on the excess strap. The shoulder straps can be raised or lowered along the back of the seat to accommodate short or tall riders.

Car seat like harness in Qeridoo Sportrex

What We Love Most – Chest Strap for Extra Safety

Qeridoo is the only trailer brand on the US market to offer a chest clip on the harness. And while tiny, it’s our favorite feature of the entire trailer!

chest buckle strap on the harness of the Qeridoo Sportrex 2

This little clip prevents a child from wiggling out of the top of the harness. In every other trailer we’ve put our toddler in, she has managed to get her arms out of the harness so she’s only secured by her lap belt.

While this doesn’t matter much in stroller mode, it’s a big deal in trailer mode. As mentioned previously, it’s possible for a trailer to flip on its side. If this were to happen and your child’s torso wasn’t held in place by the harness, they could hit their head or body against the ground. (And remember, they also have those awesome head protectors that we mentioned earlier!)

For very tall toddlers, you may not be able to use the chest clip because it is too close to their neck. With our 43″ tall tester, we did not use it.

Room for improvement

The shoulder straps on the Sportrex (or Kidgoo) can’t be adjusted as high as they can on the Thule Chariot or Burley trailers. For our 41″ and 43″ tall toddlers, we had the straps raised to the highest point, but they were still starting below the girls’ shoulders, rather than right at the top of the shoulder.

Shoulder straps set at highest and lowest positions

While both girls were secured safely and comfortably, it does become more difficult to use the chest strap on taller riders. For our 43″ tall rider, the chest clip was very close to her neck, so we opted not to use it.

With the straps starting below the shoulders and without the use of the chest clip, the straps are more likely to sit wide on the shoulders and potentially slip off.

Remember – the stated max height for a passenger is 46″, but based on our experience, the harness is best for kids 43″ tall or under.

Middle Position Seat

All Burley and Thule trailers have only two harness positions – the left seat and the right seat. A single child in a double trailer has to sit on the right side, not in the middle.

Qeridoo trailers are unique because the harness can be moved to create a center seat in a double-capacity trailer. This allows a single passenger to sit in the middle of the trailer, rather than being squished to the side.

While switching to center mode isn’t too difficult, it’s not something you would want to do if you’ll be switching regularly between one and two passengers.


The Sportrex doesn’t have much rear ventilation. While the trailer’s rear cover is ventilated with a large mesh window, the seat back is solid fabric, except for a short mesh portion at the very top. So while air certainly can get in the back, it’s not like it’s going to be flowing freely through the trailer.

Rear of Sportrex trailer, showing minimal ventilation

That said, most trailers (including all the great brands) don’t have a lot of rear ventilation built into their design. The Burley D’Lite X is the exception, with its large mesh rear window and mesh seat back.

The Burley Encore X’s rear mesh window is mostly covered with plastic, but the entire rear cover be rolled up on that trailer to allow for lots of air flow.

The side windows of the Sportrex have a vented triangle portion at the front. The vent can be open when needed, or sealed in place with Velcro to keep rain out. In our experience, this has come in most handy in cold weather to prevent the rain cover from fogging up.

Side front venting on Sportrex

Qeridoo Sportrex – Exterior Highlights

External Covers

The Qeridoo Sportrex has a 3-in-1 front cover that features a mesh front door, a sunshade, and a plastic rain cover. These covers are attached to the front of the trailer and cannot be removed. If you prefer not to use the covers in stroller or jogger mode, the can be folded up into a pocket at the top of the trailer. (The mesh front door should always be used while biking with any trailer.).

Front covers of Sportrex 2 rolled up into top pocket

Mesh Door 

The front door of the Sportrex should always be used in trailer mode to prevent any debris from flying in your child’s face while riding at higher speeds. The trailer door is pulled taut and secured by two buckles at the bottom sides of the trailer.

If you’re considering Qeridoo’s more affordable trailer, the Speedkid, its mesh door is designed very differently and doesn’t seal shut. As a result, your child can easily pull it out of place at any moment. In our book, this is a solid reason to buy the Sportrex over the Speedkid.

The mesh center provides plenty of ventilation, while the water repellent polyester fabric really does a great job of keeping out water when combined with the front rain cover.

We accidentally spilled some water on the top of the trailer one day, and the next day it was still sitting in a pool on top of the trailer – it hadn’t seeped through the trailer top at all!

Front mesh cover of Sportrex 2

Rain Cover

Front and rear rain covers keep kids dry in the event you get caught in the rain. They can both be rolled up when not in use. The front cover is secured by zippers on the sides. The rear cover secures at the bottom corners with elastic loops. Both are very convenient and easy to use.

front and rear rain covers of Qeridoo Sportrex

Sun Guard 

We love the shade on the Qeridoo Sportrex! Most sun shades on trailers (even high end ones!) don’t provide much protection. The sun shade on the Sportrex is longer than most, providing more shade, whatever the angle of the sun. It also does a great job of protecting skin.

If you (or your screaming toddler!) don’t want the shade extended down to its farthest point, it can be folded under and secured in place by the Velcro on the sides of the front door.

Like the rain cover, if you don’t need it at all, it can be rolled up and stored at the top of the trailer.

Sunshade full and folded on Sportrex

Tinted Windows

The Sportrex’s tinted windows with UV 50+ protection offer shade for eyes, and additional skin protection. Be aware that the sun can still shine quite brightly through the side windows. Depending on the time of day you’re riding, your little ones may want to sport some sunglasses.

Side tinted window of Sportrex 2

Interior Storage

Snack pockets are a small feature that bike trailer brands frequently get wrong. These pockets are often placed too far forward for kids to grab their snacks. Some are placed directly next to a child’s leg, making it uncomfortable to store a bulky item, like a water bottle. Other pockets are too tight to even fit a water bottle.

Of all the snack pockets we’ve seen in bike trailers, the Qeridoo Sportrex might just be the best. It’s close enough for our toddler to grab her snacks, without being too close to her to get in the way. It’s also loose enough to store a Camelbak water bottle, preventing her from screaming at me mid-ride because she can’t put her water bottle back.

Toddler reaching for her snack in the Sportrex bike trailer

Compared to the Qeridoo Kidgoo, we prefer the Sportrex’s pockets. The Kidgoo’s are too tight for a toddler to put their own water bottle back. They are also farther away from the toddler, making them more difficult to access mid-ride.

Rear Storage and Cargo

Rear shot of Sportrex

The rear storage in the Qeridoo Sportrex will be sufficient for most families. The bottom cargo area is big enough for plenty of jackets, lunch boxes, or a backpack.

The mesh rear pocket at the top is super convenient for storing items you want easy access to while walking or jogging – like a water bottle, gloves, and your phone.

Rear cargo trunk and mesh pocket of Qeridoo Sportrex bike trailer

Compared to the Qeridoo Kidgoo, the Sportrex does not have as much cargo space. While this extra space won’t be necessary for most families, it is one of the primary differences between the two trailers.

Conversion Kit Storage

Whether you’re jogging, walking, or strolling, the Sportrex offers convenient storage of the tow bar or stroller wheel.

When on a bike ride, the front stroller wheel can be put in the rear cargo area. When walking or jogging, the tow bar can be stored backwards underneath the trailer. This is the only trailer brand to be designed this way, and we think it’s pretty genius!

Tow bar stored under the Sportrex bike trailer

Assembly – Easy for Sportrex 1, More Involved for Sportrex 2

While the single Sportrex 1 comes almost entirely assembled, the Sportrex 2 requires you to install a few key components. This is all due to shipping costs and keeping the end price down by keeping boxes as small as possible.

If you buy the double Sportrex 2, you’ll have to attach the axle to the bottom of the trailer. You’ll also have to install the handbrake, which did get a little confusing.

Overall, the extra installation on the double trailer is an inconvenience, but it does keep the end price lower.

Qeridoo Trailer Baby Hammock and Shell

Qeridoo offers two different, but very similar, baby seat options. Trailer seats on their own are too big for small infant bodies. The Qeridoo Baby Hammock and Baby Shell provide a smaller seat and harness to safely secure your precious cargo.

Both options can be used as early as 4 weeks, which is a huge win for new parents itching to get out of the house. Both options should only be used in stroller mode for the first 6 months of life. Jogging is generally safe at 6 months. Biking with a baby is not recommended until 12 months.

The Baby Shell is for use from 4 weeks old to 12 months or 26 pounds. The Baby Hammock is for 4 weeks to “sitting up independently”, or 22 pounds.

While both options recline a baby into a very comfortable sleeping position, we preferred the Shell with our quite robust 4 month old. The sides of the shell are wider, providing a bit more space for his growing body. The baby’s upper body is also slightly more upright. Because it can be used longer and accommodate larger babies, we think it’s the better bet between the Shell and the Hammock.

Mom smiling with Kidgoo jogger at the skatepark


Qeridoo Sportrex vs Qeridoo Kidgoo

The Sportrex is more affordable than the the Kidgoo, but what are you giving up by saving a few hundred dollars? You still get adjustable suspension, plush seats, and the best stroller wheel on the market.

So why pay more for the Kidgoo?

There are several additional differences between the trailers, these are the two big reasons:

  • Reclined Seats: While the Kidgoo’s seats don’t recline, they are naturally in a comfortably reclined position. The Sportrex’s are much more upright.
  • More Storage: The rear cargo area of the Kidgoo is larger than the Sportrex.

Qeridoo Sportrex vs Burley Encore X

The Burley Encore X is the only other mid-tier bike trailer on the market. And while Burley trailers are exceptional, the Sportrex is a very worthy competitor.

Overall, the Sportrex is more luxurious and has a more high-end feel. Its smoothness and maneuverability in stroller function beats every trailer on the market in our eyes, including the Encore X.

It also boasts adjustable suspension compared to the Encore X’s standard suspension, and is available in single or double capacity, while the Encore X only comes as a double.

While overall the Qeridoo Sportrex is a better “package” than the Burley Encore X, there are some reasons why you should consider the Burley Encore X over the Qeridoo Sportrex.

So why get a Burley Encore X?

  • Ventilation: The Encore X has the ability to flip up the rear cover for increased air flow
  • Storage Space: The Encore X has a huge cargo area in the rear
  • Weight: The Encore X is much lighter than the Sportrex, which you don’t feel in stroller mode, but you do as a trailer
  • Width: When riding with two large toddlers, the slightly wider seat of the Encore X allows them a bit more room

Qeridoo Sportrex Bottom Line

A mid-range priced trailer with high-end features, the Qeridoo Sportrex is the most luxurious mid-tier multi-sport trailer on the market. If you want adjustable suspension, plush seats, and the best stroller wheel around, the Sportrex is an exceptional option.

FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review.  No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC.  All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. View our Terms of Use.

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